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Words and phrases whose definition contains child:   (477 results)

., abandoned, abandoned infant, abducted, ablactation, abnormal, accouchement, acquisition, acting out, admonish, adopted, adoptee, adopter, adoption, adoptive parent, advanced, agalactia, agalactosis, age, alone, amah, anal, anal phase, anal stage, angelically, anklet, answerable, army brat, arnold gesell, arnold lucius gesell, as, assimilator, athletic, at ease, authoritarian, baa-lamb, babe, baby, baby's room, babytalk, baby buggy, baby carriage, baby talk, bairn, bambino, baptize, bastardise, bastardize, bastardy proceeding, bath, bathe, battered, bear, beautiful, begotten, behalf, benjamin spock, berceuse, berit, berith, bib, biggin, biological, birth, birthright, black, blessed event, bloat, bond, bonding, born, brat, brattish, bratty, brimming, bris, briss, brith, buster, caregiver, carnal abuse, carriage, carry, cf, changeling, chastised, cheer, cheer up, cherub, child's body, child's room, childbearing, childbed, childbirth, childhood, childishly, childishness, childlike, childly, child neglect, child prodigy, choo-choo, civilize, clasp, coaster wagon, color, comb, compassionate, complete, confinement, confront, cousin, cousin-german, couvade, cow, cradle, cradlesong, craved, crooning, crying, cub, cuffed, curious, curse, custody, cute, cystic fibrosis, dandle, dear, defenseless, delivery, demoralize, desperately, develop, developmental age, diaper dermatitis, diaper rash, dimple, direct, disapprove, distress, document, dodge, doleful, doll's house, dollhouse, dozy, dress, drop, drown, dutiful, el nino, emancipation, embarrassed, entangle, erythroblastosis fetalis, exception, expect, expel, expulsion, fail, favored, feeding chair, female offspring, female parent, fibrocystic disease of the pancreas, fidget, filial duty, filiate, firstborn, first cousin, forward, foster-child, foster-mother, foster-nurse, foster-parent, fosterling, foster home, foundling, frantically, frightened, full cousin, g. stanley hall, game, gamin, garnish, garnishee, genius, gesell, give, giving, go-cart, godfather, godmother, going to jerusalem, gold, governess, grab, grammatically, grandchild, granville stanley hall, guttersnipe, hall, hands, happy event, heart, heinously, helpful, hide-and-seek, hide and go seek, highchair, hobby, hobbyhorse, holy terror, homely, hopscotch, hyperactive, illegitimately, imaginary, impertinent, impress, incessant, incest, indulgence, infant, infantilism, innately, innocent, introject, in loco parentis, in turn, in utero, jump rope, keep, keep step, kiddy, kidnapped, know, labor, labour, lad, laddie, lamb, lament, latchkey child, leap, leapfrog, learner, leave, leboyer method, leboyer method of childbirth, legitimate, legitimately, lego, lego set, lineal, little terror, look, lost, lovable, lullaby, lying-in, lynch, maladjusted, male offspring, man-child, maria montesorri, marvel, maternal-infant bonding, meccano, meccano set, meconium, mendacious, menuhin, messy, miss, misunderstood, model, mongoloid, montessori, moo-cow, moro reflex, mother, motherese, motivated, mourn, mozart, muck, mucoviscidosis, mud pie, musical chairs, muss, neglected, no, normal, no end, nullipara, nursery, nurture, obdurate, obstetrical delivery, obstinate, obtrusive, only, oral, orphan, orphanage, orphanhood, overclothe, overexpose, overheated, overindulgence, paedophilia, pancreatic fibrosis, para i, parent, parturiency, passive immunity, paternity suit, paternity test, pathetically, patiently, peanut, pedophilia, penetrate, penny bank, perambulator, phallic phase, phallic stage, picaninny, piccaninny, pickaninny, piggyback, piggy bank, pillow fight, pin, pisha paysha, play, play-box, playbox, plump, plump out, pop, poster boy, poster child, poster girl, posthumous birth, pram, precocious, precociously, prematurely, preschooler, primipara, progeria, prone, protuberate, provide, provoked, puerile, puerility, puppy fat, pushchair, pusher, quack-quack, quietly, raising, rationalize, reality principle, rearing, recopy, rediscover, refractory, render, rendition, repaint, restitution, restless, retard, rocker, rocking horse, role model, roll, scholar, school phobia, scold, scooter, second cousin, securely, security blanket, seemingly, seraph, shadow, shirley temple, shirley temple black, shoofly, shout, sickly, sir yehudi menuhin, skinny, sleepy-eyed, slumber, snowsuit, sonny, sonny boy, soothingly, sound out, spastic, spinning top, spock, spoiled, sprog, squirmer, startle reflex, stepchild, stick horse, stigmatize, stray, street arab, street child, street urchin, stroller, studious, stuff, submarine, suffocate, sunsuit, supporting, surrogate mother, sweet-faced, swish, tag, taken, talk down, tangle, teddy, teddy bear, teetotum, terror, thankless, think twice, throwaway, titivate, toddler, toilet-train, tooth fairy, top, tot, traumatic, travail, triangular, troll, tubercular, ugly duckling, underexpose, ungrammatically, unselfconsciousness, urchin, vaginal birth, vexatious, visitation rights, wagon, waif, water, weaning, well-behaved, wet-nurse, wetnurse, wet nurse, whirligig, wiggler, wiggliness, wolfgang amadeus mozart, wriggle, wriggler, yawn, yearling, yehudi menuhin

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