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wider, diverse, comprehensive, narrow, extensive, vast, robust, widespread, specific, large, generalized, vague, expansive, substantial, encompassing, sweeping, geographic, strong, substantive, multifaceted, overarching, universal, deep, programmatic, sizable, fundamental, multipronged, geographical, straightforward, thorough, global, varied, particularistic, coherent, diversified, strategic, modest, significant, superficial, prescriptive, simplistic, bipartisan, sharp, eclectic, massive, unified, distinct, meaningful, considerable, profound, sectoral, systematic, clear, nuanced, explicit, multidimensional, selective, balanced, qualitative, systemic, nebulous, complementary, mild, underlying, unspecific, solid, heavy, sociologic, vertical, aggregative, detailed, practical, disparate, sophisticated, multidisciplinary, demonstrable, limited, divergent, lengthy, univocal, simple, unparalleled, differentiated, localized, unambiguous, cursory, consultative, reasonable, granular, ideologic, tentative, rational, vigorous, small, nonrational, implicit, flexible, heterogeneous, collective, nonspecific, philosophic, long, andrew, hudson, jordan, austin, bailey, lawrence, quay, warren, aisle, bay, dale, ferry, ford, harbor, mayo, victoria, walton, above, cooper, creek, hroad, broadest, broader, narrower, wide, broadened, widest, broadening, defined, welldefined, allembracing, allinclusive, axiological, emic, hroader, narrowest

Appears in the definition of:
., aconitum lycoctonum, across-the-board, adiantum tenerum, albatrellus dispansus, alisma plantago-aquatica, all-embracing, all-encompassing, all-inclusive, alliaria, american larch, anas clypeata, andromeda, angelfish, angel shark, annunciation lily, aquatint, araucariaceae, araucaria family, arctiid, arctiid moth, arnica cordifolia, ascoma, backband, balaeniceps rex, balsam poplar, bamboo fern, banded purple, bandoleer, bandolier, beamy, beaver, bedding geranium, begonia semperflorens, belgian endive, bella sombra, big-shouldered, bight, bight of benin, bird of jove, bitter dock, blackfoot daisy, blackjack, blackjack oak, black larch, black oak, blade, blanketa, blanket jam, blunt, bog rhubarb, brachycephalic, brachychiton australis, brachycranial, brachycranic, brassica rapa pekinensis, breadth, brittle maidenhair, brittle maidenhair fern, broad-brimmed, broad-leafed, broad-leaved, broad-leaved bottletree, broad-leaved dock, broad-leaved plantain, broad-minded, broad-mindedly, broad-shouldered, broadax, broadaxe, broadbill, broadleaf, broadnosed, broadside, broadsword, broad bean, broad hatchet, broad leaved centaury, burlesque, buteo, butterbur, butterfly, butterfly fish, butterfly ray, calanthe, california pitcher plant, campaign hat, cape kafferboom, cartridge belt, cattell, celery cabbage, cephaloridine, cephalosporin, channel, cheshire cat, chinese cabbage, cichorium endivia, clinton's lily, clintonia, clustered lady's slipper, coeloglossum bracteatum, comprehensive, comprehensiveness, conestoga, conestoga wagon, coniogramme japonica, corpus callosum, covered wagon, cow lily, crab, cuban heel, cummerbund, cypripedium fasciculatum, darlingtonia californica, day lily, diplomatic, drove, drove chisel, duck, duck-billed platypus, duckbill, duckbilled platypus, eagle, early spider orchid, education, enceliopsis nudicaulis, encompassing, encyclopaedic, encyclopedic, endive, english elm, erythrina caffra, eton collar, euonymus fortunei radicans, euonymus radicans vegetus, european elm, european quaking aspen, evergreen bittersweet, expressway, extensive, falchion, family araucariaceae, far-reaching, farce, farce comedy, fava bean, fertile crescent, fess, fesse, fish geranium, fish slice, flame tree, flap, flat-footed, flipper, flood, floodlight, flood lamp, florist's willow, freeway, french endive, fullness, gaap, gardener's garters, gemsbok, gemsbuck, generally accepted accounting practices, genus alliaria, genus buteo, genus cryptocoryne, genus listera, genus peireskia, genus pereskia, genus phalaris, geometrid, geometrid moth, gnetum, gnetum gnemon, goat willow, grass-of-parnassus, grinder, gross, ground swell, hackmatack, half hatchet, hardwood, heartleaf arnica, heavy swell, hilarious, hipped, horsebean, jack oak, japanese andromeda, kaffir boom, lady's laces, large, large-minded, larghetto, larghissimo, largo, larix laricina, lat, latisimus dorsi, latitudinarian, leaf blade, lent lily, liberal, lilium candidum, lily-of-the-valley tree, lima bean, limenitis arthemis, listera, loafer, macrodantin, madonna lily, marine corps intelligence activity, mcia, mefoxin, melampodium leucanthum, molar, molle, monkfish, moth orchid, moth plant, motorway, movement, napa, neolentinus ponderosus, network army, nibbed, nitrofurantoin, nuisance, nuphar advena, oblanceolate, ocyurus chrysurus, ombu, ophrys sphegodes, opsanus tau, ornithorhynchus anatinus, oryx gazella, panoptic, parnassia, pe-tsai, peireskia, peke, pekinese, pekingese, pelargonium hortorum, pepper tree, pereskia, peruvian mastic tree, petasites hybridus, petasites vulgaris, phalaris, phalaris arundinacea, photoflood, phytolacca dioica, pieris japonica, pike, pinnatifid, plantago rugelii, plantain lily, platypus, platyrhine, platyrhinian, platyrrhine, platyrrhinian, platyrrhinic, platysma, populus balsamifera, populus tremula, prairie schooner, prairie wagon, pug, pug-dog, pussy willow, pyramid, quaking aspen, quercitron, quercitron oak, quercus marilandica, quercus velutina, r. b. cattell, raymond b. cattell, raymond bernard cattell, ray cattell, reed canary grass, ribbon grass, rugel's plantain, rumex obtusifolius, salix caprea, sallow, satyr orchid, scanner, schinus molle, sculpin, sea mouse, sheet, sheet lighting, shoebill, shoebird, shoveler, shoveller, shovel hat, silicle, skagerak, skagerrak, soleus, soleus muscle, sombrero, spatterdock, spatula-shaped, spatulate, spatulate leaf, spectrum, splashboard, square-built, square-shouldered, squatina squatina, squatness, staffordshire bullterrier, staffordshite bull terrier, state highway, stinging nettle, stretched, stropharia rugoso-annulata, stubbiness, sunray, superhighway, sweeping, tacamahac, tamarack, throughway, thruway, toadfish, tolerant, travesty, tremella foliacea, ulmus procera, urtica dioica, washboard, water plantain, water ski, wax begonia, wedge, white admiral, white lily, wide, wise, witloof, wolf's bane, wolfbane, wolfsbane, yellowtail, yellowtail snapper, yellow dock, yellow oak, yellow pond lily, zonal pelargonium

More general:
adult female, woman

across-the-board, all-embracing, all-encompassing, all-inclusive, beamy, big, bird's-eye, blanket, broad-minded, citywide, clear, comprehensive, countrywide, countywide, covering, deep, encompassing, fanlike, full, general, heavy, high, in breadth, in width, large, liberal, nationwide, noticeable, overhanging, overspreading, panoptic, panoramic, spacious, spreading, statewide, stretching, sweeping, thick, tolerant, unspecific, unsubtle, wide, wide-screen, wide-spreading

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— Nouns for broad: range, spectrum, sense, categories, daylight, band, shoulders, terms, base, smile, areas, more...

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