Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

airey, airy, arie, ary, barey, barre, berrey, berri, berrie, berry, buerry, bury, carey, carie, carrey, carrie, cary, cheri, cherie, cherry, chery, dairy, derry, dery, eyrie, fair, fair's, faire, fairer, faires, fairies, fairley, fairlie, fairly, fairs, farah, farai, fare, fared, fares, faring, faro, farrah, farrey, farrier, farrow, farry, fehr, fenney, fera, feria, fero, ferra, ferre, ferrer, ferreri, ferried, ferrier, ferries, ferro, ferry's, fetty, forie, forrey, forry, frary, gary, gehry, gerri, gerrie, gerry, gery, hairy, harry, jere, jeri, jerri, jerrie, jerry, kairey, kari, karry, kary, kerrey, kerri, kerry, larry, lary, marry, mary, merrie, merry, nary, neri, parry, perry, phair, pharaoh, phares, sheri, sherri, sherrie, sherry, tarry, teri, terri, terrie, terry, vary, verri, verry, very, wary, werry, wery, wherry, yeiri, fairey, fairy, ferri, ferrie, fery

cearley, celie, cellae, cellie, cerri, cerrie, cheri, cherie, faerie, faery, fairey, fairie, fairy, faley, felly, ferae, ferie, ferly, ferri, ferri-, ferrie, fery, feyly, pherae, saily, sarie, schelly, selie, selley, selye, serri, serry, serye, shaley, sharie, shelley, shelli, shellie, shelly, sheri, sherie, sherley, sherly, sherri, sherrie, sherry, shirlee, shirley, shirlie, shurley, surly, there he, vairy, vallely, varie, vary, veley, velie, verley, verri, verry, very, zaley, zelie

See ferry used in context: 48 rhymes, 1 Shakespeare work, several books and articles.

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