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1 syllable:
bit, blitt, brit, britt, ccitt, chit, dlitt, fit, fitt, flit, fytte, grit, hit, hitt, kit, kitt, knit, lit, litt, mitt, mlitt, nit, pit, pitt, plitt, pritt, qubit, quit, ritt, schlitt, schmidt, schmit, schmitt, scrit, shit, sit, skit, slit, smit, smitt, spit, split, splitt, sprit, stitt, tit, tritt, vitt, whit, whitt, wit, witt, witte, writ

2 syllables:
a bit, acquit, admit, bar bit, barritt, base hit, befit, blade bit, blue tit, boblitt, bore bit, burditt, bush tit, clampitt, commit, core bit, cross bit, curb bit, davitt, devitt, dewitt, dewitte, douthit, douthitt, drill bit, emit, gillett, gill slit, it-wit, laffitte, lafitte, legit, mcnitt, mess kit, obit, omit, permit, politte, presplit, refit, remit, rock bit, savitt, spade bit, stock split, stone pit, submit, tar pit, the pit, tool kit, transmit, twist bit, unfit, whole kit

3 syllables:
baseball mitt, bit by bit, brace and bit, center bit, centre bit, closely knit, double knit, drilling bit, hawk and spit, holy writ, loosely knit, mother wit, pilot bit, readmit, recommit, resubmit, reverse split, roller bit, sewing kit, take a hit, the least bit, throw a fit, tightly knit, toilet kit, travel kit, work permit

4 syllables:
banana quit, banana split, building permit, carpenter's kit, every bit, expansion bit, expansive bit, judicial writ, liberty chit, lickety split, orchestra pit, parity bit, reverse stock split

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more mother mouse mouth move moves movies much mud mullet music myself myth naked nasty nature neck need needed nerves ness net news next nigga nightmare nine north not notes nothing notice now numb number nut ocean odd off okay once one open opinion opposite others out outside over own pal panic pants paper par part partner party passion people per perfect person persona pet peter phase phrase pick piece pig pillow pimp place places plan plane planet plastic plate play player playing please plus pocket poem poet point police position positive possible pot practice precious price prime prince print problem problems profit project prove public puck pump quest questions quick quiet rabbit rang rap rapper rare rat raw reach ready real reality really red regret religion remains resist respect retire rhyme rich rick ride right ring riot rip rise rock rocket roll row run rush sad said sam same sanity say says scared scene school scream second seconds secret see seed seeds seeing self sensation sense serious set shake shape she ship shoe shop short shot should show shower shy sick sign sin sings sink site situation skill skills skinny slim slowly snitch society socket some someone something sometimes song songs sonnet sorry soup south space spear spell spin spirit spoke spoon sport spot stand standard started steal stick sticky stomach stop straight streets struggle stuck stuff stunt style subject sublime subs succeed suck suicide sure surprised survive sweat sword system tactic take talk talking tall tape target task taste team tear ted telephone tell tense terms test that the thee them there thing things think thinking thirty this thou though thought three throat through thug tick ticket tie tied time tiny tion tip tired toast today told tomorrow tone too top topic tough toy trapped treasure trick tricks trigger trouble true trumpet truth try turned twin twist two unaware understand understanding unit universe unknown upon ups upset use vacation van velvet verse 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