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Words and phrases whose definition contains about:   (1385 results)

., about-face, abraham stoker, accepted, accommodating, accommodative, accounting, acquaintance, activator, adequate, admonition, aegyptopithecus, afterthought, airy, alexander selcraig, alexander selkirk, alfred damon runyon, alimentary canal, alimentary tract, alismatidae, ambivalent, ambulant, ambulate, ambulation, ambulatory, amino acid, amorist, ana, anglo-saxon, angst, angular momentum, announcement, anomalopteryx, anomalopteryx oweni, anticipate, anticipation, antimonial lead, anxiousness, apologetically, apprehensive, apron, apus apus, aquarius, aquarius the water bearer, archer, architeuthis, archives, arecidae, argue, aries, aries the ram, arius, around, ask, astern, attached, attestation report, attestation service, at handp, at large, at length, australopithecus africanus, automatic pilot, avouch, avow, axis, bad, badmouth, balance, bandy about, bank, baraka, barbados, baroness karen blixen, baron munchausen, baron snow of leicester, basal body temperature, baseball card, bashful, bate, batfish, bath, beauty consultant, beauty quark, belau, believe, benedict, betray, beware, bhagavad-gita, bhagavadgita, bicker, bickering, bilateralism, bilaterality, bilateral symmetry, bill of goods, biofeedback, bitter, blab, blabber, blackmailer, black box, blase, blastodermic vesicle, blastula, blenny, blind spot, blind trust, blinker, blixen, blog, bloody-minded, blood money, bombastically, book of ecclesiastes, book of job, bottom quark, brace, brahmi, brainstorm, bram stoker, bret harte, brief, bring about, brood, brought about, building, bull, bundling, bureau of the census, business news, bustle, busy, byzantine greek, c. p. snow, caiman sclerops, caldwell, call, calorie chart, cambrian, cambrian period, cancer, cancer the crab, cant, caper, capricorn, capricorn the goat, capture, cardiac output, care, careful, careless, carlyle, carnegie, cartridge brass, cast, casual, catch up, cather, caustic, cbr, celestial orbit, census bureau, centrosymmetric, change, charge, charles percy snow, chatter, cheerless, chilean rimu, choke, chronoperates paradoxus, church father, circuit, circumstance, circumstantial, circumstantial evidence, clack, class hexapoda, class insecta, clemens, close, closelipped, closemouthed, closeness, close at handp, clueless, cmb, cmbr, cnossos, cnossus, cogitation, cognise, cognize, colette, color-blind, colosseum, colour-blind, colubridae, combtooth blenny, comfort woman, commelinidae, comment, compass, compassion, conclusion, conducive, confer, confined, conflict, conjectural, conscience, conscientious, consider, conspicuously, conspiracy of silence, constituted, consumer research, contend, content, contributinga, contributive, contributory, conversance, conversancy, conversantp, converse, convolute, convulse, corvus frugilegus, coryphaena hippurus, cosmic background radiation, cosmic microwave background, cosmic microwave background radiation, cosmographer, cosmographist, counsellor, counselor, cow's head, cowper, coy, crab, crack up, crazy, creeper, crop, cross-examiner, cross-questioner, cruise, crumb, cue, curiosity, curious, cyclone, cytokinesis, dale carnegie, damon runyon, daniel defoe, daphnia, dark horse, day, dead sea scrolls, debate, decide, decision, defoe, deliberate, demystify, denounce, department of energy intelligence, deprecatory, descant, despondent, detail file, detective story, determination, determine, dictionary, dictionary entry, difference, difference of opinion, difficulty, digestive tract, digestive tube, dinesen, dinornis giganteus, dirt, disbelief, disclaim, discomposed, discouraged, discourse, discriminative stimulus, discuss, dish the dirt, disorientation, disparaging, dispersion, displeasingly, dispute, disquiet, dissertate, distressed, distributed, distribution, distrust, dizziness, docudrama, documentary, documentary film, doei, domain, donald robert perry marquis, don marquis, dossier, double helix, doubt, doubtfulness, drag through the mud, dream, dress, drift, drool, dubious, dubiousness, dust, dwell, ecclesiastes, ecliptic, ecological