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Often used in the same context:
would, might, should, conceivably, did, possibly, likely, not, hoped, ought, wanted, must, able, going, coud, probably, meant, theoretically, enough, needed, had, unlikely, helped, tried, seemed, expected, let, even, someday, wished, doubted, but, yet, feasibly, feared, ultimately, failed, that, unable, they, dared, eventually, supposed, potentially, knew, wil, wold, figured, easily, allowed, thought, either, tends, intended, anyway, ability, predicted, maybe, was, gonna, however, perhaps, unless, otherwise, though, proceeded, any, possible, sooner, realistically, never, lest, whether, another, tempted, appeared, managed, surely, prompting, inability, necessarily, attempted, certainly, woul, forced, decided, refused, persuaded, behoove, although, actually, oughta, much, saw, then, anything, asked, impossible, only, threatened, just, scrambled, 's, becomes, comes, does, gets, goes, has, really, best, better, came, further, gives, is, it

Appears in the definition of:
., abominably, absoluteness, air, alibi, alternatively, anachronism, anyhow, ardently, assistance, avenue, babel, bachelor, bachelor-at-arms, background, background signal, barely, bastion, beat, bed, best, biohazard, biological agent, breathed, bridge whist, bring, burglar alarm, business, cachet, camelpox, capital cost, caretaker, carry, cat scan, choker, cimmerian, citadel, clang, clear, clear-sighted, clearly, clip, closure, coherently, come, comfortably, communication, compose, conformational entropy, connect, construction, convert, cost of capital, count, craved, crawl, criminal record, cut, dandruff, dare, dark horse, deepen, demonic, develop, diabolically, direction, dirty laundry, dirty linen, disassociation, discriminate, distance, divine, do, donatism, double, double-crossing, drum, dry-shod, duck, duplicate, easily, edgewise, edifying, educationally, elderly, electronic manipulative deception, excitement, exist, extinguish, extradite, face, facilitate, falsity, far, farthest, fault, filling, fireplace, fogged, follow, forbear, force, free, freeze, further, gilbert and sullivan, glimpse, grass-covered, gregory goodwin pincus, gregory pincus, guilt-ridden, guru nanak, handless, headshake, hiss, hissing, hobbes, homeliness, hoper, hostility, humpty dumpty, hypertext, imagination, importantly, indefinitely, indirection, indubitably, inevitably, infrared, infrared lamp, inspection, instantiate, irreproducibility, isolated, issue, item, jacquard, jocund, jokingly, joseph m. jacquard, joseph marie jacquard, julia evelina smith, jumping-off place, just the ticket, keep, keep up, knight bachelor, lament, largely, latent hostility, leaded gasoline, lettre de cachet, levitate, life, light, limpid, livelihood, lockstep, machicolation, maddened, manipulative electronic deception, mask, matchlock, memorably, metastasize, meter reading, might-have-been, mind's eye, misdating, miss, mistiming, moralism, mother's son, murkily, nail, nanak, necessarily, needs, nohow, nuclear deterrence, official, of necessity, orphan site, painlessly, paring, pass, paternity test, perceive, pharmacologically, picture, piggyback, pincus, pioneer, please, point, port, prevailing, prompt, prompting, protected, purchase, quarantine, quote, rationed, reading, recapture, record, reich, relative humidity, relearn, renaissance man, replicate, residual, sadly, sanctum, sanctum sanctorum, saving grace, scarred, second hand, see, see through, settled, set in, shape, shelter, shift, shimmy, shoeshine, short, shouted, showboat, shrewd, sight, sign, singleness, situation comedy, sleeping beauty, slick, slickness, smith, smoke, smut, snatch, so, spare, specify, speculation, speech, spry, squiggle, start, steadily, stock, stoop, such that, sulkily, taking, tell, tenor, tenseness, thing, think, third crusade, thomas hobbes, thrum, ticket, touch, tower of babel, turn, unaided, unalike, uncompassionate, underneath, understanding, undisturbed, undo, undone, uniquely, unprofessional, unsophisticated, upset, usefully, utter, vantage point, venture, vx gas, washout, waste of time, wildlife, wilhelm reich, window, wish, without fear, world-shattering, worst, writ large, yawn


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— Adjectives for could: how, she, what, epistemic, baring

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