Words and phrases that have a meaning related to free:   (920 results)

apply, blame, block, bound, close up, confine, deposit, detain, enforce, fault, freeze, immobilize, impede, implement, jam, lodge, obstruct, occlude, slave(a), stick, unfree, wedge

Often used in the same context:
complimentary, restricted, unlimited, unfettered, unrestricted, continental breakfast, fre, open, unhindered, limited, available, cheap, for, free gift, starting, unrestrictive, fillable, plus, unimpeded, downloadable, preregistration, introductory, fair, untrammeled, unhampered, unmolested, subsidized, inexpensive, harmless, optional, safe, eligible, costless, unfree, instant, healthy, exclusive, per, protected, painless, laden, out, off, through, full, concessionary, uncontaminated, freewill, nonreturnable, unwaged, pre, uncensored, right, lite, minimal, nontoxic, coupon, inside, bookable, unencumbered, uninterrupted, clean, tax deductible, subsidised, unregulated, chargeless, noncommercial, riskless, unbound, tempting, pure, combinable, convenient, purchasable, porterage, only, extra, valid, preapproved, hot, mini, own, low, gift wrapping, undistorted, unshackled, bargain basement, online, dial phone, exempt, unprotected, band together, mow down, nonmember, affordable, inviolate, enticing, inalienable, ready, rid, saver, friendly, con, direct, independent, contrary, *, affords, com, serve, \u00ab, \u2022, docs, ex, none, operate, short, anything, devoid, i.e., operating, freest, freer, untrammelled, liberated, regulated, uninhibited, freed, freewheeling, borderless, disturbed, godless

More specific:
bail out, cashier, clear, cut, declassify, deliver, deregulate, derequisition, derestrict, dig out, disembody, disembroil, disencumber, disentangle, disinfest, disinvolve, dispense, divest, excuse, exempt, extricate, forgive, let off, liberate, loosen up, parole, relieve, run, set free, smooth, smooth out, spare, take over, unchain, unclog, unspell, unstuff, untangle

