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Words and phrases whose definition contains been:   (1034 results)

., abandoned infant, abandoned person, abatement of a nuisance, aboard, absorbate, absorption band, accomplishment, acquired immunity, acquirement, acquisition, action replay, ad-lib, adaptation, administrative hearing, adopted, adoptee, adsorbate, advent, aesop's fables, affirmative action, agalactia, agalactosis, air-condition, alias, alien, alienate, alkyl halide, allegedly, all clear, all over, alphabetised, alphabetized, amharic, amiodarone, anabolic steroid, anatoxin, annunciator, anonymous file transfer protocol, anonymous ftp, anoplophora glabripennis, ape-man, apparently, apple of discord, apprise, arborvirus, arbovirus, archeological remains, armenia, armillariella, arrangement, arthur, artisan's lien, artist's loft, asian longhorned beetle, aspleniaceae, assess, assignment, assumed name, assumption, athyriaceae, atomic number 104, atomic number 105, atomic number 107, atomize, attainment, attenuation, avenged, avowedly, awakened, bachelor, bail, baked potato, balance, barbecue, barbeque, barcelona, battlefield, battleground, battle of boyne, behind, behindhand, benedick, benedict, benumbed, bermuda triangle, better, bicarbonate, bionic man, bionic woman, blank check, blank cheque, blechnaceae, bloodied, bloody-minded, bloomers, blown-upa, blown upp, blowup, bomb site, book, bowdlerisation, bowdlerization, boyne, brand, break, breast implant, breathe, brenner pass, brew, bride, bridegroom, bridgehead, broken, buggy whip, buy back, caaba, calcium-channel blocker, calcium blocker, candyfloss, canis familiaris, canned hunt, canon, captain john smith, carbonado, carbonized, carry-forward, carry-over, cashed, cassia occidentalis, casteless, castrate, cataloged procedure, cdna, cedar of goa, cer, chaff, chain, charred, cheap, check, check mark, chicken, chicken kiev, chip, chipotle, cholangiography, choreograph, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cinderella, cis, civil, civil death, classified, clean, clomid, clomiphene, clomiphene citrate, co-defendant, codefendant, coelacanth, coffee senna, cognitive content, coherent, coincidence, cold, cold fusion, combination, come back, comfortably, coming, commonwealth of independent states, complementary dna, complete, complex, composition, concentrate, concentrated, concerned, concluded, conditioned emotion, conditioned emotional response, confirmed, conformable, conjecture, conspicuously, constitution, constructive trust, content, convert, convict, cooked, copperplate, cordarone, corp, corporation, corpus delicti, correspond, cottonseed cake, cotton cake, cotton candy, course credit, cracked-wheat bread, cracklings, crash, creation, credit, criminal, criminal record, crimp, crook, cross examine, cross question, cryptogrammataceae, cull, cultivated parsnip, cupressus lusitanica, curling iron, cut, cutout, cut of meat, cut out, cyanogen, cyborg, data communication, davalliaceae, daybook, daytona beach, dead metaphor, dealing, dealings, death, debris, debunking, deep freeze, defender of the faith, deformity, dehumanization, demonstrated, dennstaedtiaceae, despoiled, determined, detritus, development, dialog box, diamond, dicoumarol, dictation, dicumarol, digging up, digital communication, dimple, dimpled chad, dinner bell, diplomate, dipylon, dipylon gate, disaffect, disarrangement, disconnected, disesteem, disfiguration, disfigurement, disinterment, dislodge, dismissal, dismission, disorganisation, disorganization, dispensation, distilled water, disunited, disuse, divorced, dog, dole, dollar, domatium, domestication, domestic dog, dope, double jeopardy, downhill, dressed ore, driftwood, dry, dryopteridaceae, duck-billed dinosaur, dulled, durable-press fabric, durable press, dust, dysthymia, earnings before interest taxes depreciation and amortization, eaten, ebitda, echo, edit, elasticity, elasticity of shear, electroplate, elemental, element 104, element 105, element 107, embellishment, emerald, emptied, empty, encephalography, enclosure, end, ended, endgame, end game, engraving, enlargement, enlightened, entrepot, epistle to the hebrews, erasure, erection, ernst boris chain, estoppel, estrange, ethiopian language, eunuch, evacuee, eviscerate, excellently, execution, exhumation, expedited, expended, exposition, failure, fall, false