succession, effecter, effective, effectiveness, effectivity, effector, effectuality, effectualness, efficacy, egocentric, egoistical, el-aksur, electrosleep, ellen price wood, ellison, emil klaus julius fuchs, enchiridion, engagement, enquire, enterprise, epha, ephah, epicyclic gear, epicyclic gear train, epicyclic train, epipaleolithic, epoch-making, epochal, erskine caldwell, erskine preston caldwell, eruditely, establish, established, etruria, etruscan, eudora welty, european swift, expectation, experimenter bias, expert witness, exposure therapy, extortioner, extortionist, extracellular fluid, extrapolation, eyre, fable, fact, factually, fairytale, fairy story, fairy tale, fair to middling, falkner, falsely, false alarm, falter, familiarity, familiarp, family colubridae, fanciful, fanny adams, faq, fashionmonger, fashion consultant, fast-breaking, fastidiousness, father, father of the church, faulkner, fear, federal trade commission, feel, feeling, fence, ferment, fib, figure, file allocation table, find, finger-pointing, finical, finicky, fish, fishy, fistmele, flail, flap, fleming, floating, floor, flux, fogbound, follow, followinga, fool, footle, forebode, forecast, forecasting, foretell, foretelling, forewarning, formed, formicate, francois charles mauriac, francois mauriac, franz kafka, fraud in the inducement, free-swimming, free hand, frighteningly, frisbee, friskily, ftc, fuchs, fulcrum, fumble, funny, furious, further, fuss, fuss-budget, fusspot, fussy, gabble, game plan, garmented, gasbag, gastrointestinal tract, gemini, gemini the twins, general, generalist, genus volvox, gestation, gestation period, get the goods, giant armadillo, giant moa, giant squid, gibber, giddiness, gita, give, give away, give a damn, gi tract, gloat, gloatingly, glow, goat, going-out-of-business sale, good form, gossip, gossiper, gossiping, gossipmonger, gossipmongering, gossip columnist, gotterdammerung, go about, grading, graduality, gradualness, grass, great year, green lizard, grievance, gripe, grope, grub, grumble, gustatory perception, gustatory sensation, hadean, hadean aeon, hadean eon, hadean time, hairless, half-free morel, half-term, hall, handbook, hang around, harbor, harbour, hard, hard lead, harmonic motion, harriet beecher stowe, harriet elizabeth beecher stowe, harte, hash out, hawker, head, header, headgear, heading, heavy metal, helen hunt jackson, helen maria fiske hunt jackson, henry wheeler shaw, hep, herbert marcuse, herpestes nyula, hesitance, hesitancy, hexapoda, hip, hip top, historian, historiographer, hittite, holler, home truth, hope, horse opera, hover, however, hunt, hypochondria, hypochondriasis, hypothesis, ian fleming, ian lancaster fleming, idea, idealisation, idealization, identity crisis, ignore, illiberal, imamu amiri baraka, imminent, immodestly, impend, impending, impersonally, inarticulately, inca, incan, income tax return, incomprehensible, incontrovertibility, incontrovertibleness, incredulity, incurious, indefinite, indian mongoose, indication, indifferent, indirect evidence, induced, inducement, inducing, induction, infotainment, inka, inkling, innocent ofp, inquire, insecta, insensitively, insider, insider information, inspire, insurance, intelligence, intelligence activity, intelligence agency, intelligence analyst, intelligence information, intelligence operation, intelligence service, interest, interpellate, intolerant, introspectiveness, involvement, in unison, io, isak dinesen, issue, jackson, jactitate, jeffers, jeremiah, job, jobcentre, john ernst steinbeck, john greenleaf whittier, john robinson jeffers, john steinbeck, josh billings, just about, kafka, karen blixen, karl friedrich hieronymus von munchhausen, keep one's mouth shut, keep quiet, kenneth roberts, kerchief, kick, kind, klaus fuchs, knossos, know, knowledgeable, lacerta viridis, lactose, lake eyre, lallygag, lamaze method, lamaze method of childbirth, lash, latency period, latency phase, latency stage, lathe, lead-acid accumulator, lead-acid battery, lecture demonstration, legend, length, leo, leo the lion, lepidothamnus fonkii, leroi jones, lever, lexical database, lexical entry, lexicon, libra, libra the balance, libra the scales, lightheadedness, like, likely, linger, lingerer, linstock, lion, literary, litter, little, lizard, loaf, loiter, loiterer, lollygag, look