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Words and phrases whose definition contains expression:   (394 results)

., abuse, accent, address, advice and consent, afternoon, all right, alright, ambiguity, americanism, anatomical, anatomical reference, and how, anglicism, apology, appreciation, archaicism, archaism, argument, articulate, art form, aspect, ataxic aphasia, attribution, austere, awkward, beam, binomial, blank, blowup, blurred, bon voyage, breeding, briticism, britishism, broca's aphasia, burst out, buss, calque, categorem, categoreme, characteristic, christopher marlowe, circumlocutious, circumlocutory, citation, clarity, clause, clearness, clouded, clumsy, cold turkey, colloquialism, commiseration, complaint, compliments, condemnation, condolence, congratulation, congratulations, connotation, contextual definition, contumely, conversion, cover, crispness, cumbersome, curse, curse word, cuss, dark, dazed, dead metaphor, deal, declaration, deference, demonstrative, denotation, denotatum, dependent variable, designatum, devoir, diabolical, dint, disapprobation, disapproval, discouragement, discourse, discourtesy, dispirited, disrespect, doleful, dumps, dysphemism, ebullition, effusion, eidos, elliptic, elliptical, emote, emoticon, emphasis, emphatic, encomium, encouragement, ethnic music, eulogy, euphemism, evince, exchange, explanandum, expletive, explicandum, explication, exponential expression, exponential series, express, expressionism, expressive, expressively, expressive aphasia, express emotion, express feelings, extension, face, facial expression, fairness commission, fall, farewell, far east, feature, felicitation, felicitousness, felicity, find, fine, first amendment, fixed-point part, folk, folk music, forceful, formulate, frown, frozen metaphor, gape, gender role, genteelness, gentility, give vent, give voice, gloomy gus, good afternoon, good morning, good night, grace, gracility, greeting, grimace, grin, grinning, ground swell, gush, habitually, handbasin, handle, harried, haunted, hello, hi, hiss, hissing, honorific, how-do-you-do, howdy, hullo, human right, hypocrisy, idiom, idiomatic expression, ill-chosen, inapt, inaptness, incisiveness, indeed, indefinable, indelicacy, indescribable, indirect request, ineffable, inept, inexpressible, inexpressively, infelicity, insubstantially, insult, intension, invite, job, kiss, kudos, laconicism, laconism, lamenting, laugh, lavabo, leer, life, limpidity, lip service, literally, liveliness, loan translation, look, lucidity, manifestation, mantissa, marlowe, metaphor, metaphoric, metaphorical, mime, mimer, mopes, morning, motor aphasia, mot juste, multinomial, mummer, mush, mutant gene, newcastle, newcastle-upon-tyne, noddle, nonfluent aphasia, noninterchangeable, nonverbal, oath, obscure, ok, open, opinion, osculate, outburst, paean, pained, panegyric, pantomimer, pantomimist, parenthetical, parenthetical expression, pean, pellucidity, phrasal idiom, phrase, picklepuss, piss-up, placeholder, pleasure, plow, poker face, polynomial, position effect, pouter, praise, predicator, primitive, prose, protest, quasi contract, quizzical, quotation, quote, radical, radical sign, rationalisation, rationalization, rebuff, rebuke, receive, reciprocal, recursion, reduce, reference, reflection, reflexion, regard, regionalism, reprehension, reprimand, reproof, reproval, resolution, resolve, respect, respects, revilement, ruralism, rusticism, salutation, scorner, scowl, searching, self-expression, send-off, sense, sentential function, sentimentalise, sentimentalism, sentimentalize, sentimentise, sentimentize, set phrase, seven seas, show, shucks, sibilation, signified, silence, slangy, slight, smile, smiling, snarl, sneer, sneerer, sourpuss, speech pattern, spirit, sprightliness, stiff upper lip, stone, straight face, sublimation, substitutable, sumpsimus, superlative, suppresser, suppresser gene, suppressor, suppressor gene, swearing, swearword, syncategorem, syncategoreme, ta'ziyeh, term, testimonial, thank offering, thank you, toneless, tongue twister, treacle, treat, trenchancy, trenchant, tribute, unbuttoned, undemonstrative, unexpressible, unlaced, unspeakable, untellable, unutterable, valedictory, vehemence, vehicle, vent, ventilate, very well, view, vilification, virtually, visible, vocabulary, voice, vote of confidence, wailful, wailing, walk out, walk out of, wash-hand basin, washbasin, washbowl, way, wear, well-wishing, wince, wish, witty, word, word of farewell, yokel-like, you bet, you said it

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