name, family aspleniaceae, family athyriaceae, family blechnaceae, family cryptogrammataceae, family davalliaceae, family dennstaedtiaceae, family dryopteridaceae, family oleandraceae, family polypodiaceae, family pteridaceae, family vittariaceae, favorable, felon, feud, fibrinolysis, field, field of battle, field of honor, fifth crusade, figure eight, figure of eight, fill again, filtrate, firebrand, firebreak, fireguard, flattened, flavored, flavoured, florey, flowage, fluorocarbon, foe, follow, follow-up, followup, footage, foothold, footloose, footprint evidence, formatted capacity, fortified wine, fossil, foundling, fraction, fragmented, freakishly, freedman, freedwoman, fret, frozen metaphor, frozen orange juice, fruit of the poisonous tree, galatian, gallus gallus, gamin, gastroenterostomy, genus armillariella, genus chrysanthemum, genus rhizoctinia, get back, glacial boulder, gloriously, gloucester, gnosis, gone, go back, grant, grazed, green tea, grist, groom, ground beef, gullible, gurkha, hadrosaur, hadrosaurus, hahnium, haircut, halal, hale, haloalkane, halon, halter, hamburger, handed-down, hangman's halter, hangman's rope, haphazard, happenstance, hayastan, haycock, hebrew, hebrews, heirloom, hemp, hempen necktie, hierarchic, hierarchical, high-level radioactive waste, hoffa, holistic theory, holy water, homogenate, honest woman, horst, hot air, howard florey, hulk, husk, hydrogen carbonate, hypothetical creature, ibizan hound, ibizan podenco, immunised, immunized, immunotherapeutic, impregnably, impromptu, in-situ, initiate, insider information, insider trading, institution, interferon, international grandmaster, involuntary trust, in the final analysis, in the last analysis, iraqi mukhabarat, ironing, irreverently, isolated, jacob, james riddle hoffa, jarvik artificial heart, jarvik heart, jigsaw puzzle, jimmy hoffa, john smith, journal, junk, kaaba, kenya, kinetic, king, king arthur, kite, kludge, ku, kurchatovium, kuru, land, landfill, late, lately, latimeria chalumnae, laughable, law of diminishing returns, learned person, learned reaction, learned response, legal representation, leniently, lens implant, lesser celandine, letters of administration, letter bond, letter stock, licked, lifeless, line, lineage, linecut, line block, line engraving, listed security, living, lockstep, logger, loose, low-fat milk, low-level radioactive waste, lubrication, made-up, magnification, magpie, malefactor, malt, marched upon, mashed potato, matriculate, mediocre, mental object, mephenytoin, mercerised, mercerized, mesantoin, mews, mexican cypress, mezzotint, microfiche, milan, milano, millennium, millwork, minefield, minnesota multiphasic personality inventory, minute book, miss, mmpi, mogdad coffee, monolingually, moot, mushy peas, musical arrangement, musical composition, mutatis mutandis, mysteriously, narco-state, nathan hale, neglect, neophyte, net estate, never, new, new edition, next door, ni-hard, ni-hard iron, nihil obstat, nomination, nonstarter, nuisance abatement, oddment, oilpaper, oil cake, old-timer, oldtimer, old hand, old ironsides, old maid, old stager, oleandraceae, omission, one of the boys, oolong, open, opened, opus, orange-juice concentrate, ostensibly, outa, outcaste, outlaw, overachievement, overp, overthrust fault, overturned, overwork, oxidized ldl cholesterol, pack rat, paleface, palimpsest, pampered, panel, para i, paring, parked, parts, pastelike, pasteurised, pasteurized, pasteurized milk, past progressive, payslip, peary, pentimento, people, perfect, perfective, perfective tense, perfect tense, permanent-press fabric, permanent press, phantom limb, phantom limb syndrome, phase iii, phase iii clinical trial, piece, piece of music, pilar cyst, pilewort, pillaged, pinhole, pink slip, placebo effect, plagiarism, planate, plate rack, polypodiaceae, porous, portuguese cypress, positive, possibility, postage, postage stamp, powder, precipitate, preconditioned, prefaded, pregnant chad, preparation, preparedness, prescription, preterist, primipara, product, production, professionalize, profound, programma, projection, prune cake, pruning, psalm, psittacosaur, psittacosaurus, psychopath, pteridaceae, pulverisation, pulverization, pundit, pursuer, pyongyang, queerly, quenched steel, radar