Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

arrays, baise, baize, bay's, bayes, bays, bayse, baze, braise, brase, cayes, chaise, crase, cray's, crays, craze, dais, daise, dase, day's, days, days', daze, fay's, faze, fe's, frase, fraze, gase, gays, gaze, gray's, grays, graze, grey's, hase, hayes, hays, hayse, haze, heys, j's, j.'s, jae's, jay's, jays, k's, k.'s, kase, kay's, kayes, kays, lais, lase, lay's, lays, leis, leys, mae's, maes, mais, maize, mase, may's, mayes, mays, mays', mayse, maze, nase, nays, pais, paiz, pays, pei's, phase, phrase, praise, prays, preys, rabe, race, rael, rafe, rage, raiche, raid, raids, raiff, rail, rail's, raile, rails, rain, raine, raines, rains, raised, raiser, raisor, rait, raith, raitt, rake, rales, rales', ranes, rao's, rape, raser, rasor, rate, rathe, rave, raves, raya, rayed, rayl, rayle, rayne, raynes, rayos, raz, razed, razor, reas, rees, reier, reign, reigns, reil, rein, reine, reines, reins, reis, reyer, rhame, rhames, ries, riese, rise, riz, roes, roh's, rohs, roos, roose, rose, row's, rowe's, rowes, rows, roy's, roys, roz, ruse, sais, saiz, shays, shea's, tays, trays, wais, way's, ways, weighs, wrage, yeas, raise, rase, ray's, raze, re's, res, -less, lace, lais, laish, laisse, laith, lase, lathe, lave, lay's, lays, lecce, leff, leis, lersch, les, lesch, lesche, lesh, less, lesse, leth, lev, leys, llave, lurve, lurz, race, rafe, raiff, rais, raise, raith, raphe, rase, rathe, rave, ray's, rayes, raze, re's, rea's, ref, reff, reph, res, resch, resh, ress, rev, reyse, wraith

See rays used in context: 100+ rhymes, 5 Shakespeare works, several books and articles.

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