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Words and phrases whose definition contains face:   (562 results)

., ablaze, about, about-face, abseiler, ace, acne rosacea, acromegalia, acromegaly, african gray, after-shave, after-shave lotion, aim, animated, anterior jugular vein, aquanaut, arteria facialis, arteria maxillaris, arteria palatina, ashen, aslant, aspect, at bayp, automatic face recognition, away, baby-faced, balaclava, balaclava helmet, barber's itch, bash, basin, battlefront, beaded, beam, beard, beardless, beautifully, beauty spot, beaver, begrimed, bespectacled, betraying, birdcage mask, black, blackened, blemish, blood, blush, blushful, blushinga, bopeep, brassie, brave, bravery, brave out, brazen, breaststroke, brow, bulbar conjunctiva, bully off, buried, burn, burnside, buster keaton, cannon fodder, caput, carduelis carduelis, caress, caricature plant, casino, cassino, catcher's mask, center, cercopithecus aethiops, cercopithecus aethiops pygerythrus, cervicofacial actinomycosis, cheek, chemical mace, cherubic, cheshire cat, chickenpox, chloasma, chuck up the sponge, circular plane, cliff, clock dial, clock face, clock tower, clouded, clownish, coat, cold-cream, comely, compass plane, complexion, confront, confrontation, conjunctival layer of bulb, contradance, contra danse, contredanse, convulse, coolness, copout, cornered, cosmetic surgeon, cosmetic surgery, countenance, country-dance, country dancing, courage, courageous, courageousness, court card, cover, covered, crack, cranny, cream, crimson, crisscross, crossed, crystal, cutting angle, dazed, dead-man's float, death mask, deep, deep-eyed, defencelessness, defenselessness, delusion, destiny, diabolical, diagonal, dial, die, dirty-faced, discouragement, disfigured, disheartenment, dismay, dispirited, disseminated lupus erythematosus, domino, double indemnity, down, down's syndrome, down syndrome, drawn, driver, driving iron, drop, drop-off, drop by the wayside, drop out, dummy whist, eight-spot, encounter, endure, enl, erythema nodosum leprosum, exasperated, excitement, expression, expressionless, expressive, exquisite, external carotid, external carotid artery, external maxillary artery, eye mask, facade, face-lift, face-off, face-saving, face-to-face, faced, faceless, facelift, face card, face cloth, face fungus, face guard, face lift, face lifting, face mask, face off, face powder, face recognition, face saver, face saving, face towel, face veil, facial, facially, facial artery, facial expression, facial index, facial muscle, facial recognition, facial tissue, facial vein, fall by the wayside, fascinatingly, fat, fearless, feature, fencer's mask, fencing mask, fifth cranial nerve, five-spot, flannel, flat, float, flop, flush, flushed, football helmet, forehead, four-card monte, four-spot, fresh fish, front, frontage, frontal, front line, fume, game, gamey, gamut, gamy, gasmask, gas helmet, ghost, ghostly, give up, gloomy, glow, goldfinch, graptophyllum pictum, grimace, gritty, grivet, guenon, guenon monkey, guilt-ridden, gutsy, gutter, haggard, half-moon, half mask, hand, hand towel, hardheaded, harlequin, head, head covering, hidden, hideously, hijab, hit, hole card, hollow-eyed, hood, hunted, hydrocephalus, hydrocephaly, identikit, identikit picture, ill-favored, ill-favoured, impregnably, in-your-face, inexpressive, internal maxillary artery, intimidation, jack, joseph francis keaton, keaton, kisser, kite, knave, lantern-jawed, laugh, lavatory, lave, life mask, lift, line, lineament, livid, lividity, long-faced, long-familiar, longanimous, long iron, look, lugubriously, lumpy jaw, lupus vulgaris, mace, make-up, makeup, make a face, make up, mandibulofacial, map, mashie niblick, mask, mask of pregnancy, maxillary artery, maxillofacial, meerkat, melasma, mettlesome, midiron, mierkat, mobile, mongolianism, mongolism, monocled, monte, moon-faced, mop, mouth, mow, mug, mugshot, mug shot, mulish, music, mutton chop, myasthenia, myasthenia gravis, myotonia atrophica, myotonic dystrophy, myotonic muscular dystrophy, nasal cavity, nasal sinus, nervelessness, nervus trigeminus, nine-spot, nip and tuck, niqaabi, niqab, nominal, nose, number one wood, olfactory organ, one iron, on the face of it, ostrich, pained, palatine artery, pallid, paranasal sinus, pattypan squash, peekaboo, pencil, perpendicular, phiz, physiognomy, picture card, pierrot, pigtail, piquant, pisha paysha, plain, plash, plasterer's float, plastic surgeon, plucky, pockmark, poker face, portrait, pout, press-up, profile, pronation, prone, prone float, prostrate, psittacus erithacus, psychotic belief, puckered, puckered-up, pudding-face, pudding face, pull a face, pushup, queen, quit, quizzical, raddled, radiate, rage, rebuke, red, red-faced, reddened, reek, register, render, repressed, respirator, resupine, revet, rhytidectomy, rhytidoplasty, righta, rigid, rosacea, round-faced, rounded, royal casino, sallow, satin, satire, saturnine, scar, scleredema, screw up, seamed, self-possessed, seven-spot, seven iron, shaded, sheathe, short iron, showdown, shudderingly, siamese, siamese cat, side-whiskers, sideburn, sidelong, sinus paranasales, six-spot, skew arch, skin-diver, skin color, skin colour, skin condition, ski mask, slapped, sle, smiler, smiley, smooth-faced, snapdragon, snorkel, sooner or later, souse, spall, spartan, spawl, spectacled, spirited, splash, spoon, spunky, squarely, stage fright, staunchness, steadfastness, steinert's disease, stern, straight poker, stream, streaming, stud, stud poker, sunbonnet, sunhat, sunken-eyed, supination, supine, supinely, swart, swarthy, sweating, sweet-faced, swing about, swing around, systemic lupus erythematosus, take the bull by the horns, tardive dyskinesia, ten-spot, terrace, theatrically, theodicy, three-card monte, throw in, throw in the towel, tic, tinea barbae, token money, tragic, trapped, treed, trigeminal, trigeminal nerve, trigeminus, trisomy 21, tudung, tunica conjunctiva bulbi, turn, turn around, turn away, twin, twitch, two iron, ugly, undaunted, unpainted, unprotectedness, unseamed, unsmooth, unwonted, upward, varicella, veil, vena facialis, vertiginous, vervet, vervet monkey, virulently, vis-a-vis, visage, visaged, visor, vizor, wall, wan, warthog, war paint, washbasin, washbowl, washcloth, washrag, washstand, wash up, watch crystal, watch glass, waxen, waxy, weather, weather-beaten, wet, whip, whiskers, whiteface, wince, withered, wreath, wreathe, wrong, yashmac, yashmak, zero-coupon security, zygomatic

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