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Words and phrases whose definition contains air:   (872 results)

., a. testudineus, acc, accordion, active air defense, actually, adopt, aerate, aerated, aeration, aerator, aerial, aerialist, aeriferous, aeriform, aerobe, aerobic, aerobiosis, aerodontalgia, aerodynamics, aerodynamic force, aeroembolism, aerofoil, aerogram, aerogramme, aeromechanics, aeronautics, aerophagia, aerophilic, aerophilous, aerophyte, aerosolised, aerosolized, aerosol bomb, aery, aether, aflare, afrl, afspc, air-breathing, air-condition, air-conditioned, air-cooled, air-dried, air-drop, air-dry, air-filled, air-intake, air-raid shelter, air-slake, air-tight, air-to-air, air-to-surface, aira, airborne, airbrake, airbrush, aircraftman, aircraftsman, aired, airflow, airfoil, airgun, airiness, airing, airless, airlift, airlike, airline, airlock, airmail letter, airplane propeller, airport terminal, airscrew, airsickness, airspeed, airstream, airtight, airy, air alert, air attache, air bladder, air bubble, air cell, air cleaner, air combat command, air compressor, air conditioner, air conditioning, air current, air cushion, air division, air embolism, air filter, air flow, air force academy, air force research laboratory, air force space command, air gas, air group, air gun, air hammer, air hole, air horn, air hose, air letter, air lock, air mail, air mass, air medal, air national guard, air out, air plant, air pocket, air pollution, air pump, air reconnaissance, air rifle, air sac, air sickness, air spring, air terminal, air transport, air transportation, air transportation system, air travel, air wave, alfresco, aloft, alveolar, alveolar ectasia, alveolus, ambient, amen, american organ, amon, amphibious landing, anabas testudineus, anabatic, anaerobe, anaximenes, ang, antiaircraft, antidorcas euchore, antidorcas marsupialis, aquanaut, arachnid, arachnoid, arena, armored car, asphyxiate, aspirate, aspiration, aspirator, astronautics, atmosphere, atomic number 10, atomic number 19, atomic number 36, atomic number 37, atomic number 38, atomic number 81, atomize, attack aircraft, attemper, attic fan, auditory tube, automatic choke, azores, backwash, bacon, bacteria bed, bagpipe, balloon, bandstand, barium dioxide, barium peroxide, baron hugh caswall tremenheere dowding, bb, bb gun, bb shot, beaufort scale, bellows, bessemer process, be adrift, bicycle pump, billy mitchell, bladder, blade, blast, blast furnace, blow, blower, blowfish, blowhole, blowlamp, blown, blowpipe, blowtorch, blowtube, blow drier, blow dryer, blow tube, blow up, blush, bomber harris, bombproof, bomb shelter, bowl, boyle, bracing, breath, breathe, breather, breathe in, breathe out, breathing, breathing in, breathing out, breath of fresh air, breeziness, briskly, bronchodilator, bubble, bubbler, bunsen, bunsen burner, buoyant, cabotage, cacodyl, canopy, carbonic acid gas, carbon dioxide, carburetor, carburettor, carousel, carrousel, cascade liquefier, catabatic, catabatic wind, catwalk, central heating, chaff, charcoal, chart, chipper, choke, chop, chopper, chronic bronchitis, chute, circulate, circus, clap, class reptilia, clear the air, click, click beetle, climbing perch, close, co2, cochran, coefficient of drag, cold front, colonel, colorado springs, column, combined operation, combust, commissioned military officer, commonplace, compartment pressure, compressed, compressed air, concertina, condensation trail, condense, conjure, contrail, control surface, convect, convector, cool, correct, corrode, cough, coughing, coventry, craft, current of air, cushion, cyclone, cylinder, cysteine, danger, dead-air space, debonair, debonaire, defile, deflate, deflated, deflation, deflector, deliquesce, deliquescent, departure tax, depression, depressurize, dew, dewar, dewar flask, dew point, diphtheria, dipnoi, dirty, discomposed, distinguished flying cross, diving bell, diving dress, diving suit, division, doolittle, dowding, dowdy, downcast, downdraft, draft, drag, drag coefficient, draught, draw, draw in, dresden, drift, dry-bulb thermometer, drying oil, dust, dust cloud, dust devil, eat, effective, effortless, electrical storm, electrical system, electric storm, embolism, embolus, empedocles, en-lil, endotracheal tube, enlil, epiphyte, epiphytic plant, escadrille, ether, ethereal, ethmoid, ethmoid bone, etna, eupneic, eupnoeic, eustachian tube, exhalation, exhale, exhaust fan, exhilarating, expiration, expire, explode, expose, extension, external respiration, falco tinnunculus, fan, fan belt, farmer's market, fighter, fighter aircraft, filter tip, fin, firedamp, firestorm, fire watcher, first lieutenant, flaring, flashpoint, flash point, flea market, flier, flight, flight path, flip, float, floaty, flow of air, flue, flue pipe, fly, flyer, flying, fly ash, fly ball, foam rubber, fog, forced, force out, foucault, freeze, fresh, fricative, fritz haber, front, frontal, fuel-air bomb, fuel cell, gas-tight, gas embolism, gas turbine, gate, general officer, genus gonorhynchus, genus physa, glamorous, glamourous, glider, globefish, gonorhynchus, grate, grating, greenmarket, green market, grille, ground-effect machine, group