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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to drink:   (555 results)

Often used in the same context:
beer, alcohol, booze, beverages, glassful, sip, soda, drinkers, vodka, shandy, camomile tea, imbibing, alcoholic beverage, cokes, tipple, bottle, quaff, lager, overdrink, inebriating, overindulge, skinful, uncarbonated, pint, nonalcoholic, soft drink, meths, spirituous, guzzle, swig, margarita, whiskey, hot toddy, strawberry daiquiri, caffeine, bottled water, womanize, glug, cocktails, iced tea, libation, tequila, triple sec, arak, cola, eat, bloody mary, martinis, raki, carbonated, orangeade, liquor, fruit juice, sangria, refreshment, milkshakes, absinth, apple juice, flagons, bev, dry martini, caffiene, brew, tipsy, grog, swilled, brandy, toddy, alcoholic, pastis, pina colada, sour mash, hooch, firewater, rotgut, noncaloric, schnapps, fizzy, snacks, scotch whiskey, juice, thirstily, brewski, vodka martini, tomato juice, turps, spritzers, slurpee, orange juice, thirsty, champers, bellini, consume, bladdered, bingeing, kvass, scotch, daiquiri, aguardiente, brewskis, teetotal, mojitos, drinks, beverage, cocktail, toast, whisky, dessert, gin, lemonade, meal, martini, tea, wine, chocolate, food, snack, drunk, iced, spilt, brewed, spilled, bottled, spiced, distilled, drinking, sweetened, untasted, bootleg, drinkable, flavored, unsweetened, flavoured, tasting, tepid, fermented

More specific:
ade, aerophagia, alcohol, alcoholic beverage, aperitif, bar hop, belt down, bib, bolt down, booze, brew, brewage, carry, chocolate, cider, cocoa, coffee, cooler, cordial, cyder, down, draft, drain the cup, draught, drinking bout, drink down, drink up, ethyl alcohol, eye opener, fizz, float, frappe, fruit crush, fruit drink, fruit juice, ginger beer, give, guggle, gulp, gurgle, guzzle, hair of the dog, hard cider, hard drink, hard liquor, hit it up, hold, home brew, hooch, hootch, hot chocolate, hydromel, ice-cream float, ice-cream soda, inebriant, inebriate, intoxicant, java, john barleycorn, kava, kavakava, kill, koumiss, kumis, lap, lap up, libation, liqueur, liquor, malt, malt liquor, mate, milkshake, milk shake, mixed drink, mixer, near beer, neutral spirits, nightcap, nip, nipa, perry, pledge, posset, potation, potion, pour down, proof spirit, pub-crawl, pulque, refresher, rotgut, salute, sangaree, sangria, shake, shandy, shandygaff, sillabub, sip, soak, sober, sober up, soft drink, souse, spirits, spruce beer, stirrup cup, strong drink, suck, suckle, sundowner, swig, swill, swill down, syllabub, tea, tipple, toast, toss off, vino, whiskey neat, whiskey on the rocks, whisky neat, whisky on the rocks, wine, wine and dine, wish-wash

Appears in the definition of:
., abstemious, abstentious, abstinent, alcohol, alcoholism, ale drinker, ambrosia, apertif, appetiser, appetizer, ayapana, ayapana triplinervis, bar, basis, beer drinker, befogged, befuddled, belt down, bib, birch beer, bitter cassava, bitter lemon, bolt down, bon vivant, bracer, brew, brewage, cabaret, camomile tea, can, carry, cassiri, chaser, claret, club, cobbler, cocktail, coffee substitute, cola, collins, concoction, confection, congenially, contaminate, convivially, cooler, cover, cover charge, cream soda, cybercafe, diet, dipsomania, dom pedro, dope, down, draft, drain the cup, draught, drench, drinkable, drink down, drink up, drunkenly, epicure, epicurean, eupatorium aya-pana, eye opener, fare, flip, float, food, foodie, free-liver, fruit crush, fruit juice, full, gari, gastronome, ginger ale, ginger beer, ginger pop, gluttonous, gourmet, greedy, grudgingly, guggle, gurgle, guzzle, hair of the dog, haoma, hard cider, help, helping, hepatitis a, herbal tea, herb tea, hiccup, highball, hit it up, hold, hoot, hot toddy, hunger, ice-cream float, ice-cream soda, ilex paraguariensis, inebriate, infectious hepatitis, join, jook, jook house, jook joint, juke, juke house, juke joint, kava, kavakava, kick, kill, lamia, lethe, love-philter, love-philtre, love-potion, loving cup, mandioc, mandioca, manihot esculenta, manihot utilissima, manioc, mate, milkshake, milk shake, mimosa, mix, moustache cup, much, mull, mustache cup, near beer, nectar, nectarous, nightcap, nightclub, nightspot, nip, noncaloric, nutrition, offer, orange soda, paraguay tea, pay, philter, philtre, phosphate, pick-me-up, pina colada, pledge, poison, pop, port, portion, potation, potomania, pour down, pousse-cafe, preprandial, pub crawl, pulque, punch, ravenala, ravenala madagascariensis, refresher, regale, repletep, resolve, rickey, river lethe, root beer, sampler, sarcostemma acidum, sarsaparilla, sawm, sedative, serve, server, serving, shake, shandy, shandygaff, shot, sip, skimmed, smoothie, soak, sod, soda, soda pop, soda water, soma, sottishness, souse, spritzer, starter, stirrup cup, sundowner, swill, swill down, tantalus, tapioca plant, taste-tester, taster, taste tester, tea, thirst, thirsty, tin, tin can, tipple, toast, toddy, tom collins, tonic, tope, toss off, tot, traveler's tree, traveller's tree, treat, turkish coffee, undrinkable, vampire, vow, water, whiskey neat, whisky neat, wine, wine and dine, wish-wash

More general:
absorb, beverage, body of water, booze, consume, consumption, drinkable, engross, engulf, food, fuddle, have, helping, immerse, ingest, ingestion, intake, intemperance, intemperateness, nutrient, plunge, portion, potable, serving, steep, take, take in, uptake, use, water

alcohol, alcoholic beverage, beverage, booze, boozing, crapulence, deglutition, drink in, drinkable, drinking, drunkenness, fuddle, imbibe, inebriant, intoxicant, pledge, potable, salute, swallow, toast, tope

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— Nouns for drink: water, offerings, tea, wine, milk, alcohol, offering, juice, coffee, beer, driving, more...

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