Words and phrases that rhyme with pinata:   (552 results)

2 syllables:
ata, batta, blatta, botta, bought a, brought a, cata-, caught a, cdata, chaeta, chahta, chata, cotta, csata, datta, fata, fatah, fatta, flauta, flotta, fought a, gdata, glotto-, gotta, got a, grata, grotta, guata, hata, hatta, kata-, kotta, lata, latah, lotta, maatta, mata, motta, nata, natta, not a, oughta, patta, plata, plot a, prata, quata, rotta, satta, scata, shot a, slot a, sot a, sought a, spot a, stata, tata, taught a, thought a, totta, vrata, yatta, yotta, yotta-, zlata

3 syllables:
adnata, agata, alata, albata, algata, amata, anata, anatta, anotta, arata, arcata, armata, aurata, awgthtgtata, ballata, barata, baratta, batata, bemata, bharata, bogata, borgata, bregmata, burrata, cannata, cantata, carlotta, cascata, cassata, caudata, cerata, charlotta, chloasmata, chordata, clavata, codata, corbata, cordata, coushatta, covatta, cristata, crostata, cubata, dagata, dentata, devata, dogmata, dolata, donata, dupatta, elata, encata, ephrata, errata, esata, facciata, favata, fellata, fiata, fidata, fregata, frittata, galata, giornata, glossata, granata, gravata, gummata, hakata, harmata, herbata, hirata, horchata, idata, incata, indata, ingrata, inkatha, irata, irdata, isotta, iwata, janata, jannotta, joetta, jugata, jurata, kalata, kenyata, kolata, kolkata, lafata, la plata, lemmata, licata, lobata, lomata, lopata, lunata, lyrata, magmata, mahratta, malata, manata, marotta, matata, mendota, miata, mocatta, mulata, mulatta, murata, mutata, myomata, nagata, nakata, napata, nomata, nowata, oblata, ogata, omata, opata, orata, ovata, palata, parata, passata, patata, pedata, pelmata, phymata, piata, piccata, pinnata, pirata, pomata, postdata, primata, pro-rata, prolata, prorata, prostata, punctata, rakata, reatta, regata, regatta, relata, renata, renate, riata, risata, robata, sabata, sagitta, sakata, salata, scarlata, serrata, shibata, shunyata, sinuata, somata, sonata, sorata, sowata, squamata, stemmata, stigmata, striata, stromata, suata, substrata, sulcata, sunyata, tagmata, takata, tarata, tathata, terata, thecata, toccata, traumata, trovata, usata, valvata, vanatta, vannatta, venkata, viewdata, virgata, vulgata, wmata, yahata, yawata, yukata, zapata

4 syllables:
acrobata, aggregata, allegata, alpargata, anecdata, annellata, annulata, annunciata, aranciata, argonauta, aspirata, astronauta, athecata, azafata, bambocciata, bhagavata, biodata, blastomata, cabalgata, camarata, cambiata, camerata, cammarata, capitata, caponata, carromata, catarata, cephalata, charismata, chiasmata, chipolata, chondromata, ciabatta, cibernauta, ciliata, cioccolata, coelenterata, coelomata, conjugata, consolata, copelata, craniata, cystomata, dicyemata, digitata, duplicata, ecthymata, edemata, edentata, empyemata, enemata, fibromata, fimbriata, flagellata, fortunata, fulgurata, garrapata, gliomata, gremolata, haustellata, hirakata, imbricata, imbrocata, imbroccata, incarnata, insalata, interdata, internauta, judicata, juniata, kalamata, kawabata, koversada, laevigata, lemniscata, limonata, lipomata, loricata, lymphomata, lysistrata, macerata, manciata, marginata, marmellata, mata-mata, matamata, melismata, metadata, miasmata, minamata, myelomata, myxomata, neuromata, nevicata, niigata, nunziata, oblongata, obovata, occhiata, odorata, onnagata, paramatta, parramatta, passeggiata, perforata, phantasmata, polychaeta, postulata, prodromata, programmata, prophragmata, prosomata, pulmonata, radiata, rhizomata, samosata, santagata, sarcomata, scleromata, scotomata, siphonata, soppressata, spirochaeta, sterigmata, superstrata, suricata, syntagmata, tabulata, taeniata, tanabata, teradata, terracotta, terra cotta, tessellata, thymomata, traviata, trifoliata, tunicata, ulonata, ultimata, uncinata, undulata, ungulata, unidata, variegata, vertebrata, xanthomata, yamagata, zygomata

5 syllables:
abbreviata, adenomata, alveolata, ambasciata, angiomata, annunziata, aplacentata, appassionata, arthropomata, articulata, ascaridata, asiphonata, atheromata, attenuata, barracouata, basilicata, capreolata, carcinomata, chelicerata, chilostomata, chromonemata, colobomata, condylomata, cyclostomata, decacerata, derotremata, desiderata, dibranchiata, dinocerata, elongata, encephalomata, enchondromata, evertebrata, exanthemata, fastigiata, glioblastomata, gnathostomata, granulomata, gymnolaemata, gymnophthalmata, gymnosomata, haematomata, hemangiomata, hematomata, hemichordata, hepatomata, holostomata, inamorata, innominata, invertebrata, lyopomata, mahabarata, mahabharata, melanomata, meningiomata, merostomata, monotremata, myocommata, myzostomata, osteomata, pachydermata, pantastomata, papillomata, pedunculata, perikymata, perisomata, peristomata, persona grata, plagiotremata, plasmodesmata, podostomata, polystomata, poriferata, postoblongata, preoblongata, reticulata, rhabdomyomata, rhizostomata, sclerodermata, scytodermata, siphoniata, siphunculata, tanystomata, tentaculata, teratomata, testudinata, thecosomata, trachystomata, treponemata, unguiculata, urocerata, verticillata, vesiculata, yucca elata

6 syllables:
astrocytomata, cilioflagellata, cirrobranchiata, cryptobranchiata, dermobranchiata, dinoflagellata, duplicidentata, heterosomata, hydrobranchiata, inarticulata, leiomyomata, notobranchiata, nudibranchiata, paridigitata, pellibranchiata, persona non grata, phylactolaemata, piano sonata, prosobranchiata, prosopulmonata, prothyalosomata, pulmobranchiata, pulmonibranchiata, rio de la plata, scutibranchiata, semaeostomata, siphonostomata, subverticillata, taramasalata, taramosalata, tubulibranchiata, tubulidentata

7 syllables:
adenomyomata, capitibranchiata, endotheliomata, epitheliomata, fibroadenomata, inferobranchiata, mesotheliomata, osteosarcomata, pheochromocytomata, radio-flagellata, retinoblastomata, rhabdomyosarcomata

8 syllables:
adenocarcinomata, teratocarcinomata

Words and phrases that almost rhyme :   (64 results)

2 syllables:
aga, aka, baba, caaba, dhaka, gaba, gaga, kaaba, nada, paca, papa, poppa, quagga, saba, sabah, saga, scada

3 syllables:
abaca, abada, aqaba, armada, baraka, canada, casaba, errata, frittata, gelada, granada, grenada, indaba, kanaka, kannada, kawaka, lambada, lobata, lovable, lusaka, macaca, manana, mastaba, moussaka, osaka, panada, piccata, posada, pyjama, riata, ricotta, toccata, tostada

4 syllables:
ali baba, araroba, autostrada, enchilada, intifada, pastinaca, portulaca, saxifraga, tardigrada, theravada

5 syllables:
addis ababa, jaboticaba, spanish armada

6 syllables:
sierra nevada

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