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Words and phrases whose definition contains eyes:   (380 results)

., accommodation reflex, adjust, agaze, albinism, albino, almond-eyed, anguis fragilis, animallike, aniseikonia, anisometropia, anisometropic, antiophthalmic factor, aotus trivirgatus, aphakic, apterygiformes, arachnid, arachnoid, ardent, argus, askance, asthenopia, avert, axerophthol, beady, beady-eyed, beholding, bigeye, bill, binocular, binoculars, binocular microscope, binocular vision, bird of minerva, bird of night, blind, blindfold, blindworm, blind snake, blink, blinking, blistering agent, blond, blonde, bloodshot, blue, blue-eyed, boarfish, brim, brow, brunet, brunette, buffer, bulge, burka, burn, burqa, bushbaby, bush baby, buttony, caiman sclerops, candid, caprimulgid, cat's-paw, cat shark, cavern, cephalopod, cephalopod mollusk, cheek, chemical mace, chiasma opticum, chihuahua, chlamydia, chlorophthalmidae, clarity, closed, cogitative, collyrium, complaisant, conjunctivitis arida, contracted, convergent strabismus, covetous, cowfish, crab, cross-eye, crossed eye, cross one's eyes, crow's feet, crow's foot, cynosure, dacryocyst, dark, dark-eyed junco, dark adaptation, dark glasses, dazzled, dichloroethyl sulfide, disconcertingly, disgustedly, divergent strabismus, dominant gene, domino, double, doubting thomas, douroucouli, easy, escolar, esotropia, esurient, evaporate, exaggerated, exotropia, eye, eye-lotion, eyed, eyeless, eyelessness, eyelike, eyeliner, eyeshade, eyeshadow, eyestrain, eyewash, eye blink, eye clinic, eye contact, eye mask, face, family chlorophthalmidae, faraway, feast, feature, feed, field glasses, fire, fix, fixate, fixed, flatfish, flathead, floater, follow, forehead, fourth cranial nerve, fusion, galago, gastropod, gaze, gazelle, genus nemophila, ginger, gingery, glassy, glaze, glazed, glaze over, glinting, glisten, glittering, glue, goatsucker, goggle-eyed, goggles, gouge, greeneye, haggard, half mask, hammerhead, hammerhead shark, handkerchief, hankey, hankie, hanky, hare, heliophila, hemianopia, hemianopsia, hide-and-seek, hide and go seek, highlighter, hooter, icterus, inflamed, internal carotid artery, iodopsin, isometropia, jaundice, junco hyemalis, keep an eye on, keratitis, lace, lace up, lachrymal gland, lachrymator, lackluster, lacrimal gland, lacrimal sac, lacrimator, lactophrys quadricornis, laugh line, lefteyed flounder, lefteye flounder, lepidocybium flavobrunneum, lidless, lift, light-haired, light adaptation, limpid, lineament, liquid, literally, look, lookdown, lookdown fish, looking, looking at, lorgnette, lowered, mace, made-up, marfan's syndrome, marlin, meditatively, misty-eyed, mole, mournful, muscae volitantes, musca volitans, mustard agent, mustard gas, nanophthalmos, narrowed, nictate, nictation, nictitate, nictitating membrane, nictitation, nightjar, niqab, noctilucent, noticeable, observe, occult, ommatidium, onchocerciasis, open, opened, openmouthed, opera glasses, optical fusion, optic chiasm, optic chiasma, order apterygiformes, ornithomimid, owl, ox-eyed, peacock, peak, piquant, placidly, pleasingness, poisonous, pop, popeyed, potato wart, precocial, prosimian, protean, prying, public, puffed, puffy, quest, recessive gene, red-rimmed, reddened, redeye, redeye flight, reflect, rheum, righteyed flounder, righteye flounder, river blindness, round-eyed, saint thomas, sandman, sand stargazer, sapphire, saucer-eyed, seeing, selene vomer, set, shade, shades, shifty, shut, sidelong, sight, skew-eyed, slate-colored junco, sleepless, slowworm, slumberous, slumbrous, smarting, smoldering, sore-eyed, soulful, spaced, spearfish, spectacled caiman, spirula, spirula peronii, spots, squinch, squinched, squint, squinting, st. thomas, stare, stargazer, staring, starting, steely, strabismus, strix aluco, stunning, sulfur mustard, sunglasses, swimming, swordfish, tarsier, tawny owl, tear, tearful, teargas, teary, teary-eyed, tear gas, tear gland, tear sac, third eyelid, thomas, thomas the doubting apostle, tree shrew, trochlear, trochlearis, trochlear nerve, uninitiate, uninitiated, univalve, unseeing, unyielding, varuna, visor, visual image, visual percept, visual perception, vitamin a, vizor, walleye, wanted, watch, watch over, water, watery, watery-eyed, well, wide, wide-eyed, window-shop, wink, winking, worm lizard, worm snake, xeroma, xerophthalmia, xerophthalmus, xiphias gladius

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