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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to pass:   (650 results)

Appears in the definition of:
., adolesce, aerial, airtight, air-tight, along, arteria mesenterica, boarding card, boarding pass, break through, breathing, brenner pass, bushing, by, by hook or by crook, carrier, carry, cathode-ray tube, cattle grid, cattle guard, channel, check, check out, chicane, choke, choke coil, choking coil, city council, clear, clevis, col, come, come about, complete, completed, completion, conduit, conk, consume, convey, cool one's heels, cover, crack, cross, crt, cumberland gap, cunning, cut, cut across, cut through, cycle, debouch, decease, defile, deliver, dense, devolve, die, dissolve, donner pass, draw, drawbridge, draw play, elapse, electrical contact, eligible, end, enteric-coated aspirin, erasable, eupneic, eupnoeic, exit, expire, failure, faint, fall, fall out, feel, fell, filter, filtration, flanker, flanker back, flare, flare pass, fly, fly by, flying start, forward pass, forward passer, frank, gap, gas-tight, get across, get by, get down, get over, get through, give-and-go, glare, glide, glide by, go, go along, go by, go on, go past, gorge, gradate, grade crossing, greenhouse effect, grow, guide, hap, happen, heavy, hibernation, hopper, immune carrier, impart, impassable, impenetrable, impermeable, ineligible, infiltrate, judge, jump, khyber pass, kick one's heels, kicksorter, lap, lapse, lateral, lateral pass, lead, leap, legal, level crossing, lick, lift bridge, lock, lock chamber, make pass, mesenteric artery, metastability, metastable, momentaneous, move around, nail, negociate, nerve compression, occur, ooze, open order, ostiole, overhand, oversew, oversewn, overstep, passage, passageway, pass away, pass by, pass catcher, pass completion, passer, passinga, pass off, pass out, pass over, passport, pass receiver, pass through, pass with flying colors, past, penetrate, percolate, perforate, perish, permeable, permeate, pervaporation, peshawar, pore, posterior labial veins, pretermission, pretermit, pulse height analyzer, railroad siding, receiver, reception, reeve, relay, render, return, reversible process, right atrioventricular valve, right of way, room, run, run by, running start, saddle, saddleback, screen pass, seep, semipermeable membrane, semitransparency, semitransparent, sidetrack, siding, single-lane, sink, sink in, skim, skim over, skirt, slide, slide by, slip, slip away, slip by, slip one's mind, slither, slumber party, sneak, spend, spot pass, steam, stencil, stoma, stomate, strainer, surpass, swallow, swoon, takeaway, take place, thick, thread, time, top, trace, track, transgress, transit, translucence, translucency, translucent, transmission channel, transpirate, transpire, travel by, traverse, trespass, trick or treat, tricuspid valve, turn, turnout, uncompleted, unpassable, urinate, vanish, venae labiales posteriores, ventricular septal defect, volatilise, volatilize, volleyball net, water gap, watertight, wear on, while away, widening, wind gap

More general:
accomplishment, achievement, advance, allow, attempt, be, change, change hands, come through, communicate, conceding, concession, convey, countenance, cycle, disappear, discharge, effort, eject, enact, endeavor, endeavour, excel, expel, flight, flying, football play, go, go away, go on, juncture, leave, leave of absence, let, license, location, locomote, march on, move, move on, occasion, ordain, pass on, permission, permit, progress, release, situation, stand out, state of affairs, succeed, success, surpass, throw, ticket, transfer, transmit, travel, try, vanish, yielding

More specific:
ace, aerial, airt, approbate, approve, arise, barf, bechance, befall, be sick, bespeak, betide, boarding card, boarding pass, break, break through, breeze through, ca-ca, call for, cast, cat, centering, certificate, certify, chance, christmas, chuck, clear, coincide, col, come, come around, come off, come up, commission, commit, concur, confide, contemporize, cover, crack, crap, crash, cross, cumberland gap, cut across, cut through, cycle, declare, defecate, defile, deliver, desperate straits, develop, dire straits, disgorge, display, do, empower, entitle, entrust, exudate, exude, fall, fell, fly, fly by, formalize, forward pass, free, fumble, gap, genus phascogale, get across, get by, get in, get over, get through, give, give up, go, go deep, go far, go off, go over, gorge, hall pass, hand over, happen, holiday, honk, implant, infiltrate, intrust, lateral, lateral pass, lead, leave, licence, license, light, make, make one's way, materialize, misspend, muscle, ok, okay, ooze, ooze out, operate, overstep, pass across, pass easily, pass off, pass over, pass through, pass with flying colors, perspire, phascogale, piddle, piddle away, plant, proceed, puke, put in, put over, quest, radiate, ray, recur, regorge, regurgitate, relay, release, relinquish, render, repeat, request, retch, return, reveal, roll around, run, run by, saddle, saddleback, safe-conduct, sail through, sanction, serve, show, sick, skirt, slip, snap, sneak, sojourn, soldier, spew, spue, squeak by, squeak through, summer, sunday, supervene, sweat, sweep through, synchronize, take a crap, thread, throw up, ticket-of-leave, top, track, transgress, transit, transpire, transude, traverse, trespass, trifle, trust, turn in, turn out, upchuck, vacation, validate, vanish, vomit, vomit up, wanton, wanton away, weekend, while away, whisk by, winter, work, work one's way, zip by

Often used in the same context:
arse, as, ass, comes, corn, crash, cross, fade, fail, flash, glide, grass, its, last, pas, passed, passes, passing, past, rate, shoot, surpass, ticket, trash, wander

authorise, authorize, base on balls, blow over, bye, clear, come about, communicate, crack, devolve, egest, elapse, eliminate, evanesce, exceed, excrete, extend, fade, fall, fleet, fling, flip, give, glide by, go, go across, go along, go by, go on, go past, go through, guide, hand, hap, happen, head, laissez passer, lapse, lead, legislate, liberty chit, make it, make pass, mountain pass, nail, notch, occur, offer, overhaul, overstep, overtake, pass by, passing, passing game, passing play, pass off, pass on, passport, put across, qualifying, reach, return, run, sink, slide by, slip away, slip by, spend, strait, straits, surpass, take place, top, toss, transcend, travel by, turn over, walk, whirl

bomb, fail, failing, flunk, flush it

Part of:
chain, chain of mountains, mountain chain, mountain range, range, range of mountains

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