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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to while:   (587 results)

Often used in the same context:
despite, wile, without, with, meantime, for, whereas, briefly, although, but, hile, addition, difficulty, their, from, behind, en route, rest, down, others, outside, where, gamely, during, afer, his, both, who, each, atop, spite, versus, them, guise, whom, whist, time, way, against, amid, beneath, among, near, beside, albeit, wound, latter, since, amidst, sake, lieu, favor, sans, virtues, towards, amongst, past, praises, until, pacing, nine, wih, trouble, inside, remainder, out, the, back, whenever, spot, throughout, strangely enough, toward, forty winks, adept, kep, tandem, motionless, front, chiding, possibility, whilst, arid, indoors, much, *, put, be, earlier, long, serve, tomorrow, anything, none, \u2022, makes, nothing, so, somebody, worthwhile, challenging, rewarding, worthy, praiseworthy, uninteresting, useful, worthier, entertaining, interesting, noncontroversial, scholarly, such, commonplace, fascinating, immoral, laudable, meritorious, mundane, nonmusical

Appears in the definition of:
., abbreviate, abridge, acrobatics, adhesion contract, aerobatics, agonist, airsickness, air castle, air medal, air sickness, alauda arvensis, amelia earhart, anon, antagonist, apron, aquarius, archer, aries, arthroscopy, auxiliary boiler, au gratin, babyminder, baby minder, back, backgrounding, background processing, backrest, backseat, balance, balk, baseline, bathing cap, bathing trunks, bath mat, bawling, bear, bedwetter, bed wetter, beleaguering, besieging, bib, bigamist, bigamous, bigamy, bit, blubber, blubber out, blushingly, boatswain's chair, bog, bog down, boil over, bosun's chair, bother, bottom, bottom of the inning, brace, breakage, break water, breaststroke, bull, busywork, butterfly, butterfly stroke, by-catch, bycatch, cabstand, camper, camping bus, cancer, cape passero, capricorn, carry, carrycot, car pool, car sickness, cascading menu, cast, castle in spain, castle in the air, cello, chandelle, chicken-fight, chickenfight, chin, chin up, chord, christopher columbus, cigarette holder, clean, clerihew, clog, clog dance, clog dancing, coast, cockpit, columbus, combine, compression, contract, contract of adhesion, convoy, crab, cramp, cristobal colon, cristoforo colombo, critter sitter, crutch, cucurbita pepo melopepo, cut, cybercafe, dark, davis, davys, day, daycare, daydream, daydreaming, daylight, daytime, day care, day care center, day nursery, debunk, deliberate defence, deliberate defense, detour, devolve, diastolic pressure, dimple, dip, disc, disk, distinguished flying cross, dive-bombing, donkey boiler, double-dealing, double leg circle, dream, dreaming, dresser, dressing case, dressing gown, dressing sack, dressing sacque, dressing table, dress code, drinking glass, drippings, drive up, drop cloth, dunk, duplicity, earhart, early warning system, ebbtide, elapsed time, embezzle, ensilage, epiglottis, erupt, exhibit, expose, extrusive, family medicine, family practice, feather, fetal alcohol syndrome, fielding, fin, fish, flight engineer, fly by, force 17, foreshorten, for a while, fountain of youth, frowningly, gaius plinius secundus, gargle, gemini, gesticulating, give, glass, glide, goat, go a long way, graphospasm, grazing, green corn, grind, grip, ground loop, guard, guillotine, gym suit, hand-held, handheld, hang glider, hang on, harmonise, harmonize, hasty defence, hasty defense, hawaiian guitar, haymaking, hero, hide-and-seek, hide and go seek, hierarchical menu, high stepper, hold, homemaker, home guard, home invasion, host, housewife, house husband, house sitter, huffy, husband-wife privilege, icarus, interrupt, intrusive, in absentia, isometric, isotonic, isotonic exercise, jack, jew's harp, jiggle, john davis, john davys, john ross, jostle, jump rope, jurisprudence, keep, kinetosis, kip, knock on, knuckle, laboratory coat, lab coat, lady of the house, laughingly, leo, libra, life, lion, little, little red riding hood, look back, lounging pajamas, lounging pyjamas, lounging robe, luncheon meeting, lunch meeting, mal de mer, mangrove, marital communications privilege, martyr operation, meditatively, menage a trois, military blockade, milking stool, minder, molehill, moon, motion sickness, motor home, mouth bow, muck, mummify, naupathia, nevertheless, night, nighttime, oneirism, open-heart surgery, ophthalmia neonatorum, ostensibly, overboil, pant, partial, partial derivative, passero, passero cape, penelope, pet sitter, pet sitting, phonograph record, phonograph recording, pisces, pivot shot, plaster bandage, plaster cast, platter, pliny, pliny the elder, port-access coronary bypass surgery, power breakfast, prison, prison house, privilege of the floor, pyramid scheme, ram, random-access memory, random access memory, random memory, rawalpindi, read/write memory, record, reduce, remain down, rent, reverie, revery, rhinosporidiosis, rhizophora mangle, ride, ride herd, robe-de-chambre, rope-a-dope, ross, roundabout way, run by, sacrifice operation, sagittarius, sarcodes sanguinea, save-all, scan, scarf, scorpio, scorpion, scrambled egg, seasickness, settle down, shaving, shock, shopping bag, shopping basket, shopping cart, shorten, shove, shower cap, shufti, sidestroke, siege, silage, sing, singing voice, sir john ross, sit, sit back, sit by, skank, skewer, skimming, skipping rope, skip rope, ski jacket, ski mask, ski parka, skylark, sleep talking, slide, snorer, snorkel, snow plant, snugly, sob, sobbing, socratic irony, solar trap, somniloquism, somniloquist, somniloquy, spacesuit, space helmet, square, squat, stagflation, stair, stalking-horse, start, star drill, stay, steel guitar, step, stepper, strainer, stucco, stuff, stunting, stunt flying, stupor, submenu, submergible, submersible, suicide mission, summer squash, summer squash vine, suntrap, superinfection, supersonic, support, surgery, sweet corn, swimming cap, swimming trunks, tag, take the count, take the road, taurus, taxistand, taxi rank, teaching, telecommuting, teleworking, thimble, thrash, toilet kit, toilet table, top, top of the inning, tra-la, tra-la-la, transport, travel iron, travel kit, treadmill test, turntable, twiddle, twin, unaccommodating, unhelpfully, unmindful, unstirred, upstart, uss cole, vacation home, vanity, violoncello, virgin, virgo, virtuous, vivisect, voting trust, vroom, wailing, wait, waiting, wakeboard, wake board, walk, water-skiing, water bearer, wetter, wipeout, woman, woman of the house, writer's cramp, writing

More general:

piece, spell

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— Nouns for while: loop, things, activities, statement, results, work, others, loops, contribution, books, activity, more...

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