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guard hair

Often used in the same context:
pelts, mink, sealskin, angora, fur coat, angora rabbit, whitecoat, wool, shahtoosh, chinchilla, mukluks, karakul, furriers, vicuna, cashmere, ivory, astrakhan, feathers, marabou, bearskin, pashmina, trappers, qiviut, loden, broadtail, sables, fleecy, woolen, coats, mohair, coatis, meat, ermine, arctic hare, lambswool, striped skunk, merkin, arctic fox, merino, suedes, moccasin, shagreen, muskrat, guanaco, broderie anglaise, leggings, buckskin, ursus americanus, pelage, fleece, antlers, sphynx, boucle, merino sheep, sheepskin coat, garments, foxtail, ski parka, cowrie, mary janes, horsehair, breeks, leather, shearling, capelet, banderillas, polar bear, marten, dogtooth, shearings, sheep, caribou, imitation leather, jodhpur, mukluk, coochie, undercoat, bedlinen, boa, animal, sweaters, wellington boot, sporran, nubuck, pet, gilet, bunny, sable coat, kidskin, tusks, wolf, rabbits, beaver, piebald, blue jean, duffle coat, hackle, cowichan sweater, suri, babydoll, mittens, romper suit, pelt, hair, silk, mane, fuzz, curls, fleeces, plush, satin, velvet, brown, carpeting, coat, flannel, fluff, linen, furred, quilted, wadded, otter, patched, scarlet, tattered, furry, waterproof, cornered, crumpled, knitted, laced, rumpled, safari, sequined, shaggy

More specific:
astrakhan, bearskin, beaver, chinchilla, ermine, fox, lambskin, lapin, leopard, mink, muskrat, otter, rabbit, raccoon, sable, seal, sealskin, squirrel, undercoat, underfur

Appears in the definition of:
., abrocome, abyssinian, abyssinian cat, american marten, american sable, aotus trivirgatus, arctic wolf, arctocephalus, astor, astrakhan, avahi laniger, beaver, beggar's-ticks, beggar-ticks, boa, brinded, brindle, brindled, bristle, broadtail, burr marigold, bur marigold, bushbaby, bush baby, callorhinus, canada porcupine, canis lupus tundrarum, caracul, castor, cat, catamount, chinchilla, chinchilla laniger, chinchilla rat, cloakmaker, coat, colobus, colobus monkey, cottontail, cottontail rabbit, coypu, cyclopes didactylus, douroucouli, enhydra lutris, erethizon dorsatum, ermine, family heteromyidae, family otariidae, feather boa, feline, fox, fringe, fur-piece, furlike, furrier, fur coat, fur hat, fur seal, galago, genus arctocephalus, genus callorhinus, gerbil, gerbille, ginger, gingery, guano bat, guard hair, hairball, hairless, hair ball, hedgehog, heteromyidae, hudson seal, indri, indris, indri brevicaudatus, indri indri, john jacob astor, jump, karakul, kit, lapin, leoncita, lion marmoset, lion monkey, lynx, martes americana, martes zibellina, mexican freetail bat, miniver, mink, mink coat, muskrat, musquash, mustelid, musteline, musteline mammal, myocastor coypus, necklet, nutria, ondatra zibethica, orange bat, orange horseshoe bat, otariidae, otter, ounce, panthera uncia, pelage, pelisse, persian lamb, porcupine, rabbit, raccoon, rat chinchilla, red fox, reline, rhinonicteris aurantius, sable, sable coat, saimiri sciureus, seal, sealskin, sea lion, sea otter, sheared, silky anteater, sleek, snow leopard, sporran, squirrel, squirrel monkey, sticktight, tabby, tadarida brasiliensis, tamarin, tineid, tineid moth, tippet, titi, titi monkey, trichobezoar, true cat, two-toed anteater, undercoat, underfur, unsheared, vulpes vulpes, white wolf, wood-rat, wood rabbit, wood rat, woolly indris, woolly monkey

More general:
animal skin, coat, garment


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