Words and phrases whose definition contains divided:   (305 results)

., acellular, agavaceae, agave family, aisle, ali, ambrosia artemisiifolia, anthemis tinctoria, anthriscus cereifolium, apartment building, apartment house, areolar, areolate, argo, arithmetic mean, arteria vertebralis, article of faith, atomistic, atomistical, average cost, azonal, basket fern, batting average, bead fern, beaked parsley, bicapsular, bifid, bifurcate, bifurcated, bilobate, bilobated, bilobed, bilocular, bilocular capsule, biloculate, bipartite, biramous, black-and-white, block, branched, britain, broadband, butterfly flower, calibrated, canadian province, case-fatality proportion, case-to-infection proportion, case-to-infection ratio, cell, cellphone, cellular, cellular phone, cellular telephone, centesimal, chain lightning, chervil, chrysanthemum coccineum, chukka, chukker, class dicotyledonae, class dicotyledones, class gymnospermae, class liliopsida, class magnoliopsida, class monocotyledonae, class monocotyledones, climatic zone, cloven foot, cloven hoof, common ragweed, compartmental, compartmentalised, compartmentalized, compartmented, corn mayweed, cracked, credendum, culotte, culottes, czechoslovakia, dash, decile, decimal, delphinium, department of health education and welfare, dicentra, dichotomous, dicotyledonae, dicotyledones, disconnected, dispirited, dissociable, distributed, disunited, dividable, divided highway, dividend, divisibility, divisible, division, division gymnospermophyta, divisor, dog fennel, dual carriageway, dutch door, dyers' chamomile, election district, episodic, equal temperament, equitably, era, eupatorium cannabinum, eupatorium capillifolium, evenly, exclusive, expectation, expected value, fabaceae, factor, family agavaceae, family fabaceae, family leguminosae, family liliaceae, family tremellaceae, federal, fielding average, first moment, fissile, forficate, forked, forked lightning, fragmented, gb, genus chrysanthemum, genus dicentra, genus trifolium, geographical zone, geological era, golden marguerite, graduate, graduated, great britain, gross margin, gymnospermae, gymnospermophyta, half-and-half, half door, hare, hemp agrimony, hexagonal, hexangular, highboy, house, hyphen, indiscrete, indivisible byp, inequitably, italian region, landau, legume family, leguminosae, liliaceae, liliopsida, lily family, livonia, lobe, macedon, macedonia, magnoliopsida, makedonija, mansion, margin of profit, matricaria inodorum, metamere, metameric, mobile phone, modulus, monocotyledonae, monocotyledones, moon carrot, morpheme, mullioned, nephrolepis pectinata, noncellular, nonsegmental, normandie, normandy, one-celled, onoclea sensibilis, order psilotales, order sphaeriales, output-to-input ratio, p/e ratio, painted daisy, palestine, part, partible, partitioned, partitioned off, pea family, pedate, pedate leaf, pentamerous, per capita income, pie chart, pinna, pinnule, planetary house, poor man's orchid, price-to-earnings ratio, profit margin, pronged, prongy, proportion, proportionality, proportional sample, proportional sampling, psilotales, pteropsida, pyrethrum, quadrant, quarter, quotient, representative sample, representative sampling, roman empire, ruminant, sarcomere, scentless camomile, scentless false camomile, scentless hayweed, scentless mayweed, schizanthus, season, secretary of commerce and labor, secretary of health education and welfare, section, sectional, sectioned, segmental, segmented, sensitive fern, separable, severable, sex, share, sign, sign of the zodiac, simple leaf, single-celled, singlea, sisal family, solea, somite, sphaeriales, split, split shift, star sign, stone parsley, stratified sample, stratified sampling, stress, subdivided, subdivision, subdivision pteropsida, subsection, sura, tallboy, tanacetum coccineum, tangram, thrace, time of year, time zone, toothed sword fern, tremellaceae, triangulation, trifid, trifolium, trilobate, trilobated, trilobed, trilobite, trimester, tripleurospermum inodorum, uk, uncompartmented, undividable, undivided, ungulata, united kingdom, united kingdom of great britain and northern ireland, unpartitioned, unsegmented, vertebral artery, voting precinct, ward, way, western empire, western roman empire, work, yellow chamomile, yorkshire, zodiac, zonal, zone

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