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Words and phrases that rhyme with close:   (516 results)

1 syllable:
beauce, beaus, blose, blows, blowse, blowze, boase, boes, boese, bose, bowes, bows, bowse, boze, bro's, broce, brose, choas, chose, churros, cirrhose, clothes, cloze, cose, crose, crow's, crows, croze, doe's, dohse, dose, doughs, doze, droze, duros, eaux, floes, flows, foes, froese, froze, ghose, glose, glows, gloze, goes, goghs, gose, groce, grohs, gros, grose, gross, grosz, grows, growse, ho's, hoes, hose, hoummos, joe's, joes, jos, jtwros, klose, knows, kroes, kroese, kroeze, legos, lo's, loews, lohse, los, lowe's, lowes, lows, lowse, maestros, moes, mose, most, no's, noahs, noce, noes, nose, o's, o.'s, o.s, o.s', oh's, ohs, ooohs, ose, ouzos, owes, ploce, poe's, pose, pows, pro's, pros, pros', prose, psoas, roes, roese, roh's, rohs, rose, row's, rowe's, rowes, rows, rowse, schmoes, schnoz, scows, segos, show's, shows, shows', sloes, slows, snow's, snows, so's, sowce, sows, sowse, spose, stoas, stowce, stows, those, throes, throws, toes, tows, troas, vose, woes, yoes

2 syllables:
acetose, adoze, aloes, alose, altos, ambrose, and rose, and shows, anoas, aporose, appose, arenose, arkose, arose, backhoes, bellrose, beprose, bestows, bio's, bog rose, bongoes, bongos, borough's, boroughs, boulos, boutros, bozos, brigose, bulldoze, bull nose, burrowes, butros, campeau's, cargo's, cargoes, cargos, cashflows, chapeaus, chateaus, chico's, chios, ciros, cirrose, cliff rose, cocos, compose, cousteau's, cribrose, cristo's, crossbows, cutose, defoe's, demos, denosse, depose, disclose, dispose, dog rose, dubose, duclos, dumose, eclose, elbows, enclose, engross, erose, euros, expose, fallows, fargo's, farrow's, fellowes, fibrose, filose, foreclose, forgoes, fructose, gameshows, gatos, gelose, globose, glucose, godot's, great gross, ground rose, guandjo's, guangjo's, gyros, hasbro's, haso's, hawk nose, her nose, hognose, hohos, hydro's, impose, inflows, in gross, in prose, ito's, jumbos, khios, kilos, kinko's, koslow's, labrose, lanose, lebow's, le gros, lignose, litco's, logos, marco's, marose, meadows, melrose, micheaux's, miro's, monroe's, montrose, morose, moscow's, mucose, musk rose, mus rose, mycose, negoce, ngos, nivose, non pros, octose, old rose, oppose, otto's, outflows, outgrows, pannose, penrose, perot's, perots, pharos, phenose, photo's, photos, plainclothes, plateaus, pope's nose, precoce, primo's, primrose, promos, propose, quelque chose, quito's, rainbows, renault's, repos, repose, rhinos, ribose, rimose, rivose, rockrose, rock rose, roussos, rush rose, sclerose, seow's, serose, sesno's, shadows, sideshows, silos, soco's, spicose, squamose, square toes, stamnos, stavros, strigose, sun rose, suppose, tarots, tea rose, tempos, torsos, transpose, trio's, triose, truffaut's, trunk hose, tussaud's, unclose, unfroze, verbose, vinose, virose, viscose, walthose, widdows, willowes, willows, wind rose, zeos

3 syllables:
aburto's, acerose, acervose, adios, adipose, afterglows, alagoas, allulose, amigos, ancylose, angelo's, angelos, angeloz, aranyos, atemlos, baby rose, bellicose, bengal rose, bigelow's, blood glucose, bluenose, booster dose, botryose, buffalo's, buffalos, bungalows, c. e. o.'s, c. e. o.s, calypsos, cameos, cape primrose, carolco's, cavazos, cellulose, centavos, chicago's, china rose, chloralose, christmas rose, cicatrose, coffee rose, comatose, commandos, comoros, confragose, cotton rose, cuperose, damask rose, decompose, desert rose, diagnose, diego's, domino's, dominoes, dominos, doorenbos, ecchymose, embryos, equipose, eskimos, espressos, falsettos, fire hose, garden hose, grandiose, groseclose, guinarou's, h. m. o.'s, h. m. o.s, hamulose, idaho's, interco's, interpose, juxtapose, labiose, lacrymose, lethal dose, levulose, mealynose, mexico's, microprose, monaco's, mountain rose, navajos, on the nose, otiose, overdose, overflows, overthrows, p. l. o.'s, pantyhose, papulose, patios, paxillose, pebereau's, predispose, presuppose, radio's, radios, ramulose, ratios, recall dose, reimpose, rivulose, rodeos, romano's, roman nose, sale in gross, sokolow's, squamulose, stereos, studio's, studios, studios', sucralose, support hose, tobacco's, tobaccos, tokyo's, tomatos, tomorrow's, tomorrows, tornado's, tornados, torpedos, tuxedos, undergoes, undertows, winter rose

4 syllables:
amiprilose, antonio's, antonios, cherokee rose, chinese primrose, english primrose, evening primrose, excerebrose, genus cocos, guantanamo's, hirohito's, japanese rose, lead by the nose, misdiagnose, new-mexico's, overexpose, pistachios, politicos, portfolio's, portfolios, superimpose, trichomatose, under her nose, under his nose, under my nose, under one's nose, under your nose, yoshihiro's

5 syllables:
aeromexico's, confederate rose, deoxyribose, michelangelo's, michelangelos, missouri primrose, nitrocellulose, polyphonic prose, radiator hose, summer damask rose

6 syllables:
common evening primrose

Words and phrases that almost rhyme :   (7 results)

1 syllable:
boats, coats, goats, groats, notes, oats

2 syllables:
rolled oats

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