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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to specific:   (591 results)

general, nonspecific

Often used in the same context:
particular, certain, appropriate, exact, individual, precise, individualized, detailed, predetermined, relevant, per se, preset, generalized, different, definable, elaborate, actual, specialized, unspecific, identifiable, similar, vague, pertinent, broad, geographic, multiple, explicit, various, localized, discrete, such, definitive, distinct, nonspecific, overarching, contextual, other, sensitive, additional, customized, prescriptive, unspecified, applicable, definite, related, actionable, granular, targeted, granularly, quantifiable, unique, maturational, mitigative, segmented, preestablished, optimal, geographical, numerical, coded, these, nonsensitive, preexisting, personalized, separate, substantive, aversion therapy, programmatic, tailormade, prebuilt, germane, accrual accounting, nonpersonal, sociologic, standardized, categorical, filterable, callee, varied, special, etiologic, differentiated, underlying, aggregative, radiosensitive, preconceived, descriptive, interrelated, myriad, subjective, suitable, helpful, unrelated, hypothetical, measurable, prosodic, sortable, customizable, reportable, comprehensive, practical, immediate, unusual, natural, specifics, foreign, vocal, basic, intrinsic, ex, com, pre, pro, re, con, human, identifiers, independent, non, personal, alter, attributes, specif1c, speciftc, cific, aforementioned, specifiable, abovementioned, similiar, nonroutine, analagous, identical, instrumental, ldentify

Appears in the definition of:
., abstract, abstraction, abstractionism, abstractness, abundance, accent, acceptor rna, acquitted, action, activating agent, activity, acupressure, acupuncture, adopted, ad hoc, ageda, agglutinin, allergic, allocation, allotment, allow, anatoxin, anergy, antiserum, antitoxin, apparatus, appropriation, area, army, arrange, artificial language, assign, at-largeip, barrage, barrage fire, battery, bay, be, belt, biotechnology, black, bob about, bob around, bomb, bombardment, bring out, broad, broadly, broadly speaking, call, call fire, canvas, canvass, capriccio, case, center, centre, chess, chess game, chore, circumstantial, close, closed, closure by compartment, codon, cognise, cognize, colorimeter, come up, commit, computer-oriented language, computer language, concept, conception, concretise, concretize, consecrate, construct, contact dermatitis, correction, curfew, current unit, custom, deal, debenture, debenture bond, dedicate, definite quantity, degree, demarcation, demarcation line, denotation, dense, densimeter, densitometer, design, detail, determinate, devote, dialect, differential blood count, differentiated, direct support, disciplinary, disconfirming, distil, distill, earnings report, ebv, elisa, enchiridion, endocrine, entail, enterotoxin, enzyme, enzyme-linked-immunosorbent serologic assay, epstein-barr virus, equip, essential hypertension, establishment, ethnocentric, expedition, experimental procedure, exposition, expounding, extension, extrapolate, face, fatigue fracture, fear, fearfulness, fee-tail, fetichism, fetishism, fill in, find, finger-spell, fingerspell, fit, fit out, focal infection, follow, font, forge, form, format, fount, free nerve ending, fright, futures contract, g-jo, gallery, gauge, gear, gear mechanism, generalise, generalised, generalize, generalized, generally, general lien, genetic marker, genotype, geriatrics, gerontology, get hold, get together, give, grab sample, gravimeter, gravimetry, grow, guillotine, haemorrhagic fever, handbook, heavy metal, hemorrhagic fever, high, hope, horizon, hormone, hostile expedition, hybridoma, hydrometer, hydrometry, hyperpiesia, hyperpiesis, hypersensitised, hypersensitive, hypersensitized, hyponym, hypothalamic releasing factor, hypothalamic releasing hormone, idiom, immune reaction, immune response, immunohistochemistry, immunologic response, imprinting, income statement, inducer, ineptness, infectious disease, infer, inferential, information warfare, inherent aptitude, innocence, instinct, institution, instructed, integrated logistic support, intelligence, internal secretion, iw, job, joseph black, know, latency, learning disability, learning disorder, lectin, let, let out, level, limit, limited, limited edition, line up, localisation, localisation of function, localisation principle, localization, localization of function, localization principle, locus, locus of infection, loosely, low-densityp, machine-oriented language, machine language, mandatory injunction, map, marginalise, marginalize, meet, microevolution, military expedition, mold, monoclonal antibody, motion study, mould, mouthpart, musical scale, negative, nerve center, nerve centre, news, nominal, nominative, noncallable bond, nonspecific, not guilty, no fault automobile insurance, no fault insurance, of agep, old, operable, operating statement, organ, organiser, organizer, orientation, outfit, outfitter, output, particulara, particularise, particularised, particularity, particularize, particularized, pass, passive source, patch, pda, peculiara, permit, personal digital assistant, personal organiser, personal organizer, phonetic alphabet, pigeonhole, plasmacyte, plasma cell, play, plot, plot of ground, point, poll, polyvalent, pork-barreling, practicable, precipitation, profit-and-loss statement, proxy, psa blood test, qualify, raise, reference, refiner, register, releasing factor, releasing hormone, residuary, restrict, restriction endonuclease, restriction enzyme, restriction nuclease, restriction site, restrictiveness, rh, rotational latency, route, sacrament, scale, schooled, secondary dysmenorrhea, seek, seek out, seek time, selective jamming, sensitisation, sensitised, sensitization, sensitized, serve, setup, set apart, shape, shelling, shiatsu, shift, shoehorn, shoot, site, slate club, soluble rna, sound alphabet, special, speciala, specialise, specialize, special verdict, species, specificity, specify, spend, spot, spot jamming, stage, stay of execution, step, stipend, stockholding, stockholdings, stress fracture, structural gene, stylostixis, subcommittee, subdata base, subordinate, subordinate word, such-and-such, suitability, suitableness, supersensitised, supersensitive, supersensitized, surgical strike, tailor, tangent plane, target cell, task, taught, technician, terminable interest, terrain, thena, theory, thick, ticket-of-leave, tidings, time, time-and-motion study, time-motion study, time and motion study, time study, tintometer, toned, toxoid, track record, trade acceptance, tradition, training program, transfer rna, translation, transponder, treat, triplet code, trna, tumor virus, turn, tutored, typeface, typhoid bacteriophage, unclassified, unqualified, unrealism, unsecured bond, unspecific, unsuitability, unsuitableness, vade mecum, vhf, vice, viral haemorrhagic fever, viral hemorrhagic fever, vocational education, vocational rehabilitation, vocational training, wake-up call, want, wish, wishing, word, work, worker, work study

More general:
fact, medicament, medication, medicinal drug, medicine

ad hoc, circumstantial, limited, particular, particularised, particularized, peculiar, proper, special, specified, unique

Also try:
— Nouns for specific: gravity, heat, information, problems, areas, activity, types, needs, conditions, issues, questions, more...

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