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Words and phrases whose definition contains game:   (637 results)

., 1-hitter, 2-hitter, 3-hitter, 4-hitter, 5-hitter, acanthocybium solandri, acinonyx jubatus, acipenser transmontanus, ahead of the game, all fours, ambloplites rupestris, american football, american football game, american woodcock, amusement arcade, anagrams, association football, athletic field, athletic game, attack, auction, auction bridge, auction pitch, away, away game, baccarat, backgammon, badger dog, badminton, badminton equipment, bag, bagatelle, balkline, ball, ballgame, ball game, bank, banker, banking game, bar billiards, baseball, baseball game, baseball score, basketball, basketball game, basketball score, battledore, battledore and shuttlecock, battue, baulk-line, beano, beater, beggar-my-neighbor, beggar-my-neighbour, bench, bermuda chub, bezique, billfish, billiard marker, billiard table, bingo, black-and-tan coonhound, blackjack, black bass, black bream, blast, blindman's bluff, blindman's buff, bluefish, board game, bobwhite, bobwhite quail, bocce ball, boccie ball, bocci ball, bonasa umbellus, boodle, bopeep, bowl, bowling, break, break of serve, bridge hand, bridge partner, bridge player, brunswick stew, bullpen, bully off, bustard, call, caller, call in, candlepins, candlepin bowling, canned hunt, cape buffalo, cards, card game, casino, cassino, cat's cradle, catch, cat and mouse, cat and rat, cavalla, center, cero, chachalaca, charade, checkers, checkmate, cheetah, chemin de fer, chess, chessman, chess game, chess piece, chess player, chetah, chicago, chicken purloo, child's game, chinese checkers, chinese chequers, choose up, choriotis australis, chrysophrys australis, chub, chukka, chukker, clean, close, closer, cobia, colinus virginianus, compulsion, computer game, connect, contract, contract bridge, counter, coursing, court, court game, cover, crap-shooter, craps, crapshoot, crapshooter, crap game, crap shooting, crib, cribbage, cribbage board, cricket, croquet, crossbar, culbertson, cup final, cup tie, curassow, curl, curling, curly-coated retriever, cynoscion regalis, dachshund, dachsie, dartboard, darts, dart board, dart player, day game, deal, dealer, decision, deck tennis, default, degree, deuce, development, disparate, doctor, dolphin, dolphinfish, domino, double, doubling, draughts, draw, drive, drop, drum, drumfish, duckpins, ducks and drakes, dugout, ecarte, elagatis bipinnulata, elops saurus, ely culbertson, encounter, endgame, end game, errorless, euchre, exhibition game, face off, fair game, family pomatomidae, fantan, faro, field, field game, fight, final period, finisher, fireman, first period, five-hitter, fives, five hundred, flat-coated retriever, floating, football official, football score, four-card monte, four-hitter, freshen, freshwater bass, frumpish, full, gallinacean, gallinaceous bird, gambit, gambling game, gamebag, gamekeeper, gamesmanship, gamey, game equipment, game law, game misconduct, game of chance, game plan, game warden, gamy, genus penelope, gin, glass, go, goal, going to jerusalem, golf, golfer, golf game, golf player, go fish, go game, grouse, guan, guessing game, gullible, halftime, halma, hand, handball, hare and hounds, harmlessly, hat trick, hide-and-seek, hide and go seek, high, high-low-jack, hit, hockey, hockey game, holdout, home game, hoops, hopscotch, horseshoe, horseshoes, humbling, hunter, hunting dog, hunting ground, huntsman, hurling, ice hockey, idea, isurus oxyrhincus, jack, jackpot, jacks, jackstones, jackstraw, jackstraws, jai alai, james naismith, jump, jump rope, keno, kickoff, kingfish, king mackerel, kitty, knucklebones, kyphosus sectatrix, lacrosse, ladyfish, lawn bowling, lawn