echo, radioimmunoassay, random sampling, ranker, ranunculus ficaria, raped, rationality, ravaged, re-afforestation, re-formed, reabsorption, reacquired stock, readiness, realisation, realization, reallocation, real gnp, real gross national product, reappearance, recap, receipt, recission, reconsider, record, recording, rectified, red-rimmed, redirect examination, reexamination, refill, refilling, reforestation, regularisation, regularization, regulation, reharmonisation, reharmonization, reinstall, relief, relinquished, remainder, remnant, renewal, repatriate, replacement, replay, replenish, replenishment, replica, replication, reproduction, republication, republic of armenia, republic of kenya, repurchase, rescission, rescript, resew, resid, residual, residual clay, residual oil, residual soil, residue, residuum, resorption, rest, restoration, resuspension, retentiveness, retouch, retread, retrial, retrofit, return, revenue stamp, reverse fault, revision, rewrite, rf, rigorously, river boulder, robert e. peary, robert edwin peary, robert peary, rodeo, roller coaster, rollmops, roll of tobacco, rubble, ruby, rutherfordium, ruthlessly, sacked, saint, same-sex marriage, sapphire, sappho, savant, scallopine, scallopini, scavenger, scientific fact, scrap, screen saver, sealed, seasoned, seb, sebaceous cyst, security, sedulously, see, seeded raisin, semi-processed, sennacherib, senna occidentalis, septuagint, serratia marcescens, sex offender, shadow, shag, shake, shaving, shell, shining path, short list, shot, show trial, shuck, simonize, sir ernst boris chain, sir howard walter florey, skill, skim, skimmed, skimmed milk, skim milk, slain, sleeping beauty, slice, slicked up, slide rule, slipstick, sliver, smith, smoke, snap, snapshot, snip, snippet, snipping, soap film, soap flakes, sociopath, solar energy, sorbate, special agent, special weapons and tactics squad, special weapons and tactics team, speculation, spent, splashed, splice, splicing, split, spontaneous, spun sugar, squally, squared, squashed, stably, stager, stained glass, stalk, stamp, standardisation, standardization, standard operating procedure, stand oil, staphylococcal enterotoxin b, steatocystoma, stereotype, stinking weed, stock, stolen property, stool, stooper, stover, straw, street arab, stretch, structural iron, stubble, stump, stunt, styptic weed, subject, suckling, superfund site, supertax, surcharge, sure enough, surface, surtax, surviving, suspension point, swat squad, swat team, synthetically, tablet-armed chair, takeover target, talk, tameness, target company, tatar, tee hinge, terminated, tetanus immune globulin, tetanus immunoglobulin, tetartanopia, the living dead, think, throwaway, thrown, thrust fault, tick, tincture, toast, token economy, topology, toxic dumpsite, toxic site, toxic waste area, toxic waste dump, toxic waste site, toxoid, to date, trace, tralatitious, transcript, trans fatty acid, treasury shares, treasury stock, tree stump, trojan war, trump, trump card, truth, turnout, turnpike, tyrannosaur, tyrannosaurus, tyrannosaurus rex, t hinge, ultimately, umma tameer-e-nau, unavenged, unblushingly, uncommercialised, uncommercialized, uncurled, undedicated, underachievement, understatement, undetermined, unexpired, unfathomed, unfertilised, unfertilized, unheated, unhoped, unhoped-for, uniate, uniformize, unimpregnated, uninitiate, unkept, unleaded gasoline, unmarried man, unmoved, unnilpentium, unnilquadium, unnilquintium, unnilseptium, unoffending, unp, unpleasantly, unplumbed, unq, unread, unremedied, unrepaired, uns, unsated, unsatiated, unsatisfied, unsheared, unsmoothed, unsold, unsounded, unswept, unthought, unthought-of, untoasted, untwine, unwarmed, unweave, unwed, unwedded, unwritten, upset, upturned, up to, urtication, utilization, utn, vaccinated, vaccinee, vacuum chamber, verdigris, version, vestige, veteran, vexatious litigation, vittariaceae, waggish, wake, warehouseman's lien, warhorse, warmed, washed, water-washed, wax paper, wed, wedded, wen, whipped cream, white leather, whit leather, whole blood, whole milk, widening, wolf boy, wollemi pine, wood pulp, workhorse, working, workings, worn spot, wreck, wreckage, writ of detinue, writ of execution, yardie, years, year dot, yellow-blindness, zombi, zombie

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