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's gravenhage, ., addiction, adjourn, administrator, advocate, affirmation, alimony, allegation, amenable, amerce, amicus curiae, appeal, appeals court, appear, appearance, appearing, appellant, appellate, appellate court, areopagus, arraign, arraignment, arrest warrant, arthurian legend, arthur garfield hays, assize, attest, award, awarding, badminton, badminton court, bail, bailiff, bail bond, bakke decision, baseline, basketball, basketball court, basketball game, bauble, bear witness, bench, bench warrant, benjamin henry latrobe, bill of particulars, bill of review, bloemfontein, bocce, bocci, boccie, bond, book of daniel, book of nehemiah, book of the prophet daniel, brilliant, bring, bring in, broad interpretation, calendar, carpet knight, case, case load, causa, cause, caveat, certiorari, challenge, chancery, charles evans hughes, chief justice, child support, circuit, cite, civil contempt, clark, cockscomb, coming into court, complainant, compulsory process, concurring opinion, condemn, consent decree, conservator, constructive trust, contempt, contempt of court, contextual definition, contumacy, cosimo de medici, cosimo the elder, counsel, counsellor, counselor, counselor-at-law, court-martial, courtier, courtliness, courtly, courtroom, court game, court of appeals, court of chancery, court of domestic relations, court of saint james's, court order, court tennis, coxcomb, criminal, criminal court, criminal record, cross-examination, daniel, day, deck tennis, decree, defaulter, default judgement, default judgment, defendant, demand, den haag, detention camp, detention home, detention house, directed verdict, dissenting opinion, divan, divestiture, divorce court, diwan, dock, docket, domestic relations court, doom, double damages, dred scott, drumhead court-martial, earl warren, edict, elegant, execution, execution sale, exhibit, family court, federal court, fiat, file, filer, filiate, final decision, final judgment, finding, fisa, fives, forced sale, forecourt, foreign intelligence surveillance act, foreign intelligence surveillance court, formal, fragonard, frederick moore vinson, free throw lane, friend of the court, gag order, garnishment, giambattista lulli, gilbert, grand inquisitor, grigori efimovich rasputin, handball, handball court, harlan fiske stone, harsh, hays, hearing, high court, homecourt advantage, home court, home stand, hoops, house of detention, hughes, indecisiveness, inferior court, inquisitor, institute, interdict, interdiction, international court of justice, intrinsic fraud, involuntary trust, jai alai, jay, jean baptiste lully, jean honore fragonard, john jay, john marshall, judge, judgement, judgement by default, judgement on the pleadings, judgment, judgment by default, judgment lien, judgment on the pleadings, judicial, judicially, judicial activism, judicial admission, judicial decision, judicial proceeding, judicial review, judicial sale, judicial writ, jurist, jury, justice, juvenile court, kangaroo court, kenneth bancroft clark, kenneth clark, key, knight of the round table, latrobe, lawn tennis, lawsuit, legal separation, let, letters testamentary, liquidator, litigation, louis the great, louis xiv, lower court, lulli, lully, magistrate, maintenance, majority opinion, marshal, marshall, mary ludwig hays mccauley, mary mccauley, mccauley, mercy, military court, minuet, molly pitcher, moot court, motley, nehemiah, net ball, night court, nolle pros, nolle prosequi, nol pros, nonappearance, non pros, non prosequitur, oath, objection, obstruction of justice, officer, old bailey, opinion, order, ordinary, out-of-court settlement, paint, pavan, pavane, pelota, perceptible, peristyle, perjure, petitioner, plaint, plaintiff, plaintiff in error, pleader, police court, porte, president taft, probate court, probation, probation officer, process-server, production, prosecute, provost court, putrid, quarter sessions, racquetball, ramification, rasputin, real tennis, receiver, receivership, recognisance, recognizance, record, referee, register, rehear, rehnquist, relief, remand, remission, remit, remitment, rescript, resulting trust, res adjudicata, res judicata, retrial, retrofit, retry, return, reversal, review, roger brooke taney, roger taney, royal tennis, ruling, rundown, saraband, scofflaw, scott, search warrant, send back, sentence, separation, sergeant at arms, serjeant-at-arms, server, service line, sheriff's sale, sit, sitting, special court-martial, special verdict, squash, squash court, squash rackets, squash racquets, star chamber, stately, state supreme court, stay, stipulation, stone, sublime porte, subpoena, subpoena ad testificandum, subpoena duces tecum, sub judice, suer, suit, summary judgement, summary judgment, summation, summing up, summon, summons, sun king, superior court, supreme court, supreme court of the united states, suspect, sustain, swearing, taft, take exception, take the stand, taney, tax, tennis, tennis court, testify, the hague, tiger, tilt, traffic court, treble damages, trial attorney, trial court, trial judge, trial lawyer, united states supreme court, vinson, visitation rights, volleyball court, vouch, vouchee, vouch in, warrant, warrantee, warren, wash, william gilbert, william howard taft, william hubbs rehnquist, william rehnquist, witness, world court, writ, writ of certiorari, writ of error, writ of execution, writ of prohibition

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