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Often used in the same context:
flair, syle, sensibility, elegance, finesse, mentality, motif, classic, panache, esque, minimalist, approach, idiom, philosophy, flamboyance, pugnacity, ethos, retro, classicism, sleekness, minimalism, swagger, vibe, chic, unpretentiousness, decor, je ne sais quois, traditionalism, flashiness, reminiscent, tactics, dcor, attire, functionalism, brash, mindset, neo, pizzazz, stylishness, old fashioned, aesthetic, edginess, penchant, charm, attitude, throwback, demeanor, unconventionality, characteristic, rusticity, contemporary, quirkiness, blend, laidback, vernacular, faux, ambiance, fieriness, mannerisms, sumptuousness, gutsiness, archetype, fluidity, persona, artistry, hairstyles, homespun, punchiness, ambience, artfulness, iconography, snugness, subtlety, tone, hairstyle, antithesis, elan, sophistication, suaveness, vintage, culture, layout, tempo, porkpie, eclecticism, gaucho, artlessness, type, verve, ornateness, craftsmanship, accents, pointedness, cuisine, informality, dandyism, nouvelle cuisine, directness, pastiche, inventiveness, fashion, slickness, styles, idioms, art, drama, language, plays, legend, lyric, poetry, prose, text, architecture, dramas, lyrics, operas, pronunciation, westernstyle, ultramodern, era, stylish, expensive, fanciest, sumptuous, elegant, tasteful, tional, modernistic, modernized, unpretentious, decentralized, fashioned, inexpensive, luxurious, multipurpose, supported, bureaucratized

More specific:
analysis, artistic style, bandwagon, bathos, delivery, device, eloquence, euphuism, expression, fashion, fit, fluency, form, formulation, genre, gore, grandiloquence, grandiosity, headlinese, idiom, jargon, journalese, legalese, life-style, lifestyle, life style, literary genre, magniloquence, manner of speaking, method, modus vivendi, officialese, pathos, poetry, pompadour, prose, rhetoric, self-expression, sesquipedality, setup, signature, speech, stylet, terseness, touch, vein, verboseness, verbosity, wise, writing style

Appears in the definition of:
., acid rock, adapter, adjusted, advertorial, allegory, alternative, ambage, american cheese, anticipation, anticlimactic, anticlimactical, archaistic, arranger, arroz con pollo, artistic style, art deco, art rock, attire, auteur, autobiographic, autobiographical, awkward, a la modep, bastardised, bastardized, bathos, battlemented, bauhaus, bel canto, bertolt brecht, biedermeier, bird parker, bob, bogartian, bohemian, bombastic, bouffant, brahms, brecht, burlesque, byzantine architecture, caftan, cash out, cast, castellated, castled, chalet, charade, charles christopher parker, charlie parker, chaste, chicken cacciatora, chicken cacciatore, chinoiserie, chippendale, choric, christian dior, circumlocution, classical ballet, classical style, colloquial, compact, composite, congorism, contentious, conventionalisation, conventionalization, conventionalize, copperplate, costume, couch, country-style, country and western, country music, crenelated, crenellated, crispness, crossover, cumbersome, cut, cutting-edge, cyclopean masonry, c and w, dark, davis, declamatory, delft, delivery, designed, dior, dipylon, dipylon gate, dodo, dostoevskian, dostoyevskian, dramatic, dress, eclecticism, eclectic method, elegant, elocutionary, elvis aron presley, elvis presley, energy, english-gothic, english-gothic architecture, euphuism, exalted, execute, exotic, expansiveness, expression, face, famously, fashion, fastidiousness, favor, felicitous, felicitousness, felicity, fictionalise, fictionalize, flamenco, fogey, fogy, folk dance, folk dancing, font, formed, formulation, fossil, fount, frame, fra filippo lippi, free-and-easy, freestyle, fugal, fugally, fulgurous, functional, furnish, garb, gastronomy, genre, giacomo meyerbeer, gilbertian, giotto, giotto di bondone, gongorist, gothic, gothic architecture, graceful, grandiloquence, grandiloquent, grandiosity, gypsy dancing, haircut, headlinese, hendrix, heraldic, heroic couplet, heroic stanza, high-flown, high-minded, highlands, highlands of scotland, high renaissance, hollywood, home-style, homophony, hunter's chicken, hyperbolic, idealistic, idiom, infelicity, inimitable, inimitably, inscribe, in stylep, in voguep, italic, jakob liebmann beer, james marshall hendrix, jazz, jimi hendrix, jive, johannes brahms, johnnycake, johnny cake, john lyly, joseph oliver, journalese, journey cake, kaftan, katharevusa, king oliver, labored, lampoon, lampooner, large, last, latest, legalese, limpid, lippi, literary, literary genre, literature, live, liver, lofty, low-key, low-keyed, luminism, lyly, magniloquence, magniloquent, majuscule, makeover, manner of speaking, matchlock, mechanics, meyerbeer, miles davis, minstrel, mockery, mod, modern, moderne, modernistic, modern ballet, modern dance, modish, monk, moorish, moorish architecture, mozart, musical genre, musical style, music genre, mystic, mystical, neat, neoclassic, neoclassical, neoclassicism, newest, new look, nicolas poussin, noble-minded, norman architecture, novelise, novelize, obscure, officialese, oliver, op art, order, orotund, out, pageboy, palladian, parenthetic, parenthetical, parker, parodist, parody, pasquinade, pastiche, pathos, perfected, periphrasis, perorate, perpendicular, perpendicular style, piece of writing, pistil, plain, plain weave, point, pompadour, ponytail, post, poussin, presley, primitive, primitively, printing, progressive rock, psychedelic rock, puffy, put, put-on, racy, rarefied, rarified, reaction, realist, redact, refine, regency, revive, rhetoric, rhetorical, romanesque, romanesque architecture, romanticise, romanticize, root, rosemaling, round hand, school, sendup, sententious, settle, settle down, sharply, sheraton, signature, simple, skiffle, slapstick, speech, spoof, sprechgesang, sprechstimme, steady down, stigma, styleless, stylisation, stylise, stylist, stylistic, stylization, stylize, stylopodium, subdued, sublimity, support system, surtout, swing, swing music, taffeta weave, tailor, takeoff, take root, tall, tarabu, ted, teddy boy, telegraphic, tellingly, terrace, terseness, thelonious monk, thelonious sphere monk, the sublime, toccata, touch, transcriber, translatable, travesty, trench coat, tudor, tudor architecture, tumid, turgid, typeface, unbecoming, uncial, unconcerned, unconventional, unembellished, unladylike, unstrained, unstylish, untranslatable, up-to-date, vein, verboseness, verbosity, verve, victorian architecture, vigor, vigour, vim, virtuosity, vitality, with-it, wolfgang amadeus mozart, writing, writing style, written material, yardbird parker, yips

Part of:
gynoecium, pistil

More general:
appendage, appreciation, call, communication, create, design, discernment, elegance, form, kind, make, name, outgrowth, perceptiveness, process, property, reproductive structure, sort, taste, tool, variety

cut, dash, elan, expressive style, fashion, flair, manner, mode, panache, stylus, tailor, trend, vogue, way

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