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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to rock:   (528 results)

Often used in the same context:
rockers, punk rock, psychedelic rock, punk, band, grunge, rockabilly, pop, bluegrass, emo, ska, prog, britpop, metalhead, reggae, skiffle, mosh, scuzz, supergroup, metal, krautrock, alt, trad, blues, motown, folkers, folk, punky, jazz, twanger, synthpop, folkies, woodshedding, riffs, skanking, metamorphic rock, psychobilly, folky, strummer, sabaton, funkadelic, hootenanny, psychedelia, gnr, harmonizers, honkytonk, sandstone, goth, jazzer, indie, headbanger, manowar, punker, music, muso, folktronica, black flag, psychedelic, groover, megadeath, bubblegum, guitarist, balladeer, electronica, gutbucket, frontman, rap, igneous rock, popster, dancy, boulder, guttermouth, songcraft, revivalists, wailer, songwriting, outwash, pink floyd, monkees, singer, acoustic, balladry, songsmith, hardcore, funking, skanked, axman, musician, boogies, artiest, dreadnaught, disco, led zeppelin, cold chisel, slab, pentangle, dixieland, barrelhouse, ballads, electro, keyboarder, stereophonics, rocks, stone, gravel, ledges, shingle, boulders, pebbles, stones, mortar, bedrock, brick, bricks, clumps, coral, flagstones, flint, ice, lava, outcropping, shale, zeolite, granitoid, silicate, bearing, arenaceous, gneissic, igneous, intermetallic, rhombohedral, silica, asteroid, core, heterogeneous, homogeneous, hydrocarbon, pelitic, pervious, polymer

More specific:
achondrite, aphanite, bedrock, boulder, bowlder, calculus, caliche, chondrite, claystone, conglomerate, crushed rock, crystal, dolomite, emery rock, emery stone, fieldstone, gravel, greisen, igneous rock, lava, limestone, magma, marble, metamorphic rock, nutate, outcrop, outcropping, pebble, petrifaction, pudding stone, pumice, pumice stone, punk, punk rock, quartzite, road metal, rock outcrop, sedimentary rock, shingling, sill, stepping stone, swag, tor, wall rock

Appears in the definition of:
., abila, abrasion, abyla, acid rock, actinia, albite, american parsley fern, american rock brake, amphibolite, anaclinal, andesite, andosite, aphanite, aplite, arabis canadensis, arches national park, arenaceous rock, argillaceous rock, argillite, art rock, asplenium trichomanes, asteroid, atomic number 11, attrition, authorize, banded, barnburner, basalt, base, batholite, batholith, beatles, bed, bedrock, beetle, berry, bill haley, biotite, bit, blacktop, blacktopping, borer, bore bit, boulder, bowlder, breccia, brecciate, bryce canyon national park, buddy holly, c-horizon, calc-tufa, caliche, canyonlands national park, capitol reef national park, capsize, carboniferous, cataclinal, charles edward berry, charles hardin holley, chatter mark, chlorococcum, chondrite, chuckwalla, chuck berry, clast, clastic, clastic rock, claystone, cleave, cliff, cliff dweller, cliff dwelling, conglomerate, core, crag, cragsman, cranny, cross bit, crotalus lepidus, crushed rock, cryptogramma acrostichoides, crystal, crystallite, crystallization, cyanite, cystopteris, c horizon, dacite, davenport, decalcify, detrition, diapir, difference, diorite, dirt, dolomite, drill rod, drill steel, drop, drop-off, dynamite, eat away, elvis aron presley, elvis presley, epigenesis, erode, eruptive, eudyptes, extrusive, flowage, flower people, foliaceous, foliate, foliated, foliation, folium, fragment, fragrant woodsia, fret, gaga, gem, gemstone, genus actinia, genus chlorococcum, genus cystopteris, genus eudyptes, genus pellaea, genus petrocoptis, genus petrogale, genus roccella, genus sedum, genus woodsia, geode, geological horizon, george harrison, giggle, gneiss, granite, gravel, greisen, grinding, groupie, guide fossil, haley, hard, harrison, heavy metal, hendrix, hew, hew out, hippies, hipsters, holly, hoodoo, hornfels, hornstone, igneous, igneous rock, impregnation, index fossil, inseparable, intrusion, intrusive, irruptive, jag, jagger, james douglas morrison, james marshall hendrix, jebel musa, jerry lee lewis, jimi hendrix, jim morrison, john lennon, kyanite, landslide, landslip, laterite, lava, lennon, lewis, lewisia cotyledon, limestone, lobster tail, magma, maidenhair spleenwort, makeshift, marble, marlite, marlstone, mccartney, metamorphic rock, metamorphism, michael philip jagger, mick jagger, mineral vein, minor planet, molten, morrison, na, nephelinite, nodule, nutate, oblong woodsia, oligoclase, outcrop, outcropping, outthrust, overdose, paul mccartney, pebble, pegmatite, pellaea, peridotite, petrifaction, petrocoptis, petrogale, piddock, piton, plagioclase, planetoid, pluton, plutonic, plutonic rock, plymouth colony, porphyritic rock, porphyry, potassium-argon dating, presley, progressive rock, prometheus, psychedelic rock, pudding stone, pueblo, punk, punks, punk rock, punk rocker, quartzite, reef, rhinestone, rhyolite, rhythm and blues, richard starkey, rift, ringo starr, road metal, rock'n'roll, rock-ribbed, rockcress, rocker, rocky, rock 'n' roll musician, rock band, rock cake, rock climber, rock climbing, rock concert, rock cornish, rock cress, rock drill, rock group, rock opera, rock outcrop, rock plant, rock rattlesnake, rock star, roll, rudaceous rock, rupestral, rupicolous, rusty woodsia, r and b, sand, sandstone, sandwort, saprolite, sauromalus obesus, schist, sedimentary rock, shale, sheer, sicklepod, sill, sima, sir james paul mccartney, siskiyou lewisia, skinhead, slam dance, slam dancing, slate, slating, smooth woodsia, sodium, soil, soil profile, spleenwort, starr, star drill, stone, stonefish, stone drill, straight-fluted drill, straight flute, stratified, synanceja verrucosa, thrust, tor, tufa, tuff, vein, volcanic, volcanic rock, voyageurs national park, wall, wall rock, web-toed salamander, whereupon, white feldspar, woodsia glabella, woodsia ilvensis, work, xenolith, yosemite national park, young

More general:
candy, jazz, lurch, material, move back and forth, natural object, pitch, pitching, stuff

careen, cradle, rock 'n' roll, rock and roll, rock candy, rock music, shake, stone, sway, tilt

Also try:
— Nouns for rock: salt, roll, climbing, work, shelters, solid, music, art, interaction, band, bottom, more...

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