around, look for, look to, lounge, lounge lizard, love-song, love song, lower paleolithic, low archipelago, lunar day, lurch, lurk, luxor, make, make up one's mind, maldives, maldive islands, malicious gossip, malign, malory, man-to-man, management consultant, mann, manna lichen, marcuse, margaret mead, margaret mitchell, margaret munnerlyn mitchell, marguerite radclyffe hall, marketing research, market analysis, market research, mark twain, marquis, marvel, matter, maunder, mauriac, mead, mean, meanwhile, medai guru, mediated, media consultant, medieval greek, mental rejection, merovingian, merovingian dynasty, mesolithic, mesolithic age, message, mess about, metadata, metaknowledge, meter reading, meticulous, middle, middle english, middle greek, middle paleolithic, military intelligence, militate, mill, mill about, mill around, mind, mingle, minoan, misgiving, mishna, mishnah, mistrust, mitchell, modern english, modestly, monition, moot, moralism, morchella semilibera, morgen, moss-grown, moth-eaten, mrs. henry wood, muckraker, muckraking, mudslinger, munchausen, munchhausen, murder mystery, musingly, mystery, mystery story, name-dropping, narcissistic personality, naturalist, natural scientist, nauseated, necklace, necklet, neckpiece, neckwear, neolithic, neolithic age, neritic zone, nervus ischiadicus, neutron, news, newsmonger, newsreel, new stone age, nice, nickel-iron accumulator, nickel-iron battery, noctambulist, nomad, noncommital, nones, nonparametric statistics, nonracist, nonrapid eye movement, nonrapid eye movement sleep, nonrestrictive, notice, nrem, nrem sleep, nuts and bolts, officious, oka, old english, old faithful, old icelandic, old irish, old norse, omen, omerta, omnidirectional radio range, omnidirectional range, omnirange, on the road, on tour, openness, opinion, orbit, order passeriformes, orkney islands, orthodox sleep, oscillate, oscillation, outlook, ovulate, packman, page, palaeolithic, palau, palau islands, palaver, paleolithic, paleolithic age, paleozoic, paleozoic era, papal infallibility, paragraph, paranoic type schizophrenia, paranoid schizophrenia, paraphrenia, paraphrenic schizophrenia, parthia, particular, particularise, particularize, particularly, passable, passeriformes, patent, paumotu archipelago, peddler, pedlar, peeved, pelew, penetration bomb, perennially, perplexing, person, personal, pertinently, pervert, pettifoggery, phanerozoic, phanerozoic aeon, phanerozoic eon, philosophy, piffle, pilaster, pious platitude, pipe dream, pisces, pisces the fishes, pitchman, pity, placebo effect, planetary gear, planet gear, planet wheel, planning, platonic year, play, polarise, polarize, political, pond-skater, pooh-pooh, portent, positivist, possess, possibility, potterer, pour cold water on, prate, prattle, precambrian, precambrian aeon, precambrian eon, precambrian period, precipitate, predestinate, predict, prediction, preface, pregnant, prehistoric, premonition, preparation, presage, prevalence, prevision, prime, priodontes giganteus, priscoan, priscoan aeon, priscoan eon, privyp, prodigy, prodroma, prodrome, product research, profess, profile, prognosis, prognostic, prognosticate, prognostication, projective device, projective technique, projective test, prolate, promise, promulgation, property, prospect, proto-norse, provision, prowl, prowler, prude, pseudohermaphrodite, psychokinesis, psychosexual, pueblo, pungently, puritan, putterer, puzzle, pynchon, quakers, qualm, queasy, queer, question, quixotic, racetrack tout, radar echo, radclyffe hall, radially symmetrical, radial asymmetry, radial symmetry, ragnarok, rail, ralph ellison, ralph waldo ellison, ram, ramble, range, rat, rationalist, rave, reading, realm, recission, reconnaissance, reconnaissance mission, reconnaissance plane, reconsideration, record, redeeminga, redemptive, reducer, reducing agent, reductant, reeler, reform movement, region, regret, relegate, relevant, religious movement, religious society of friends, renaissance man, repent, report, reported, rescission, resent, respiratory center, rethink, retract, return, reversed, revile, revolution, revolver, revolving door, rigor mortis, roam, roberts, robert william service, robinson crusoe, robinson jeffers, roll, romantic, romantically, rook, rotation, round, round