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Words and phrases that rhyme with tele:   (816 results)

2 syllables:
bela, belah, belee, beli, bella, bellah, belley, belli, belly, cela, celie, cella, cellae, celli, cellie, cell a, chela, cheli, chella, chely, dela, delee, delhi, deli, della, delli, delly, dwelley, ehly, ela, elie, ella, elley, elle a, ellie, elly, fela, fella, fellah, felly, fell a, gelli, gelly, grella, helah, heli-, helie, hella, helly, hell he, jelley, jelly, kellee, kelli, kellie, kelly, kwela, lelah, leola, leslee, meli, mella, mellay, melley, melli, mellie, melly, nela, nella, nelli, nellie, nelly, pelee, pella, pelley, pelly, quella, reli, rella, rellie, schelly, sela, selah, selie, sella, selley, sell a, selye, shela, shelagh, shelah, shelley, shelli, shellie, shelly, skelley, skelly, smelley, smelly, smell a, stela, stelae, stella, stelly, svehla, swehla, telah, tele-, tella, telli, telly, tell a, tell he, trela, trella, vela, veley, velie, vella, wehle, wellie, welly, well a, well he, zelah, zelie, zella

3 syllables:
abdella, abdellah, abela, abella, abuela, abuellah, acela, adela, adella, afzelii, agnella, agnelli, akela, akella, akseli, allele, ameli, anelli, angeli, angella, apella, arbela, arbella, arcella, ardella, areli, areolae, aselli, aureola, avella, baldelli, barbella, barcella, barela, bareli, barella, basella, benguela, bertelli, blackfella, blattella, bonelli, bonjela, bonsela, borella, borelli, borrelli, botella, brizuela, brucella, bruella, brunella, brunelli, buzzelli, cancela, cancelli, candela, candella, canela, canella, cannella, capella, capelli, cappella, cappelli, caprella, capsella, cardella, carella, carelli, carmela, carmella, cartella, casella, caselli, cassella, castelli, catelli, cautela, caveola, cebuella, cedrela, centrella, chlorella, christella, ciaobella, cifelli, cinelli, cipela, cirelli, clientela, clitella, colella, comb jelly, comella, compel a, corella, corelli, cornela, cornella, costella, covelli, cretella, critelli, crivelli, cypsela, danella, daniela, daniella, debella, dentelli, dibella, dilella, doncella, donella, druella, dryadella, escuela, estella, estrela, estrella, expellee, fabela, fabella, fabellae, faiella, fanelli, favela, favella, fedeli, fenella, ferrelli, finella, finelli, flabella, flagella, franela, frascella, fratelli, fredella, frisella, frittella, fuseli, gabelli, gardella, gastelli, gazela, gazella, gemella, gemelli, ghidella, gianelli, giannelli, gisella, glabella, glumella, gnutella, gonnella, goodfella, granelli, grape jelly, grappelli, grosella, guastella, gusella, haustella, haveli, helvella, huella, irela, isela, janella, joella, junella, kamela, kapela, karela, kelley, kerbela, kingella, kinsella, labella, lamella, lamelli, lamelli-, latella, leonela, leonelli, libella, lirella, llanelli, loella, lomeli, lorella, lorelli, louella, lovella, ludella, luella, mabela, madella, majella, mandela, mandella, manella, mannella, manzella, marbella, marcela, marcella, marcelli, marella, marelli, marsella, martella, martelli, marvella, mascella, masella, maselli, matela, mazzella, mcnelly, mennella, miceli, micella, micellae, michaela, michaella, micheli, michelli, minella, minelli, minnelli, mirela, mirella, mitchella, mitella, modella, mondelli, mongelli, montella, morchella, morella, morelli, moschella, nardella, nardelli, new-delhi, new delhi, niemela, nigella, nigrelli, nitella, nocella, noella, novella, novelli, nucelli, nutella, o'deli, o'kelley, o'kelly, obeli, ocelli, odele, odella, okelley, okelly, old delhi, ordella, orela, ornella, pacella, pacelli, padella, palmella, pamella, panella, parella, parmele, parnella, parrella, patela, patella, patellae, pennella, perella, pernella, perrella, perrelli, petrella, petrelli, pezzella, phacelli, pinelli, pirelli, piselli, porcella, porcelli, pork belly, portela, portelli, predella, prunella, puteli, puteoli, quinella, radella, ramella, raurkela, rinella, roccella, rochella, rodela, romella, rosella, roselli, rosselli, rostella, rotella, rozella, rubella, ruella, sabella, sacella, sadella, samella, santella, santelli, sardella, savelli, scarcella, scarpelli, scarsella, scartella, scibelli, scincella, scodella, scutella, sequela, sequella, seseli, shigella, sitella, sittella, sondeli, sorella, spinella, spinelli, spizella, squamella, stradella, sturnella, tabella, tamela, taneli, tangela, terrella, tessella, tiarella, tigella, tineola, tonelli, tordella, torelli, tortelli, tremella, tudela, tugela, tuonela, tutela, uccelli, umbrella, unsely, valsella, vandella, vanella, vannelli, velella, vendela, ventrella, vercelli, vihuela, villella, vitelli, vitrella, viyella, volsella, vulsella, zambelli, zanella, zarella, zarrella, zirella, zitella

