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Words and phrases whose definition contains England:   (720 results)

., 11-plus, 1st earl attlee, access road, adam, aire, aire river, albert, albert edward, albert francis charles augustus emmanuel, albion, alfred alistair cooke, alistair cooke, angle, anglia, anglican church, anglican communion, anglicism, anglo-american, anglo-catholicism, anglo-french, anglo-norman, anglo-saxon, anglophil, anglophile, anglophilia, anglophobe, anglophobia, anne bradstreet, anne dudley bradstreet, anne hutchinson, annunciation, annunciation day, antony tudor, arctic char, arthur stanley jefferson laurel, ashley montagu, assizes, association, athelstan, attlee, auden, august 1, average, avon, bank of england, bannock, barrelfish, base rate, bath, battle of boyne, battle of hastings, battle of the spanish armada, bay state, benjamin henry latrobe, benjamin jonson, ben jonson, berkshire, birmingham, black-and-tan terrier, black-legged tick, blackpool, black rudderfish, blighty, bloodless revolution, bloody mary, board of selectmen, bobby pin, bob hope, boer war, bold, bolingbroke, book of common prayer, bootboys, borderer, border collie, boris karloff, boyne, boy scouts, bradford, bradstreet, brahman, brahmin, braun, breeze block, brighton, bristol, bristol channel, britain, britishism, british capital, british guiana, briton, broom tree, brummagem, brummie, brummy, bulldog, bullterrier, bull terrier, burnett, calais, calvert vaux, cam, cambridge, cambridge university, cam river, canterbury, canute, canute the great, cape passero, capital of the united kingdom, carolean, caroline, cary grant, catherine, catherine howard, catherine of aragon, catherine parr, cattell, cat squirrel, channel tunnel, chapelgoer, charles frederick worth, charles i, charles ii, charles laughton, charles stuart, chat show, chimneypiece, christmas, christmas day, christopher isherwood, christopher william bradshaw isherwood, chunnel, church of england, church of ireland, cinder block, citizen genet, clary, clement attlee, clement richard attlee, closet, cnut, co-operative republic of guyana, cocker, cocker spaniel, collect, commination, common law, conglomerate, connecticut, constitution state, cooke, copley, copyhold, cornwall, cotswolds, cotswold hills, court of assize, court of assize and nisi prius, coventry, cream, crimean war, ct, cumbria, dalesman, dec 25, devon, devonshire, disestablishment, dissentient, dissertate, divided highway, dogtooth, dour, dual carriageway, duke of windsor, dustcart, dyer's-broom, dyer's greenweed, dyeweed, eadwig, eastern gray squirrel, east anglia, east sussex, edgar, edgar albert guest, edgar guest, edmund charles edouard genet, edwardian, edward i, edward ii, edward iii, edward iv, edward the confessor, edward the elder, edward the martyr, edward v, edward vi, edward vii, edward viii, edwy, egbert, eleanor of aquitaine, elevator man, eleven-plus, elihu thomson, elizabeth, elizabethan, elizabeth i, elizabeth ii, elizabeth taylor, endecott, endicott, english, english-gothic, english-gothic architecture, englishman, englishwoman, english bulldog, english civil war, english cocker spaniel, english people, english person, english revolution, erica lusitanica, essex, eva le gallienne, extensive, fancy man, fanny, female genitals, fen, fender, first baron macaulay, floorwalker, florida pompano, flyover, flypast, fontanne, frances eliza hodgson burnett, frances hodgson burnett, frost, garbage truck, gardiner, gastronomy, gb, gearshift, gear lever, genet, genista anglica, genista tinctoria, george, george macaulay trevelyan, georgian, glorious revolution, gloucester, gloucestershire, gmt, gompers, grand national, granite state, grant, grass snake, greater london, great britain, great revolt, greenweed, greenwich mean time, greenwich time, green mountain state, grey, grip, grubby, guest, gunpowder plot, guyana, hampshire, hardwareman, hardware store, harefoot, harold harefoot, harold i, harold ii, hastings, henry beauclerc, henry bolingbroke, henry i, henry ii, henry iii, henry iv, henry james, henry tudor, henry v, henry vi, henry vii, henry viii, hertfordshire, high anglicanism, hope, hosier, housebreaker, housewrecker, howard, hudson river school, hull, humber, humber bridge, hundred years' war, hutchinson, hyperglyphe perciformis, ice lolly, independence, insulation, invincible armada, ironmonger, ironmongery, isherwood, isles of scilly, isle of wight, ivory gull, ixodes scapularis, jamaica, james, james i, james ii, james iv, jane seymour, jemmy, jessica lucy mitford, jessica mitford, jimmy, john, johnnycake, johnny cake, john copley, john endecott, john endicott, john greenleaf whittier, john lackland, john muir, john singleton copley, jonson, journey cake, june 24, jute, karloff, karl wilhelm siemens, kent, king's english, kingston-upon hull, king harold