tennis, leapfrog, leuciscus cephalus, line judge, line score, linksman, loader, long whist, lotto, lucky dip, ludo, lurch, mah-jongg, mahimahi, mahjong, makaira mitsukurii, man, marbles, mate, meet, meld, michigan, mind game, monopoly, monte, morone americana, move, mumble-the-peg, mumblety-peg, musical chairs, muskellunge, naismith, nap, napoleon, narrow, narrow down, nash equilibrium, net, netball, newmarket, nightcap, night game, nim, no-hit, no-hitter, no-hit game, northern bobwhite, noughts and crosses, occupation, official, old maid, old sledge, old world quail, one-hitter, otides, outcall, outdoor game, outplay, own goal, pachinko, pachisi, pacific sturgeon, paintball, paintball gun, pall-mall, pallone, paper chase, parcheesi, parliament, parlor game, parlour game, participant, partridge, party game, patience, peekaboo, pelota, penalty, penelope, penuchle, pep rally, perch, perfect game, permit, phasianid, philohela minor, piece, pike, pilaf, pilaff, pilau, pilaw, pillow fight, pinball, pinball game, pinball machine, ping-pong, pinochle, pinocle, pin table, piquet, pisha paysha, pitch, plain turkey, play, played, player, playing, playing area, playing field, playoff game, ploy, poilu, point, pointer, poker hand, pollachius pollachius, pollack, pollock, polo, pomatomidae, pomatomus saltatrix, pool table, post office, pot, practice game, prisoner's base, protest, punting, purloo, pushball, quail, quest, question master, quizmaster, quiz program, quoit, quoits, rachycentron canadum, rack up, racquetball, rainbow runner, regulation time, relief pitcher, reliever, rematch, replay, retriever, ride the bench, ring-a-rosy, ring-around-a-rosy, ring-around-the-rosy, riskily, road game, roccus saxatilis, rockfish, rock bass, rock sunfish, roper, rouge et noir, roulette, roulette wheel, rounders, rudderfish, rue, ruffed grouse, rule, rum, rummy, sacramento sturgeon, sage, sailfish, salmi, salmon, sandbag, scomberomorus cavalla, scombroid, scombroid fish, score, scorekeeper, scorer, scrabble, second period, sergeant fish, seriola dorsalis, seriola grandis, serve, service break, setter, seven-up, sevens, shell game, shoot, shooter, shoot craps, shortfin mako, short whist, shot, shove-ha'penny, shove-halfpenny, shovelboard, shovel board, shower, shuffleboard, shutout, silver perch, simple, skunk, snakes and ladders, snipe, snook, snooker table, soccer, softball, softball game, solitaire, spanish pointer, spatchcock, spillikin, spillikins, spinner, spinney, spin the bottle, spin the plate, spin the platter, spoor, sportsmanship, squash, squash rackets, squash racquets, staghound, stalemated, stalk, stalker, stalking, stalking-horse, stand, stands, start, starter, starting, starting line, starting pitcher, still hunt, sting operation, stops, stratagem, string line, strip-jack-naked, striped bass, striped marlin, striper, suborder otides, supporter, synercus caffer, table, table game, table tennis, tag, take on, tally, tap-off, tarpon, tarpon atlanticus, taw, tench, tennis, tenpounder, tetherball, thimblerig, third period, three-card monte, three-hitter, tic-tac-toe, tick-tack-toe, ticktacktoe, ticktacktoo, tiddlywinks, tie, tight, tinamou, tinca tinca, tip-off, tit-tat-toe, toy, trachinotus falcatus, tracker, treasure hunt, trente-et-quarante, trojan horse, trout, tuna, tunny, turn out, twenty-one, two-hitter, ugandan, ultimate frisbee, ump, umpire, vaporize, video game, vingt-et-un, volleyball, volleyball game, volleyball player, wahoo, warm the bench, watch, water polo, weakfish, wheel, whist, whistle, white perch, white sturgeon, wildfowl, win, wing shooting, won, woodcock, woodcock snipe, word game, yellowtail, zero-sum game

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