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2 syllables:
aurand, borage, corinth, cottage, florance, florence, forage, foreign, homage, knowledge, lauren, laurence, lawrence, loren, lorincz, lozenge, morons, mortgage, orand, orang, oren, orens, porridge, portage, sausage, shortage, sporran, storage, syringe, torrance, torrence, torrent, torrents, warrant, warren, zoran

3 syllables:
abhorrence, abhorrent, florida, foreigner, orange a

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hippopotamus history hit hitch hockey hoe hold holiday hollow holly home homework homo homophone homosexual hop horizon horn horny horse hospital hour hours house how hudson huge hum human humble hump hundred hunger hungry hunt hurry hurt husband hut hypocrite ian ice idea ideal identity idiot iguana ill illinois image imagination important impossible incredible incubus indian indigo information ingenious ink innocence innocent insane instance instant instead intelligent interest internet intuition iron irony isaac island ism ist italy itch jack jackass jackie jacob jade jail jake jam james jamie janet jason java jay jazz jeff jen jennifer jenny jeremy jerk jeroboam jersey jesse jessica jesus jet jew jewish jill jim jimmy job joe joey john joke jolly jon jonathan jones jordan josh joy judge juice juicy julia julie july jump june jungle junior junk jupiter just justice justify justin kaleidoscope kangaroo karate karen kate kathleen kathy katie kayak keep keith kelly ken kenneth ketchup 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mercury meredith merry mess message messy metal metaphor mexican mice michael michelle microphone mike milk million mime minge miranda mirror miscellaneous misery mission mississippi mitch mix molly mom mommy money monica monk monkey monopoly monster month months moo moon moose morgan morn morning moron mosquito moth mother motorcycle mountain mountains mouse mouth move movie muck muffin mum murder museum music must mustard myriad myself mystery myth nails naked nancy nantucket nasty nathan nation navigation nazi necessary neck negro net never new news nicholas nick nicole nightmare nine nipple noise none noon north nose nostril not nothing notice nova nuclear number numbers nurse nut nuts oak oblige octopus offer office ogre oil okay olive oliver olympics ones onion online onomatopoeia oops open ophelia opposite oran orangeness oranges orange tree orangish orangutan orangutang order ordinary oreo organ organize orgasm orgy oriole osmosis ostrich outside oxygen oxymoron pack package 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