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Words and phrases whose definition contains before:   (805 results)

., 10th, 11th, 12th, 15th, 3rd, 401-k, 401-k plan, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, abort, acceptance sampling, achondroplasia, achondroplasty, act, activation energy, ad, administrative hearing, adrenarche, adulterant, advance, advancea, advanceda, ad valorem tax, aestivation, affidavit, against the clock, against time, agrypnia, ahead of time, allhallows eve, amerindian, anaesthetist, ancient, ancients, ancien regime, anesthesiologist, anesthetist, anesthetize, angle of extinction, anno domini, antebellum, antediluvial, antediluvian, antemeridian, antenatal, antenuptial, antepartum, anterior facial vein, ante meridiem, antisepticize, aperitif, apertif, appear, appetiser, appetizer, appraise, archibald percival wavell, ardently, arraign, artificial kidney, ash wednesday, assibilate, associate, attributive, awed, azoic, bachelor party, badge, bag, ball, bank loan, bar line, basal body temperature, base, baste, battle of soissons-reims, battle of the aisne, battle of the chemin-des-dames, bc, beauty sleep, beef goulash, before christ, before long, benjamin ricketson tucker, berserk, berserker, bill, birthmark, blackshirt, blessing, board up, bone, bone up, bosin's disease, bow, brain death, brake, bread, break off, break short, breechblock, breech closer, bring out, brush, bullfight, bunker buster, burned-out, burn bag, bustle, calendar method, calendar method of birth control, call, callable, call option, canaanite, carbo loading, cardcastle, carib wood, carry, cash advance, castrato, catch, catechesis, cathode-ray tube, cerebral death, challah, change, chaos, chapter, check, chicane, chlorhexidine, chondrodystrophy, christmas eve, cinnamon bun, cinnamon roll, cinnamon snail, circis siliquastrum, claiming race, classical, clean, clean up, clear, clinical test, clinical trial, clip, closure, coequal, coitus interruptus, cold, cold cereal, colon, coltsfoot, columbia, columbia river, comb, come back, complin, compline, compose, compulsory process, confession, contumacy, cookie cutter, cooling tower, copley, corrida, countdown, count down, covetous, cram, crate, creek confederacy, crisis intervention, crown of thorns, crt, cry, cucurbita pepo melopepo, curtail, curtain raiser, curvet, cut, cutting, cut short, cymose, dainty, dampener, dark, dawn, dawn redwood, dawson's encephalitis, day, daylight, daystar, daytime, da gamma, dead room, deathbed, decamp, dec 24, deja vu, deliberate defence, deliberate defense, delta, desert olive, detach, detective novel, dial, disjoint, dispatched, distaff, do-si-do, dollar mark, dollar sign, done, doormat, dope, down, dredge, dressing gown, dress rehearsal, drift, drip loop, dropout, drum, dry cereal, duck, dunker, earlier, early, early bird, early morel, earnings before interest taxes depreciation and amortization, ebitda, eighth, eleventh, elide, endlessly, energy of activation, ensuing, eranthis hyemalis, erythroblastosis fetalis, escape, estivation, eve, exhibit, exhibition season, extinction angle, fair hearing, fall, family, far, fast, fentanyl, fertile period, fertile phase, fifteenth, fifth, final decision, final judgment, fireguard, fire screen, first, first-aid station, firstly, first aid, first earl wavell, first off, first of all, flip, floater, flour, flowering hazel, foam rubber, foregoinga, foreknowledge, foremost, forerunner, forestiera neomexicana, forge, format, foster, foundry proof, four-card monte, foursome, fourth, french knot, frenziedly, fresh, fresh bean, futures contract, galley proof, gamma, gbu-28, genuflect, genus protoavis, get back, get up, go, good friday, go away, go back, grab, grace, green onion, grind away, gross, groundbreaking, ground zero, guided bomb unit-28, habeas corpus, hallah, hallowe'en, halloween, hard, hare and hounds, headspace, hear, hearth, heliac, heliacal, hemodialyzer, herr, hesitate, hibernate, hold back, hold off, holy saturday, holy thursday, holy week, horse-and-buggy, horseshoe arch, hors d'oeuvre, human right, humboldt current, hurdle, identical, immediate, impertinent, impress, inclusion body encephalitis, incompetent cervix, innovational, innovative, inspection, insulate, intermediate, intestate, introduce, inventory, in advancep, in the beginning, in the first place, jackknife, john copley, john singleton copley, joss stick, judas tree, judge, judicial admission, june 23, jurist, justice, karl scheele, karl wilhelm scheele, koplik's spots, last-minute, last hurrah, latent period, leiden, let, leyden, liberty cap, librate, likely, limber, literal, literally, lock up, loft bombing, log off, long-dated, lounging robe, love tree, lutefisk, lutfisk, mag, magazine, maginot line, magistrate, magnolia stellata, maiden name, mardi gras, marinade, market, mason-dixon line, mason and