Appears in the definition of:
., 401-k, 401-k plan, abandoned, acarid, accordion, achlorhydria, achromatic lens, acid value, actual sin, adam smith, adhesion contract, adopted, adoptive, aerobe, aerobic, aerophilic, aerophilous, ag, american cockroach, american organ, amphiprostylar, amphiprostyle, amphistylar, anaerobe, anaerobic, anaerobiotic, anastigmat, anastigmatic, antisepsis, antiseptic, antitrust case, antitrust law, antitrust legislation, anxiety reaction, aplanatic, apocarpous, appendicularia, appleton layer, archaeornis, arecidae, arminianism, artlessness, ascidian tadpole, asepsis, aseptic, aspartame, assert, atomic number 47, attached, at ease, autonomous, axenic, azolla caroliniana, bail out, ballistics, ballistic trajectory, barnacle, barrier, beg, benzoyl peroxide, birthright, black morel, blameless, bloodless, blow, boer war, brave, breadline, bread line, bryan, buckshee, bum, b cell, b lymphocyte, cadge, cadger, calm, candor, candour, capital of ireland, carefree, carl sandburg, carolina pond fern, caryophyllidae, catholic, cell-free, cerriped, cerripede, charles andre joseph marie de gaulle, charles de gaulle, cilium, circulation, clarified, clarity, class larvacea, class thaliacea, class turbellaria, clay, clean, clean-handed, cleanliness, clean room, clear, clearness, clearp, clear liquid diet, clear up, cloudless, comatulid, comfortable, composed, concertina, confined, conic morel, constancy, constitutional, contract of adhesion, conversion, cooper, cooper union, cooper union for the advancement of science and art, corner kick, correct, craig ventner, cramp, creatin, creatine, crystalise, crystalize, crystallise, crystallize, customs union, cyclops, cylinder lock, dail, dail eireann, david ricardo, de-ice, defrost, degage, deice, deliver, delouse, demist, denazify, derestrict, determinism, de gaulle, de valera, dianthus chinensis heddewigii, direct trust, disabuse, discharge, discharged, discretion, disembody, disembroil, disenchant, disengage, disentangle, disillusion, disinvolve, dismissal, dismission, displacement, displacement reaction, disposable, division euglenophyta, doliolum, drop, dry, dry-eyed, dry cell, dublin, duckweed family, dust, duty-free, eagle ray, eamon de valera, easy, ectoplasm, edward fitzgerald, eelworm, elected official, elucidate, emancipate, emancipated, emancipative, emblematic, enlighten, eriobotrya japonica, errorless, euglenophyta, existentialism, existentialist philosophy, express trust, extraneous, fair, fair-mindedness, fairness, fairway, fall, family lemnaceae, family lepiotaceae, family spirochaetaceae, family thiobacteriaceae, family volvocaceae, fancy-free, fantasia, fat-free, feather star, federal trade commission, federated states of micronesia, fee tail, fever tree, fine, firing, firmly, first amendment, fitzgerald, flagellate, flagellated protozoan, flagellate protozoan, flail, flatworm, flexibly, floating-moss, floating fern, footloose, for the asking, franklin, free-and-easy, free-lance, free-reed instrument, free-soil, freebee, freebie, freeborn, freedom, freely, freemail, freestyle, freewheeling, free agency, free agent, free burning, free electron, free fall, free grace, free hand, free house, free lunch, free people, free radical, free rein, free state, free throw lane, free time, free trade, free will, fresh, ftc, f layer, f region, gad, gallaudet, generalized anxiety disorder, general charles de gaulle, general de gaulle, genus hexamita, genus leptospira, genus oedogonium, genus phallus, genus phlebodium, germfree, glutathione peroxidase, glyceride, goodp, good health, go down, grace, grace of god, grub, guarantee, guileless, guiltless, gulf war, half-holiday, halter, hamelia, hamper, hang, hanseatic league, harmonica, harmonium, harp, hatoglobin, health, healthful, healthiness, healthy, henry clay, hexamita, hitch, hitchhike, hitchhiker, holothurian, honest, honorarium, ice-free, illuminate, imagism, immaculate, impartial, impeccant, incorrupt, inculpable, independent, indulge, ingrown toenail, innocence, innocent, ionosphere, irish capital, irreproachable, isotonic exercise, j. craig ventner, japanese medlar, japanese pink, japanese plum, jellyfish, just, king, knock, laminar flow clean room, larva, larvacea, lead-free, legislate, leisured, lemnaceae, lens cap, lens cover, lepiotaceae, let loose, liberalism, liberate, liberated, liberation, liberia, libertarian, liberty party, light, limpidity, liquid, loose, loquat, loquat tree, lucidity, lukasiewicz notation, maglev, magnetic levitation, mallarme, manumit, mare liberum, mastigophoran, mastigophore, medusa, medusan, micronesia, modest, mononuclear phagocyte system, mooch, moocher, morchella angusticeps, morchella conica, mosquito fern, mouth harp, mouth organ, mps, narrowhead morel, neat, necessitarian, nematode, nematode worm, network army, nonfat, nonpartisan, nonpartizan, nonsynthetic, oedogonium, oireachtas, onyxis, open, open marriage, orange free state, organ, out-of-school, oxidized ldl cholesterol, pain-free, pass, patent, pellucidity, periplaneta americana, persian gulf war, peshmerga, peter cooper, phallus, phlebodium, piano accordion, picayune, placid, placidity, plain, planaria, planarian, planula, plasma, platonic, platyhelminth, pleonastic, polish notation, pond scum, pooling of interest, portal, porticoed, postfix notation, pound, prefix notation, printable, pristine, prize, prostyle, protist, protistan, pseudoprostyle, public discussion, public school, pure, purge, purify, purity, purple bacteria, quiet, radical, red hand defenders, reed organ, refined, refreshingly, release, released, relieve, rent-free, repose, republic of liberia, rescue, rescue operation, restrained, restraint of trade, reverse polish notation, rhd, ricardo, right, right of privacy, right to liberty, right to privacy, roundworm, rugged individualism, rust-free, saccharin, sack, sacking, safe, safe and sound, salvinia auriculata, salvinia rotundifolia, sanctify, sandburg, sane, sanitary, sanitation, sanitisation, sanitization, scarred, scot free, scrounger, scyphozoan, seanad, seanad eireann, sea cucumber, secure, securely, security, self-directed, self-reliant, serenity, sessile, shareware, shed light on, shipshape, silver, sinless, sinlessness, skydiving, smith, smoke-free, smooth, smoothness, smooth out, softness, sort out, sound, soundness, sovereignty, spare time, spirochaetaceae, spirochaete, spirochete, sponge, squeeze box, stability, staunch, stephane mallarme, sterile, sterileness, sterilisation, sterilise, sterilised, sterility, sterilization, sterilize, sterilized, stigmatic, still, stowaway, stow away, straighten out, straightforward, strangle, struggle, subclass arecidae, subclass caryophyllidae, substitute, suffix notation, superoxide dismutase, suppressor, system of macrophages, tailstock, take over, tasteful, tazir crime, tearless, teaser, telomere, temperate, tensionless, thaliacea, the boy orator of the platte, the great commoner, the great compromiser, thiobacteriaceae, thomas hopkins gallaudet, thumb, toccata, tocopherol, toll-free, tranquil, tranquility, tranquillity, transparence, transparency, transparent, trial, trim, trip line, trojan horse, trouble-free, tt, tumor virus, turbellaria, unaccountable, unaffected, unafraid, unbeholdenp, unbend, unblemished, unburden, unchain, unclouded, unconfined, uncontaminated, undeceive, undefiled, under, unencumbered, unengaged, unflurried, unflustered, unfree, unhurt, unimpassioned, unimpeachable, unimprisoned, uninfected, unleash, unlock, unloose, unloosen, unmortgaged, unobjectionable, unobstructed, unostentatious, unperturbed, unpolluted, unprejudiced, unrestricted, unruffled, unrusted, unstuck, unsupervised, untroubled, unvarnished, unworried, ventilation, ventner, virile, vitamin e, voluntarily, voluntary, volvocaceae, wash out, water flea, weedless, well-adjusted, well-balanced, well-kept, wellness, white, white room, william jennings bryan, wriggle, yeoman

More general:
forgive, give, hand, issue, pass, pass on, people, reach, remove, supply, take, take away, turn over

absolve, at large, at liberty, atrip, autonomous, available, aweigh, clear, complimentary, costless, detached, discharge, discharged, disembarrass, disengage, disentangled, dislodge, emancipated, escaped, exempt, extricated, footloose, free-soil, free of, free people, freeborn, freed, freehand, freehanded, give up, gratis, gratuitous, independent, inexact, justify, liberal, liberate, liberated, loose, on the loose, open, original, out-of-school, quit, release, released, relieve, relinquish, rid, self-governing, slaveless, sovereign, spare, unblock, unbound, unchained, uncommitted, unconfined, unconstrained, unfettered, unfixed, unfreeze, unhampered, unimprisoned, unloose, unobstructed, unoccupied, unpaid, unrestricted, unshackled, untied, voluntary

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