4 syllables:
acanthella, acapella, acocella, altobelli, amarella, ambarella, anabela, annabella, antonella, antonelli, apicella, apple jelly, arabella, araceli, arenella, ariella, bairdiella, bandinelli, bartonella, bellabella, biscutella, bordetella, bottecelli, botticelli, brocatelle, bucciarelli, cafarella, cafarelli, calcavella, campanella, campanelli, capitella, capparelli, caramella, caravella, cardarelli, carosella, caroselli, carpinelli, cassinelli, cavatelli, ceccarelli, cerebella, cerebelli, chiarella, chiarelli, ciaramella, ciavarella, ciccarelli, cimorelli, cinderella, citronella, cittadella, ciudadela, clarabella, claribella, coccinella, colabella, columbella, columella, compostela, copytele, coxiella, damosella, diabelli, dimiceli, dimichele, dolabella, dominelli, donatelli, dumetella, eikenella, euplectella, falabella, farinella, farinelli, fenestella, filippelli, filtrenelli, fiorella, fiorelli, fissurella, fontanella, fortunella, francisella, fraticelli, fratricelli, fraxinella, fustanella, gabriela, gabrieli, gabriella, gabrielli, gambardella, gardnerella, garzarelli, gaugamela, gencarelli, giacomelli, gialanella, gibberella, giovanelli, grahamella, graziella, hartmannella, iannelli, isabela, isabella, izabella, jordanella, klebsiella, kokopelli, lauricella, lavandula, legionella, lesquerella, listerella, locatelli, locustella, lucarelli, lumachella, machiavelli, machivelli, madurella, mancinelli, manivela, mansonella, marabella, marginella, maricela, marinella, marinelli, marisela, martinelli, martorelli, masciarelli, mazzarella, mignanelli, mirabella, mirabelli, molinelli, molucella, monacelli, monardella, moraxella, morganella, mortadela, mortadella, mozarella, mozzarella, muscarella, navicella, olivella, paganelli, panatela, panatella, panetela, panetella, panzanella, panzarella, paolella, paparella, parentela, pascarella, pascarelli, pasquarella, pasquarelli, pasquinelli, passarella, passarelli, pasteurella, pastorella, patricelli, petrocelli, petronella, petruccelli, petrucelli, petruzzelli, philohela, pignatelli, pilosella, pimpinella, piscitelli, polsinelli, ponchielli, pontarelli, poparelli, portabella, prevotella, proctocele, pseudostella, pucciarelli, puccinelli, pulcinella, puricelli, racanelli, raffaelli, ragnatela, rapanelli, raphaela, reticella, rhynchonella, ricciardelli, riccitelli, riopelle, ritornelli, robustelli, romanelli, rondinelli, royal jelly, salmonella, saltarella, saltarelli, samonella, samuela, sanmicheli, santarelli, santorelli, semolella, serritella, signorelli, simonelli, spirodela, stefanelli, subumbrella, tarantella, taravella, terebella, tomaselli, torricelli, tortorella, tortorelli, trichinella, trigonella, turbinella, turritella, underbelly, urodela, urodele, urodella, vaccarella, varicella, veillonella, venturella, vermicelli, villanella, volpicella, vorticella, wolffiella, zeffirelli, zuccarelli

5 syllables:
agostinelli, anemonella, berardinelli, branchiobdella, cercosporella, dacryocele, elmootazbellah, frankliniella, gentianella, genus capella, genus gazella, genus patella, genus prunella, iacobelli, iacovelli, involucella, keratocele, malacobdella, marianela, mineral jelly, mortierella, oryx gazella, perciatelli, pfeifferella, pseudorubella, schiaparelli, scutigerella, selaginella, stracciatella, telenovela, valerianella, valpolicella, vecchiarelli, volvariella, zooxanthella

6 syllables:
aegyptianella, ceratostomella, genus salmonella, petroleum jelly, pseudonavicella, truncocolumella

9 syllables:
evangelista torricelli

Words and phrases that almost rhyme :   (50 results)

2 syllables:
any, bella, bellied, benny, berry, betty, bury, cherry, chevy, ela, ella, fella, fellah, ferry, freddie, freddy, harry, heavy, kary, kerry, many, mary, merry, messy, pele, penny, ready, really, semi, settee, steady, stela, stella, stellar, sweaty, teddy, teller, tell a, terry, tetley, vary, very, wary, webby

3 syllables:
capella, confetti, spaghetti, umbrella

4 syllables:
salmonella, sulawesi

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