Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

aynes, bain's, baines, bains, banes, baynes, caen's, cain, caine, cales, calles, can's, cane, caned, cannes, cans, cave's, caves, cayes, cayne, chain's, chains, chains', coin's, coins, cone's, cones, cons, coones, coons, crain's, crane's, cranes, daines, dains, dane's, danes, gaines, gains, ganes, haines, hains, hanes, haynes, jane's, janes, jaynes, k's, k.'s, kahn's, kain, kaine, kainer, kane, kaner, kaney, kanz, kase, kay's, kayes, kayne, kays, kean's, kearns, ken's, kern's, kernes, kerns, khan's, kin's, kines, konz, koon's, koons, korns, kouns, kuhns, kuns, kunz, kunze, lane's, lanes, llanes, maine's, maines, mains, mainz, manes, maynes, pains, panes, raines, rains, ranes, raynes, reigns, reines, reins, sainz, skains, vanes, veins, wanes, wayne's, yanes, cain's, caines, canes, kainz, kane's, bain's, baines, bains, banes, baynes, ben's, bence, bens, bensch, bense, benz, benz-, berms, bernes, berns, burnes, burns, burns', byrne's, byrnes, cain's, caines, cains, cames, canes, daines, dains, dame's, dames, dane's, danes, deigns, dence, deng's, dengs, dens, densch, dense, denz, derms, gaines, gains, game's, games, games', ganes, gemse, gurns, kainz, kames, kane's, kanes, kearns, ken's, kermes, kern's, kernes, kerns, kirmes, pains, panes, peins, pen's, pence, penh's, penn's, penns, pens, pens', pense, perms, tains, tames, temse, ten's, tens, tense, tenth, term's, termes, terms, tern, ternes, terns, thames, turnes, turns

See keynes used in context: 2 rhymes, several books and articles.

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