dixon's line, mason and dixon line, masse, masse shot, maundy, maundy thursday, measure, menshevik, metasequoia, metasequoia glyptostrodoides, midsummer eve, midsummer night, mikvah, miter, momentarily, monte, moorish arch, moratorium, mordant, morgue, morning star, mortuary, move, moving, much, mug up, muscae volitantes, musca volitans, must, mystery novel, native american, nervous, net ball, nevus, new, night, nighttime, ninth, noncallable bond, none, northwest passage, nothing, noughts and crosses, novel, number, numeral, oak leaf cluster, old south, old world, omen, onanism, oolong, ootid, orienting, originally, osteosclerosis congenita, ostwald's theory of indicators, oven-ready, paddock, palm sunday, pancake day, panel discussion, panicked, paper chase, parallel circuit, parboil, parker house roll, party, pass, passion sunday, passion week, patronage, pattern, pause, pay dirt, pelvis, penetration bomb, penny pincher, pep rally, perinatal, peruvian current, phosphorus, pinwheel roll, place-kicking, place kick, placidly, plausibly, pleasure, pms, poise, posit, powerwash, practically, pre-columbian, pre-existent, pre-existing, precast, precede, precedinga, precocious, precognition, precursor, predate, predecease, preexistent, preexisting, prehistoric, prehistorical, prehistoric culture, prehistory, prejudgement, prejudgment, prelapsarian, preliminary, premarital, premature, prematurely, premenstrual, premenstrual syndrome, prenatal, prenominal, prenuptial, preoccupancy, preoccupation, preoccupy, preoperative, prepay, prepose, preposition, prepubertal, prepubescent, prerecord, prescient, presenile dementia, presidency, presocratic, pressure-wash, pretrial, pretrial conference, preview, prewar, primal, primary care, pronucleus, prop, pseudobombax ellipticum, puddle, pulling out, pulverize, punt, punter, punting, pursuer, pussy willow, put, put forward, put option, quarantine, quaternary, quenched, quinquagesima, quinquagesima sunday, rack, rag, rain shadow, rather, receipts, recency, recent, recentness, recognisance, recognizance, reconsider, red-eye, redemption, red meat, reform, renal pelvis, repeater, replication, reputation, retinoblastoma, return, revamp, revenue, review, rhodes, rhythm, rhythm method, rhythm method of birth control, rig-veda, rind, robe-de-chambre, rodhos, rogation day, rolled outp, rotation, rough-sand, rough cut, rule, run, rundown, sabinea carinalis, sadly, safe period, salix discolor, saltine, sanitize, sauerbraten, scaffold, scallion, scheele, sclaff, sclerosing leukoencephalitis, score, scud, scudding, seat, sedate, sedative, see, seedbed, septuagesima, septuagesima sunday, set, seventh, shallowness, shaving-brush tree, shaving cream, shaving foam, shaving soap, shell bean, short, short-dated, shortly, shrivel, shrove tuesday, shudderingly, shunt circuit, sight-read, sight-sing, sightread, sightsing, signora, signorina, sir, sixth, skydive, skydiver, skydiving, sky dive, slave market, slow virus, snatch, soissons, solmizate, soprano, source code, spinnaker, spin the plate, spin the platter, spitball, spitter, split, spoil, spots, spring onion, spry, sspe, staging area, starter, star magnolia, state, stations, stations of the cross, steam bath, stephen collins foster, stephen foster, stick, stipulation, stone, straddle, strait of magellan, strange, stressful, strike, structuralism, structural sociology, stuff, st john's eve, st john's night, subacute inclusion body encephalitis, subacute sclerosing leukoencephalitis, subacute sclerosing panencephalitis, subclinical, sublimaze, submit, subscription right, sub judice, summation, summer squash, summer squash vine, summing up, surgical spirit, swallow dive, swan dive, swan song, swear, swot, swot up, tanglebush, taste, temper, tend, tenth, terminal leave, tertiary, testate, thanksgiving, then, theory of indicators, think twice, third, thoughtfulness, thoughtlessness, three-card monte, thronged, tic-tac-toe, tick-tack-toe, ticktacktoe, ticktacktoo, timely, time loan, tinning, tissue typing, tit-tat-toe, too soon, top, topper, toss bombing, toughness, to begin with, trial, trial attorney, trial court, trial lawyer, trimming, truncation error, truss, tucker, tumbler, turkish bath, turn around, tussilago farfara, twelfth, unblushingly, unknown, unrolled, unthoughtfulness, untimely, vaginismus, value-added tax, van bogaert encephalitis, vapor bath, vapour bath, vasco da gamma, vat, vaulting, vena facialis anterior, venus, vernation, verpa bohemica, vet, victoria day, victual, viewing, virga, virgin wool, virtually, volley, wait, wake, war dance, war paint, washout, waters, wavell, weatherstrip, welcome mat, wheat germ, white wine, winter aconite, winter hazel, withdrawal method, wool oil, wrap, wrathful, writ of habeas corpus, yarn-dye, year-end, yesterday, ylem, young, zodiacal light

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