i, king harold ii, king john, king of england, king of great britain, knut, lady day, lady jane grey, lakeland, lakeland terrier, lake district, lake salmon, lammas, lammas day, lancashire, lancaster, landlocked salmon, land agent, latrobe, laughton, laurel, lay-by, leeds, leicester, leicestershire, leslie townes hope, le gallienne, life assurance, life insurance, liftman, light cream, lincolnshire, little rhody, liverpool, lolly, london, longbow, loo, lord macaulay, louis vii, lynn fontanne, ma, macaulay, mackenzie, madame tussaud, mailbag, maine, manchester, manchester terrier, mantel, march, march 25, marie grosholtz, marie tussaud, mary i, mary ii, mary queen of scots, mary stuart, mary tudor, massachusetts, mayflower, me, menhir, michaelmas, michaelmas day, midsummer's day, midsummer day, milliard, mitford, modicum, montagu, moss-trooper, motley, muir, myxocephalus aenaeus, napoleonic wars, natrix natrix, needle furze, newcastle, newcastle-upon-tyne, new englander, new hampshire, nh, ninepin, nonconformist, norman conquest, northeastern, northumberland, northumbria, north yorkshire, nutmeg state, ocean state, old colony, ouse, ouse river, over, overpass, oxford, oxford movement, oxford university, oxonian, pagophila eburnea, paine, pandar, pander, panderer, parr, passero, passero cape, pas de calais, peasant's revolt, pennines, pennine chain, pepys, period, perpendicular, perpendicular style, peter stuyvesant, petrus stuyvesant, petty whin, philip ii, philip ii of spain, pilgrim, pilgrim father, pimp, pinball machine, pine tree state, pin table, pm, police office, police station, pompey, ponce, poorness, popsicle, portsmouth, portuguese heath, post, postbag, premier, prime meridian, prime minister, prince albert, procurer, puritanism, quadrillion, quarantine, queen of england, r. b. cattell, ralegh, raleigh, raymond b. cattell, raymond bernard cattell, ray cattell, reading, realtor, recusancy, recusant, restoration, rest area, rhode island, ri, richard coeur de lion, richard i, richard ii, richard iii, richard j. roberts, richard john roberts, richard the lion-hearted, richard the lionheart, richard upjohn, ringed snake, ring snake, river aire, river avon, river cam, river severn, river thames, river trent, river tyne, roberts, robert adam, robert frost, robert lee frost, robert william service, romantic realism, rustbelt, rusticate, saint edward the confessor, saint edward the martyr, saint george, salesroom, saltbox, salvelinus alpinus, salvia sclarea, samuel gompers, samuel pepys, samuel rawson gardiner, saxon, scene, scilly islands, sciurus carolinensis, scrumpy, selectman, selectwoman, send down, september 29, service, seven years' war, severn, severn river, seymour, sharpshooter, sheffield, sheraton, sherwood forest, ship money, shire, shirtwaist, shirtwaister, shockley, shopwalker, shovel hat, showroom, sidesman, siemens, single cream, sinn fein, siraj-ud-daula, sir alexander mackenzie, sir charles william siemens, sir walter ralegh, sir walter raleigh, skinheads, skittle, skittle pin, slip road, slowcoach, slowpoke, social organization, soda, solway firth, somerset, sometimes, south yorkshire, spanish armada, spanish heath, st. edward the confessor, st. edward the martyr, st. george, standing stone, stan laurel, stone, stop, strait of calais, strait of dover, stratford-on-avon, stratford-upon-avon, stuart, stubbs, stuyvesant, st john's day, sully, surrey, sussex, sussex university, takeaway, takeout, takeout food, talk show, taxi rank, taylor, thames, thames river, thane, thatcherism, the armada, the english, the sailor king, thomas babington macaulay, thomas paine, thomas sully, thomson, tindal, tindale, tithe barn, tom paine, tonic, trachinotus carolinus, trainband, trent, trent river, trevelyan, trillion, tudor, tussaud, tyndale, tyne, tyne river, uk, umbrella, united kingdom, united kingdom of great britain and northern ireland, universal time, university of sussex, upjohn, upper avon, upper avon river, ut, ut1, vaux, vermont, vicar, victorian architecture, von braun, vt, w. h. auden, walter ralegh, walter raleigh, war of 1812, war of greek independence, war of the grand alliance, war of the league of augsburg, war of the spanish succession, water closet, wernher magnus maximilian von braun, wernher von braun, wessex, west country, west sussex, west yorkshire, whiff, whig, whin, whippet, whitmonday, whitsun monday, whittier, wight, william and mary, william bradford, william bradford shockley, william henry pratt, william i, william ii, william iii, william iv, william of orange, william of wykeham, william rufus, william shockley, william stubbs, william the conqueror, william tindal, william tindale, william tyndale, winchester, wing, woadwaxen, woodwaxen, worcester, worth, wykeham, wystan hugh auden, xmas, yank, yankee, yorkshire

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