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Words and phrases whose definition contains development:   (438 results)

., abnormal, acardia, acephalia, acephalism, acephaly, acquired immunity, acts, acts of the apostles, adaptive radiation, adolescent, advance, advanced, advanceda, advanced research and development activity, advancement, agenesia, agenesis, agitation, ahistorical, aleksandr mikjailovich prokhorov, aleksandr prokhorov, alfred binet, amniota, anal, anal personality, anal phase, anal retentive personality, anal stage, anencephalia, anencephaly, anlage, anthropogenetic, anthropogenic, apogametic, apogamic, apogamous, apogamy, arda, arnold gesell, arnold lucius gesell, arrested, arrested development, art history, assibilation, avionics, babyhood, backward, backwardness, bacterial plaque, become, bergson, betterment, binet, bone age, branch, caducous, caenogenesis, cainogenesis, cass gilbert, cataphyll, celluloid, cenogenesis, cervantes, cervantes saavedra, check, child psychology, chill, choke, choreograph, civilisation, civilised, civilization, civilized, climactic, complicate, complication, conflict, congenital, constructive, cosmic time, cretinous, crude, culmination, cytogenesis, cytogeny, darpa, dawdle, dead-end, decide, decontaminate, defense advanced research projects agency, defense contractor, defense laboratory, delay, delayed, deliverable, dental medicine, dental plaque, dentistry, department of the interior, develop, developed, developmental, developmentally, developmental age, developmental learning, developmental psychology, differentiate, differentiated, document, doi, dominance, dysostosis multiplex, dysplasia, early, early childhood, early days, economic commission for africa, economic commission for asia and the far east, economic commission for europe, economic commission for latin america, economic process, eft, elan vital, embryologic, embryology, embryonic, embryotic, emil klaus julius fuchs, enterprise zone, epoch-making, epochal, etiolate, etiolation, etymology, euphrates, euphrates river, evolution, evolve, expectancy, ezra loomis pound, ezra pound, fall back, fall behind, familial hypercholesterolemia, federal housing administration, feebleminded, feminisation, feminization, ferment, fermentation, fetal, fetal alcohol syndrome, fetus, fha, fibrosis, fixation, flash-forward, flashback, foetus, follow, formative, fosterage, fostered, fostering, frontier, fuchs, full-fledged, fully fledged, gametogenesis, gargoylism, generation, genetic psychology, genital phase, genital stage, genital system, geological time, geologic time, germinal, germination, gesell, gestation, gilbert, girl scouts, gospel, gospel singing, gregory goodwin pincus, gregory pincus, gynecomastia, hairy root, haldane, hamartoma, help, hendrix, henri bergson, henri louis bergson, herbert a. simon, herbert alexander simon, herb simon, heterospory, highly-developed, high technology, homeobox, homeobox gene, homeotic gene, homospory, horse opera, hostile, hotbed, house, housing development, housing project, hurler's disease, hurler's syndrome, hyman george rickover, hyman rickover, hypogonadism, hypoplastic dwarf, i. a. richards, immature, improved, improvement, inborn, incapability, incapableness, incubation, industrialisation, industrialization, industrial enterprise, infancy, infantile fixation, infrahuman, inherent, initiate, innate, integrated, interior, interior department, in remission, ivor armstrong richards, j. b. s. haldane, james marshall hendrix, jean piaget, jevons, jimi hendrix, john burdon sanderson haldane, john von neumann, kainogenesis, kenogenesis, key, klaus fuchs, lag, late, latera, laterality, life force, lipochondrodystrophy, longitudinally, make, make grow, masculinisation, masculinization, master plan, maternal-infant bonding, maturation, mature, maturement, matureness, maturity, mental age, mental retardation, middle, miguel de cervantes, miguel de cervantes saavedra, missing, modern, mondrian, myelinisation, myelinization, national institute of justice, natural, naval air warfare center weapons division, nawcwpns, neotenic, neoteny, nephrology, neumann, neurogenesis, new, nij, noble cane, noncivilised, noncivilized, nondevelopment, normal, normal dwarf, nourished, odontology, offset, offshoot, old, ontogenetic, oogenesis, oral, oral personality, oral phase, oral stage, originative, osteodystrophy, outgrowth, palingenesis, pareto, parthenocarpy, pathogenesis, phallic phase, phallic stage, phenomenon, phocomelia, phyletic, phylogenesis, phylogenetic, phylogeny, physical education, piaget, piet mondrian, pincus, pioneer, pity, plane, planetesimal, postnatal, pound, precocious, prehistoric culture, prehistory, prepupal, primitive, primordial dwarf, primordium, progress, prokhorov, public housing, pupa, ramification, recapitulate, recapitulation, red cloud, regression, regulation, reproductive system, restrainer, retard, retardation, retarded, richards, richard henry tawney, rickover, ripe, ripening, rude, rudimentary, seal limbs, secretary of housing and urban development, seed, seedtime, seminal, sex hormone, shame, shed, shivering, shockley, silviculture, simon, slowness, smiledon californicus, social development commission, socinian, sociologist, sonata form, sophisticated, spermatogenesis, state-of-the-art, state of the art, stature, steroid, steroid hormone, stream, structured, stunt, subclinical, subnormality, suffocate, supervene, taproot, tawney, technological, teratogen, teratogenesis, teratogenic, teratology, testosterone, thelarche, tine test, totipotency, trace, trophoblast, true dwarf, turn, turn of events, twist, unanticipated, underdevelopment, unexpected, unformed, unimaginative, unitisation, unitization, unrest, unsuitable, viability, viable, vicissitude, vile, vilfredo pareto, virilisation, virilization, vitality, vital force, von neumann, western, william bradford shockley, william shockley, william stanley jevons, xanthoma, young, youth, zymosis

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