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Words and phrases that rhyme with life:   (38 results)

1 syllable:
fife, fyfe, fyffe, greiff, knife, pfeiff, phyfe, rife, schleif, slife, streiff, strife, wife

2 syllables:
bread knife, case knife, clasp knife, co-wife, fish knife, lot's wife, saif, sheath knife, steak knife, trench knife

3 syllables:
bowie knife, butcher knife, butter knife, carving knife, hunting knife, man and wife, palette knife, paring knife, pocket knife, pruning knife, putty knife, switchblade knife, table knife

4 syllables:
surgical knife

5 syllables:
linoleum knife

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life history lifeless lifespan lifetime lift light like lime limit limited linda line linger link lion lips listen lit lithe liv live lived lives living lock loneliness lonely long longer look looking looks loose lord lose loser losing loss lost lot loud love loved lovely lover low loyal loyalty luck lucky lung lust machine mad made magic magical mail make makes malicious mama man many marijuana marriage married marry master match mate matter matters maturity may maybe meal mean meaning means meant measure meet meeting melody memories memory men mend ment mention mercy mess met metal mic mice might mike mile miles mind minds mine miracle mirror miserable misery miss missed missing mist mistake mistakes mix model mom moment moments mommy money monster month months mood moon morals more morning most mother motion mountain mountains mouth move movement much mum murder muse music must myself mystery myth name names nap nation nature near neck nectar need needed needs nerves nervous ness 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