Words and phrases that rhyme with chinese gooseberry:   (554 results)

2 syllables:
aeri-, aerie, airear, airee, airey, airy, arie, ary, barey, barie, barre, barrie, barry, barye, berrey, berri, berrie, berry, buerry, bury, carey, carie, carrey, carrie, carry, cary, cerri, cerrie, cheri, cherie, cherri, cherrie, cherry, chery, clary, cleri, dairi, dairy, darry, derry, dery, eyrie, faerie, faery, fairey, fairie, fairy, ferae, ferie, ferri, ferri-, ferrie, ferry, fery, frary, garry, gary, gehry, gerri, gerrie, gerry, gery, glairy, glary, hairy, harry, herry, jarry, jere, jeri, jerri, jerrie, jerry, kairey, karee, karey, kari, karrie, karry, kary, kerrey, kerri, kerrie, kerry, knarry, lairy, larry, lary, lehri, mairi, mairie, marae, marry, mary, merri, merrie, merry, mhairi, nary, neri, paree, parry, perrie, perry, pherae, prairie, prarie, querry, sarie, scarey, scary, serri, serry, serye, sharie, sheri, sherie, sherri, sherrie, sherry, skerry, snary, spary, sperry, stary, sterry, tairi, tarry, teri, terrae, terri, terrie, terry, vairy, varie, vary, verri, verry, very, wary, warye, werrey, werry, wery, wherry, xquery, yeiri

3 syllables:
adere, akureyri, alarie, alteri, amaury, ameri, annmarie, aperi, ariary, arteri, asare, asbury, assary, auberry, auxerre, avary, avere, averi, azeri, bacteri, bagheri, banbury, barberi, blackberry, blueberry, boveri, bradberry, bradbury, breweri, brimberry, buccheri, cabeiri, cadbury, calare, calcaire, calcare, canary, carberry, cecere, cercariae, cerveteri, conferree, contrarry, contrary, cranberry, curreri, daguerre, delleri, denary, dewberry, dismarry, dogberry, doonesbury, dubarry, eleri, elsberry, elsbury, embury, facere, ferreri, firmare, gadberry, galere, galleri, gasperi, glengarry, goldsberry, granberry, grandberry, guarneri, hackberry, hanberry, hanbury, hansberry, histeri, humeri, inmarry, kabeiri, kaveri, kayseri, kilbury, kingsbury, lactaire, laguerre, lansberry, laprairie, lasserre, lateri, liberi, librairie, library, lineberry, macquarie, macquarrie, macsharry, marberry, marbury, marksberry, maseri, mauceri, maugeri, mayberry, maybury, mcclary, mccrary, mcgarry, mcgary, mcnairy, mcnary, mcquerry, mcsherry, metairie, mismarry, moceri, mooberry, mulberry, nageoire, nanterre, narrare, nazaire, newberry, newbery, newbury, numeri, o'berry, oberry, omary, oteri, owerri, palmeri, parare, passeri, pecary, picariae, pierie, pillsbury, plumeri, primary, prosperi, pryderi, queensberry, raineri, raneri, raspberry, recarey, remarry, retiary, roseberry, rosemary, roxbury, ruairi, ruggeri, saberi, sancerre, saulsberry, scarberry, scuderi, seaberry, seabury, sedberry, selleri, severi, shikaree, shrewsberry, shrewsbury, silveri, simsbury, soleri, sperare, spiteri, sprayberry, stanberry, stanbury, stansberry, strawberry, sudberry, sudbury, sunseri, superi, tacere, teleri, tepary, thornberry, thornbury, throneberry, tiberi, tilbury, tornariae, triarii, tuyere, unary, unbury, unchary, unmarry, unmerry, unwary, uteri, valere, valeri, viary, viguerie, vineri, viteri, volere, westberry, westbury, winberry, woodberry, woodbury, yarberry

4 syllables:
abampere, adversary, ancillary, appleberry, arbitrary, arterberry, atterbury, aviary, bacillariae, balistreri, barillari, beriberi, brackenbury, budgetary, burgdorferi, cacciare, camilleri, canterbury, canzoneri, capillary, carattere, casselberry, cassowary, castleberry, cautionary, cemetery, centenary, christenberry, christenbury, cometary, commentary, commissary, corollary, coronary, culinary, customary, dermopteri, derryberry, dictionary, dietary, dignitary, dispensary, dromedary, dysentery, echeverri, eckelberry, emissary, estuary, faulkenberry, february, formulary, fragmentary, francesmary, frankenberry, functionary, funerary, guinevere, hockenberry, hockenbury, honorary, honourary, huckleberry, ikenberry, intervary, january, lapidary, leatherberry, leatherbury, legendary, literary, locataire, londonderry, luminary, mercenary, mickelberry, middlebury, military, missionary, momentary, monastery, monetary, montazeri, montgomerie, mortuary, necessary, novenary, ocellary, oliveri, onerary, ordinary, palmieri, palminteri, pervadere, piacere, planetary, proletaire, pulmonary, pusateri, quaternary, ranieri, rhinoceri, rosenberry, rotenberry, rupellary, sagittarii, salutary, sanctuary, sanitary, savagery, secondary, secretary, sedentary, seminary, solitary, stationary, stationery, statuary, tagliaferri, temporary, tertiary, tipperary, topiary, tributary, unguentary, unitary, urinary, veterinary, visionary, waterbury

5 syllables:
admaxillary, alighieri, allodiary, apothecary, bicentenary, bimaxillary, bollettieri, caponiere, concessionary, confectionary, confectionery, constabulary, contemporary, deflationary, depositary, disciplinary, discretionary, diversionary, epistolary, exclusionary, expansionary, extraordinary, fiduciary, hereditary, illusionary, imaginary, inflationary, intercalary, involuntary, itinerary, judiciaire, judiciary, non-military, nonmilitary, obituary, octogenary, pecuniary, pedicellariae, pituitary, preliminary, probationary, proprietary, reactionary, recessionary, subaxillary, subsidiary, unnecessary, unsanitary, vocabulary

6 syllables:
beneficiary, disinflationary, evolutionary, expeditionary, frontomaxillary, interplanetary, non-inflationary, noninflationary, paramilitary, revolutionary, semilegendary, septomaxillary, stylomaxillary, temporomaxillary, undersecretary

7 syllables:
cardiopulmonary, interdisciplinary, palatomaxillary

8 syllables:

Words and phrases that almost rhyme :   (18 results)

3 syllables:
bloomsbury, dupery, foolery, jewellery, jewelry, juneberry, prudery, tewkesbury, usury

4 syllables:
buffoonery, charcuterie, collutory, delusory, illusory, perfumery, poltroonery, translunary

5 syllables:

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