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Words whose definition contains short:   (675 results)

., abbreviated, about, abyssinian, account, acknowledgment, acridid, acrididae, act, acute, adaptation, airbus, airing, allegory, allow, almost, anapaestic, anapestic, anatidae, andrenidae, anecdote, ankyloglossia, ape, apercu, aphorism, apiculate, apologue, apophthegm, apothegm, appreciation, approach, arietta, arioso, aspergill, auk, autism, awhile, awnless, b-meson, bagatelle, balking, balky, bang, barbet, basset, battlesight, beagle, becket, beep, bestubbled, bettong, billet, billy, billystick, bison, bit, bleep, blessing, blunderbuss, bob, bobsled, bobsleigh, bobtail, bobtailed, body, bolero, boll, bootboys, borges, boxer, brachycephalic, brachycranial, brachycranic, brachydactylic, brachydactylous, brachypterous, breath, breathe, breather, breve, brevibloc, brief, briefly, briefness, briefs, bristly, broadbill, brush, bryum, bucolic, bulldog, bullnecked, bullterrier, bunt, burlesque, burr-headed, butterfish, buzzard, calvino, camisole, capsule, capsulise, capsulize, catamount, catatonia, catnap, cavy, cell, cellphone, ceratosaur, ceratosaurus, ceratozamia, cestida, chaffweed, cheep, cheever, chickpea, chihuahua, chimneypot, chink, chlamys, chunky, cilium, citation, clash, click, clink, clipped, close, close-cropped, clout, coatee, cob, coccobacillus, cocktail, collect, compendious, conciliation, coney, cony, cookie, corgi, crab, crake, credit, crescentia, crisp, crop, cuckoopint, curlicue, curt, curtailment, curtal, custody, cutlas, cutlass, dachshund, dachsie, dagger, daviesia, decapod, dedication, deficient, demerit, demijohn, dendrite, derringer, detention, developing, direct, disconnected, ditty, divvy, dock, docked, dogwatch, dovekie, down, doze, dramatization, drowse, dryadella, duck, duckpin, dudeen, dumbbell, dumpiness, dumpy, duration, durham, dustpan, dwarfism, eclogue, eland, elves, encapsulate, encounter, ephemeral, ephemerality, ephemeralness, ephemerid, ephemeropteran, epicardia, epilog, epilogue, ern, erne, errand, esmolol, etude, eyelash, fable, faddish, faddy, fail, fairway, falchion, fanfare, fault, fed, finch, flare, flash, flashflood, flashing, flaubert, fleetingness, florilegium, flourish, fob, foray, force, foreword, fox-trot, foxtrot, france, frequent, frequently, fugacious, fulmar, fund, garland, gasp, glareole, gnome, goatsfoot, gordimer, gorki, gorky, grace, griffon, grunt, grunting, guimpe, gull, gyp, h. h. munro, haftarah, haftorah, haiku, half-term, hamster, haphtarah, haphtorah, hasek, hatchet, hawk, hawthorne, heartbeat, hedgefund, herpangia, hobnail, hold, holiday, hook, hot-wire, howitzer, hypogonadism, hypoxia, idyll, impatient, imperiously, impromptu, inclusion, indri, indris, infatuation, inferior, infomercial, informercial, infrequent, inscription, instant, intermezzo, ipidae, itinerant, jab, jack-in-the-pulpit, jacket, jacksnipe, jacobs, jemmy, jerk, jiffy, jimmy, jodhpur, jones' penstemon, jot, kingfisher, knackwurst, knobkerrie, knobkerry, knockwurst, laconic, lambrequin, lardner, lash, lead, lemming, lessing, life, light, line, little, locust, locustidae, lords-and-ladies, low-set, lumberjack, lycaenidae, lynx, lyric, macaque, mackinaw, malacanthidae, malinois, manakin, mansfield, mantelet, mantilla, maraud, marmot, matchstick, maugham, maupassant, megapode, melville, mention, microwave, mini, miniskirt, minute, miscellany, mods, moment, mongolianism, mongolism, moonshell, morceau, morse, mortar, most, moufflon, mouflon, mound-bird, munro, nanism, nap, natterjack, near, nearly, necrology, nerita, neritid, newsbreak, newsflash, newsreel, nigh, nightstick, notation, note, notepaper, notice, novelette, novella, number, nutcracker, nuthatch, o'flaherty, o. henry, obit, obituary, oft, often, oftentimes, ofttimes, ommastrephes, operetta, overnight, pa, paddle, pant, pantie, panty, parable, parrot, passage, passing, patch, peep, peeper, peepshow, peke, pekinese, pekingese, pembroke, penguin, penne, personal, petite, philanderer, phrase, piece, pigeon, pika, pile, pin, ping, pitch, pitta, pivot, playlet, plesiosaur, plesiosaurus, pleurocarp, pleurocarpous, plop, plunk, podgy, pollex, portal, porter, porterhouse, pratincole, preface, preview, prevue, primrose, primula, profiteer, prolusion, protactinium, protoactinium, psittacosaur, psittacosaurus, pudge, pudgy, puff, puffin, pulsate, pulse, pulsed, quillwort, quiz, quotation, rabbit, racquetball, raid, rail, rale, rally, rare, rat-a-tat, rat-a-tat-tat, rat-tat, rattle, rattling, recommence, reduplicate, reference, refutation, regulation, rehearsal, report, rest, resume, rigatoni, road, rottweiler, rough, routine, run, run-up, runup, saki, sarcochilus, saroyan, sawed-off, sawn-off, scanty, scattergun, scolytidae, scrubber, scull, scut, seagull, second, serif, seriph, serow, short-circuit, short-grass, short-haired, short-handed, short-handled, short-lived, short-order, short-range, short-run, short-term, short-winged, shortcake, shorten, shortened, shortgrass, shorthorn, shortish, shortlist, shortly, shortness, shotgun, shyp, siamese, sickle, sidebar, sidetrack, siding, silencer, silicle, sketch, skibob, skinheads, skirmish, skit, slapshot, snooze, snub, song, spell, spin, spirula, spot, sprint, sprinter, squab, squabby, squalling, squally, squat, squatness, squattiness, squatty, squeak, squeeze, squiggle, staccato, staple, step, step-in, sticker, stipple, stob, story, streamlined, stromateid, stub, stubbiness, stubbled, stubbly, stubby, stumpy, substandard, sudden, survey, swine, sycamore, syringa, t-bill, tab, tabard, tack, tapotement, teal, tee, telegraphic, telegraphically, telescope, temporariness, terrier, terse, tersely, terseness, thanksgiving, theropod, theropoda, thumb, thundershower, tinkling, tinkly, tomentose, tomentous, topper, touring, trailer, transient, transiently, transitory, traveling, trice, trisomy 21, trivet, trna, truncated, truncation, truncheon, tubby, tucket, turn, turnout, tutu, twinkling, twitch, uakari, underbodice, underdeveloped, underexposure, undershoot, undocked, undue, unrecognized, unstressed, valise, vandyke, vaquita, variety, velveteen, versicle, violence, virtually, visit, vole, vonnegut, w. w. jacobs, waddle, weasel, wee, weka, well-nigh, well-set, whiff, while, whisk, wilson, wink, womaniser, womanizer, wood-rat, wren, wroth, x-radiation, yesterday, yips, zigzag, ziti, zizz

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