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., 1st viscount montgomery of alamein, a. e. burnside, abstraction, adjutant general, admiralty law, advance, agricola, agrippa, albert einstein, albrecht eusebius wenzel von wallenstein, alcibiades, ale, alkane, alkane series, alkyl, alkyl group, alkyl radical, ambrose everett burnside, animation, anomalous, anthony, anthony wayne, antigonus, antigonus cyclops, antonio lopez de santa ana, antonio lopez de santa anna, antonius, antony, apparel, arnold, arthur wellesley, artistic movement, arts, art movement, assimilation, attention, attorney general, at large, audience, australian desert, a posteriori, a priori, ball cartridge, banishment, baron clive, baron clive of plassey, basic, bbs, beer, belisarius, belshazzar, benedict arnold, bernard law montgomery, billy mitchell, blackout, black jack pershing, blahs, block out, board, board of regents, bonaparte, book of knowledge, bradley, bragg, braxton bragg, brigadier, brigadier general, bug, bulletin board, bulletin board system, burgoyne, burnside, butcher cumberland, cachexia, cachexy, calisthenics, calisthenic exercise, call, callisthenics, callisthenic exercise, canuck, career, carson, casuistry, category, charles andre joseph marie de gaulle, charles de gaulle, choir school, christopher carson, churchill, clark, classified, clausewitz, clay, clinical test, clinical trial, clive, cloning, closed, clothes, colin luther powell, colin powell, colligate, colligation, colonel, combination, command, common nuisance, common people, common touch, complexion, comte de rochambeau, concept, conception, conceptualism, concord, concordance, conspicuously, construct, control center, cosmography, cosmological constant, course, coventry, crazy horse, creditworthiness, cromwell, cumberland, currency, custer, dayan, deduction, deductive, deductive reasoning, defensively, demonstrable, de gaulle, direction, direct supporting fire, disaster area, domain, douglas macarthur, dress, drift, duke of cumberland, duke of marlborough, duke of wellington, dwight d. eisenhower, dwight david eisenhower, dwight eisenhower, einstein, eisenhower, electronic bulletin board, el caudillo, enflurane, entrust, estrogen, ethrane, eugene, evolutionary trend, exoteric, extrapolate, face, family doctor, favorite, favourite, federal protective service, feel, feeling, fighting joe hooker, first duke of marlborough, first duke of wellington, flaminius, flavius josephus, flavor, flavour, folk, format, formula, fps, francisco franco, franco, front, full general, gaius flaminius, ganef, ganof, generalisation, generalise, generalised, generality, generalization, generalize, generalized, generalship, general charles de gaulle, general custer, general de gaulle, gentleman johnny, genus, george armstrong custer, george catlett marshall, george edward pickett, george gordon meade, george marshall, georgi konstantinovich zhukov, gnaeus julius agricola, gnaeus pompeius magnus, gnome, gonif, goniff, greathearted, gregorian calendar, gross, groves, habituation, halothane, hannibal, harmony, hasdrubal, headquarters, health, hereabout, hereabouts, heuristic, holofernes, hooker, hope, hospital attendant, however, humanistic discipline, humanities, idiot savant, ignorant, ike, induction, inductive, inductive reasoning, infer, inferential, inflation, inhalation anaesthetic, inhalation anesthesia, inhalation anesthetic, inhalation general anaesthetic, inhalation general anesthetic, in a broad way, in general, ironsides, irregular, j. e. johnston, jackson, jean baptiste donatien de vimeur, johnston, john burgoyne, john churchill, john joseph pershing, jolly, jolly boat, josephus, joseph ben matthias, joseph eggleston johnston, joseph hooker, joseph warren stilwell, judge advocate, judith, justinian, justinian i, justinian the great, karl von clausewitz, ketalar, ketamine, ketamine hydrochloride, kit carson, knowingness, kurt waldheim, lager, lager beer, las vegas, lee, leslie richard groves, letter bond, letter stock, liberal arts, lie, lieutenant general, life history, liveliness, long-term memory, look, lord, ltm, lucius clay, lucius cornelius sulla felix, lucius dubignon clay, lucius licinius luculus, luculus, lysander, lysimachus, macarthur, mad anthony wayne, major-general, marcus antonius, marcus vipsanius agrippa, maritime law, mark anthony, mark antony, mark clark, mark wayne clark, marshall, master, meade, methane series, miltiades, misanthrope, misanthropic, misanthropical, misanthropist, mitchell, moderator, monophthalmos, montgomery, moshe dayan, movement, myriapod, napoleon, napoleon bonaparte, napoleon i, need, nescient, new style calendar, notion, nuclease, oestrogen, oliver cromwell, omar bradley, omar nelson bradley, open letter, optimism, orderly, ostentatiously, ostracism, overgeneralise, overgeneralize, overlord, overview, oxbridge, paraffin, particular, peace, pentothal, perfumery, perineum, pershing, pessimism, phase iv, phase iv clinical trials, phobia, phobic disorder, photo finish, phs, pickett, picture, place, plain, pompey, pompey the great, pooler, pop, populace, popular, popularisation, popularise, populariser, popularization, popularize, popularizer, pop music, powell, praetorium, president eisenhower, pretorium, preview, prince eugene of savoy, privy, provincial, ptolemy i, public, public easement, public nuisance, public security, publius cornelius scipio, publius cornelius scipio africanus major, purport, rain-in-the-face, redound, red scare, refer, relativistic, report, reproach, reputation, reputedly, resistance, rhode island red, rising prices, robert clive, robert e. lee, robert edward lee, rochambeau, room light, saclant, sale, santa ana, santa anna, schola cantorum, scientific knowledge, scipio, scipio africanus, scipio africanus major, scipio the elder, scott, secluded, second reading, secret, seleucus, seleucus i, seleucus i nicator, semantic memory, sensation, sense, sense of the meeting, service program, sherman, siraj-ud-daula, sir bernard law montgomery, sitting bull, situation, smell, social movement, solicitor general, spanish civil war, specific, specificity, spirit, state of affairs, sticks and stone, stilwell, stinginess, stonewall jackson, subservience, subsidiary ledger, subsume, subsumption, sub rosa, sulla, supreme allied commander atlantic, synecdochic, synecdochical, synoptic, synthesis, table, tashunca-uitco, taxonomy, tendency, tenor, term, the iron duke, the little corporal, thiopental, thiopental sodium, thiopentobarbital sodium, thomas j. jackson, thomas jackson, thomas jonathan jackson, thyroglobulin, title, title of respect, tone, to that effect, trade book, trade edition, transcortical aphasia, trend, trust, trygve halvden lie, trygve lie, twilight sleep, typology, u. s. code, uncle joe, unearned increment, unenlightened, unfixed, united states code, united states public health service, unlearned, unlettered, unpopular, unpopularity, utility, utility program, verbal, victory, vinegar joe stilwell, vital sign, vogue, vulgarisation, vulgarise, vulgariser, vulgarization, vulgarize, vulgarizer, waldheim, walk, walk of life, wallenstein, war of the spanish succession, wasting, way, wayne, ways, wearing apparel, weissbier, weizenbier, wellington, wheat beer, whereabouts, white beer, william augustus, william mitchell, william tecumseh sherman, winfield scott, world, xenophon, zhukov

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