captain, gust, haber, hail, hair drier, hair dryer, hand blower, hangdog, harmonica, harmonium, harp, harris, heavier-than-air, heller, high, high pressure, homespun, hop, hostile, hot-air balloon, hot air, hover, hovercraft, hub-and-spoke, hub-and-spoke system, hugh dowding, humid, hygroscopic, idf, important, inferior vocal cord, inferior vocal fold, inflatable, inflate, inflated, inflater, inflation, inflation therapy, inflator, inhalation, inhale, insect, inspiration, inspire, insufflation, inversion, invigorating, in flight, in the air, iron lung, israeli defense force, itch, jackhammer, jacqueline cochran, jacques etienne montgolfier, james harold doolittle, jaunty, jean bernard leon foucault, jerusalem warriors, jimmy doolittle, joint chiefs, joint chiefs of staff, josef michel montgolfier, joseph heller, juggle, katabatic, katabatic wind, kestrel, kr, krypton, kwajalein, labial pipe, laryngospasm, latex, lazily, leaded gasoline, legionella, legionella pneumophilia, levitate, levitation, lidar, lieutenant colonel, lift, lifted, lighter-than-air, light colonel, lilo, line of flight, liquid, liquid air, loft, loom, louver, louvre, low, low pressure, lucid, luggage carousel, luggage carrousel, lungfish, maculate, mainframe, mainframe computer, main rotor, major, manpad, mason jar, master sergeant, medevac, medical evacuation, medivac, meteor, midair, mirage, mitchell, mobile, montgolfier, mouth harp, mouth organ, naris, national guard bureau, naval air warfare center weapons division, nawcwpns, ne, neon, ngb, nitrogen narcosis, occluded front, occlusion, occlusive, odorous, on air, on the wing, open, open-aira, open air, operation, organ, ornithopter, orthopter, out-of-door, out-of-doors, outdoora, outdoors, outdoor stage, outside, out of thin air, overpressure, paintball gun, parachute, parasail, passage, passive air defense, perfumed, pestilent, pestilential, petcock, philharmonic, piano accordion, picnic, pillar, pilot balloon, pipes, pipe organ, placid, plenum, plosive, plosive consonant, plosive speech sound, pneumatic, pneumatic drill, pneumatic hammer, pneumatic tire, pneumatic tyre, pneumatophore, pneumonic plague, pneumothorax, pocket, polar front, pollen count, pollutant, potassium, pressurized, producer gas, prop, propagate, propeller, propellor, psychrometer, puff, puffer, puffing, puff of air, pulmonary reserve, pulse, puncture, punkah, pure, quintessence, quizzical, race, radiator grille, rarefied, rb, reed, reed organ, refreshingly, register, relative humidity, reptilia, respiration, respiratory tract, respire, revolver, revolving door, rheumy, rhonchus, rich, rise, robert boyle, roentgen, roger bacon, rotary wing, rotor blade, rubidium, rust, sail, sailplane, saipan, salubrious, salutary, sanative, sash window, schmegegge, schnorchel, schnorkel, sciaenid, sciaenid fish, screw, screw propeller, seal, second lieutenant, sergeant, shake up, shamefaced, shmegegge, shooting star, sibilant, side-slip, sideslip, sidewinder, sign off, silurian, silurian period, sinus, sir arthur travers harris, skin-diver, skipjack, ski jumper, skyjack, sky burial, slip, slipstream, small-particle pollution, smog, smogginess, smothering, snapping beetle, sneeze, sneezing, snorkel, snorkel breather, soar, song, sonic, souk, sparge, spear, spirant, sports stadium, spray, spray-dried, spraying, springbok, springbuck, squadron, squeeze box, sr, stadium, staff sergeant, stain, stand, sternutation, stifle, stinger, stockfish, stop, stop consonant, strangle, strangulate, strangulation, strip alert, strontium, stuffy, subclass dipnoi, succuss, suction stop, suffocate, suffocating, suffocative, sully, supercilious, superincumbent, supersonic, surcharge, surface, surface-to-air, surgical, suspire, swim bladder, swoop, sword dance, sword dancing, sylph, take a breath, tarnish, technical sergeant, tellurian, telluric, terrene, terrestrial, tesla coil, tetramethyldiarsine, thallium, theater of war, theatre of war, thermal, thermobaric bomb, thin, thin air, thread, throttle, throw, thrower, thrust, thunder, thunderstorm, tincture, tire, tl, torch, trachea, tracheostomy, tracheotomy, transonic, transpolar, transportation safety administration, trap, trapshooter, travel bargain, trial balloon, troop carrier, troop transport, true vocal cord, true vocal fold, tsa, tumble, tumble-dryer, tumble drier, tumble dry, turbofan, turbofan engine, turbojet, turbojet engine, twitch, u. s. air force, umbrella, unaired, unglazed, unhealthful, united states air force, united states air force academy, unstudied, upcast, updraft, upraised, up in the air, usaf, us air force, us air force academy, vacuum bomb, vacuum chamber, vacuum pump, valve, vane, vapor, vapour, vent, vent-hole, vented, venthole, ventilate, ventilated, ventilating system, ventilation, ventilation shaft, ventilation system, ventilator, venturi, verdigris, vesiculate, vibrating reed, virga, vital capacity, volume-detonation bomb, waft, warm front, wash, waving, whiff, whirl, whirlwind, whistle, whiz, william mitchell, wind, windage, windiness, window, windpipe, windsurf, wind instrument, wind scale, wind tunnel, wing, wings, winnow, wood coal, zoom

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