of golf, rove, roving, rubber-necking, rue, rule, rumormonger, rumourmonger, run, runyon, sagittarius, sagittarius the archer, saint benedict, salivate, sample, sample distribution, sampling, samuel langhorne clemens, sandbagger, sanely, sarcoscypha coccinea, savinga, scamper, scandal, scarlet cup, scathing, schema, scheme, sciatic nerve, scold, score, scorpio, scorpion, scorpio the scorpion, scramble, scrimy, scruple, scurry, scuttle, scuttlebutt, secondhand, second thought, secretive, secretiveness, security consultant, see, selcraig, selective amnesia, self-centered, self-centred, selkirk, sensitively, service, sessile, settled, sext, seychelles, shade, shamefacedness, shang, shang dynasty, shaw, sheepishness, shetland, shetland islands, shield, shlep, shop, shop talk, shuffle, shut one's mouth, sick, sickish, sidereal day, sidonie-gabrielle claudine colette, sidonie-gabrielle colette, sightseeing, signal, silence, silly season, singing, sinking, sir thomas malory, size, size of it, skepticism, skinny, skirt, skitter, slash, sleepwalker, sloop, sneak, sniffy, snitch, snow, sober, society of friends, solicitous, somnambulist, sophisticate, sounding rocket, spat, specialise, specialize, specific, specify, spectacled caiman, speculation, spew out, spiel, spinning, spiral, spiv, splash, splashed, splashing, splosh, sportswriter, sports writer, sprawl, sprawling, springer, springing cow, sprinkle, spy, squabble, st. benedict, stag, stage, stage fright, staggerer, stalker, statement, state of affairs, state of flux, static, statistical mechanics, steinbeck, stirringly, stocking, stockinged, stoker, stole, stowe, stray, striking, stumble, subclass alismatidae, subclass arecidae, subclass commelinidae, subject, subject matter, substance, subtraction, succession, suit, suppressive fire, surveillance of disease, suspense, suspicion, swan, swatter, sweat, sweet fanny adams, systems analysis, talk, talk over, tarry, tasso, taste, taste perception, taste sensation, tat, tatou, tattle, tatu, taurus, taurus the bull, tax return, teaspoon, techie, technophile, tekki, telekinesis, telling, tell on, tennis ball, terce, test, thematic apperception test, theologian, theologise, theologiser, theologist, theologize, theologizer, theorize, theory, thing, think, think about, thomas carlyle, thomas malory, thomas mann, thomas nelson page, thomas pynchon, thorstein bunde veblen, thorstein veblen, thought, thrash, thrash about, thresh, thresh about, throw cold water on, tidings, tierce, tiff, tightlipped, tip, tipster, tittle-tattle, tod, topic, torquato tasso, toss, totterer, tour de france, tout, trade-last, traduce, trafficator, traipse, tramp, transactional immunity, transaction file, transcendental, transfer agent, transit, transpire, transposed, treat, tree creeper, trial, trial run, tributary, tropic, tropic of cancer, tropic of capricorn, trust, tryout, tuamotu archipelago, tumble, turn indicator, turn of the century, turn over, turn signal, twaddle, twilight of the gods, twins, twist, twist around, umbel, umma tameer-e-nau, unacquainted withp, unassertiveness, unassuming, unattached, uncertain, uncoerced, undercover agent, undermentioned, unduly, unenforceable, unforced, unhurried, unlikely, unnerving, unregretful, unwieldy, upfront, upper paleolithic, utn, vacillate, vade mecum, vagabond, vagabondage, vagile, vain, value judgement, value judgment, vara, variola minor, variola minor virus, veblen, vertigo, vibrate, vibration, vicarious, view, vilify, virgin, virgo, virgo the virgin, virtual reality, vituperate, volvox, wallow, walter mitty, wander, wandering, warm to, warning, waspish, water bearer, water flea, water skater, water strider, waver, web log, well-written, weltschmerz, welty, western, whereabout, whereabouts, whim, whimsy, whip, whirling, whittier, whodunit, wild-eyed, willa cather, willa sibert cather, william cowper, william cuthbert faulkner, william falkner, william faulkner, willing, windbag, wombat, wonder, wonderer, wood, wood's alloy, wood's metal, word, word of advice, workaholism, worked up, works council, world-weariness, worrier, worry, worrywart, write about, write of, write on, yield, zetland, zilch

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