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Words and phrases whose definition contains cut:   (497 results)

., abbreviated, across, adz, adze, aitchbone, alpine lady fern, approximation, astilbe chinensis pumila, athyrium distentifolium, atlanta, atomic number 82, bang, barber, barbershop, barndoor, battle of atlanta, beech fern, beef neck, beef roast, behead, beheaded, belt, bevel, bias, biltong, bisect, bite, blade, blade roast, blank out, blue-pencil, bob, bog, boost, bottom round, breadthwise, bread knife, break away, breast of lamb, bringing close together, bring down, brisket, broadsword, bruised, bunk, burl, burr-headed, burr drill, bushwhack, butterfly, cabochon, candlewick, carbuncle, carve, cat's eye, celery stick, chamfer, channel, chase, chateaubriand, chatter, cheroot, chewable, chincherinchee, chine, chip, chip at, chiseled, chop, chopping block, chopping board, chop down, chop up, circumcise, clean-cut, clear-cut, cleave, clip, clipped, clipping, close-cropped, coalface, cold chisel, convex polygon, cookie cutter, cord, corduroy, cordwood, corypha umbraculifera, counterattack, countermove, cradle, crisp, crop, cropped, crosscut, crudites, cube, curt, curtailment, curtal, cut-rate, cutaway, cutout, cuttable, cutting, cutting board, cutwork, cut across, cut away, cut back, cut corners, cut down, cut off, cut of meat, cut out, cut short, cut to, cut up, dado, daucus carota, deaden, decapitate, decapitated, decolletage, decollete, deflate, delete, dense blazing star, dentist's drill, dermatome, diagonal, diamond, dice, die, diestock, die out, discerp, disconnected, dismemberment, dissect, ditch, divot, docked, down, dress, drive, dwarf astilbe, edit, edit out, emerald, encircled, engrave, engraved, escape, etched, eton jacket, facet, fairway, figure, filet, filet mignon, fillet, firewood, flank, flank steak, flitch, fly the coop, foreshank, fragment, fresh-cut, fretsaw, fruit bar, frustum, fulminate, furrow, gammon, gash, geld, gem, gemstone, genus lactarius, genus leonurus, gingerbread man, girdle, gordian knot, gore, grass, grave, graven, grog, groove, grooved, gully, gutter, hack, haircut, ham, ham hock, hand-hewn, hardwood, harshly, hatch, head for the hills, hew, hewn, hightail it, hindshank, hob, imperiously, incised, indent, indentation, indenture, inscribe, inscribed, isolated, jag, jambon, jerked meat, jerky, jigsaw, jigsaw puzzle, julienne, knifelike, knock off, lacerate, laconic, lactarius, lagoon, laguna, lagune, lam, lamb-chop, lambchop, lamb chop, lamb roast, lead, lengthwise, leonurus, letter opener, letter paper, liatris pycnostachya, log, loin, lop, lopped, lopped off, love-in-a-mist, low-cut, low-necked, lumber, machine shop, marbling, marooned, matchboard, mechanical press, medallion, melon ball, mince, mortice, mortise, mow, mown, mutton chop, neck, neoteny, newspaper clipping, nick, nigella damascena, notch, nut bar, openside plane, ornithogalum thyrsoides, oxbow lake, pane, pane of glass, paperknife, paper doll, paper knife, pare, paring, parsley, pastrami, pb, peat bog, penknife, penne, perforate, perforated, petroselinum crispum, piece, pierce, pierced, pile, pinch, pinion, pink, pipe clamp, pipe vise, pitsaw, plane, plough, plow, poitrine d'agneau, pollard, porkchop, pork roast, pot roast, press, press clipping, press cutting, price competition, price war, prune, pruned, pump, pumps, punctured, quartz crystal, queen anne's lace, quench, rabbet, rabbet plane, raggedly, rawhide, rebate, reciprocating saw, reduce, resolution, resolving, restriction endonuclease, restriction enzyme, restriction nuclease, rhizotomy, rib, rib roast, rip, rive, roast beef, roast lamb, roast pork, roast veal, rolled biscuit, rough, round, round steak, ruby, rump roast, rump steak, run, run away, saber, saber saw, sabre, saddle, sapphire, saw, sawed-off, sawn-off, scallop, scarper, scissor, scollop, scone, score, scotch, scrape, scratch, scratch awl, scratch up, scribe, scriber, scroll saw, scrubby, scrub plane, sculpted, sculptured, scythe, sectional, seize with teeth, set chisel, sever, shank, shave, shaved, shaven, shear, sheared, shearer, sherman, shin, shorn, shortened, shoulder, sirloin steak, sirloin tip, skid road, skin, slash, slice, sliced, slice up, slit, snick, snip, soap flakes, softwood, sparerib, spareribs, split, square, squarely, staccato, stamp, stamper, stand, standing, standing rib roast, star sapphire, stationery, steak, stock, stone, stormbound, stranded, strangle, strangulate, strangulation, sunburst pleat, sunray pleat, superincumbent, swage block, swath, sword-cut, tabulate, tagliatelle, take to the woods, taking apart, talipot, talipot palm, tanbark, tap, tapper, teethe, tender, terse, third, throttle, thrust, timber, tomahawk, top, top round, tough, tournedos, transorbital lobotomy, transversely, trench, trepan, trim, trim back, trim down, trisect, truncate, truncated, tucker, turn tail, unclipped, uncut, undercut, undocked, unfelled, unmown, upmarket, veal roast, vicksburg, vienna sausage, vivisect, voguish, wafer-thin, wear away, well-defined, whittle, whittle away, whittle down, wild carrot, william tecumseh sherman, wilton, wilton carpet, window glass, wonder flower, woodcut, wood block, wood engraving, zoot suit

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