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Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

bleak, bleat, bleed, bleek, bleep, blick, blicke, blip, blitt, brede, breed, breede, breet, breit, bric, brick, briet, brig, brigg, brigge, brigue, brique, brit, britt, bryk, cleat, cleek, cleet, cleoid, clepe, clicc, click, cliett, clip, clique, creag, creagh, creaght, creak, creat, crede, creed, creek, creep, crete, crib, cribb, crick, crip, crique, dreed, drepe, driegh, drip, dritt, dritte, glead, glebe, glede, gleed, gleep, gleet, glib, glich, glick, glicke, glyc-, grebe, grecque, grede, greed, greek, greep, greet, greig, grete, grick, grid, grieb, grieg, griep, griet, grigg, grip, gripp, grippe, grit, klebe, klick, klieg, klipp, klippe, kreep, kreig, kreke, krete, krick, krieg, kriek, kriete, plead, pleat, plebe, plete, plitt, prebe, prede, preed, prete, prick, priebe, prig, prigge, pritt, treague, treat, treed, treet, trib, trick, trieb, trig, trigg, trikk, trip, tripp, trippe, trique, tritt, trygg

See gleek used in context: 2 Shakespeare works several books and articles.

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