Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

ant, aunt, bandt, caen, caen's, cahn, calfed, can, can's, cana, cann, canned, canner, cannes, canney, cannot, canny, canoy, cans, canter, cantey, canto, cantor, cantu, canty, capped, cashed, cast, caste, cat, catt, chant, conte, count, dant, fant, gant, gantt, jandt, kan, kana, kann, kanne, kanner, kanno, kanter, kantor, kantz, kanz, kast, kat, katt, kent, khanna, kindt, kint, landt, lant, mandt, pant, quant, rant, sandt, sant, scant, tant, yant, zandt, zant, cant, kandt, kant, banc, band, bande, bandh, bandt, banged, bank, banke, banned, banque, bombed, bond, bonde, bondt, bonk, bonke, bonte, calmed, cam-pc, camp, campe, cande, canned, cann pt, cant, cante, comdt, comp, con-ed, conch, conde, conk, conned, conque, contd, dahnke, dammed, damned, damp, dank, danke, dant, domke, donde, donned, donte, gammed, gamp, ganged, gant, gantt, gond, kamp, kampe, kande, kandt, kant, kante, khond, kohnke, komp, pam-d, panged, panned, pant, pant-, pomp, pompe, pond, pont, ponte, tammc, tamp, tank, tanke, tanned, tanque, tant, tante, tommed, ttbomk

See can't used in context: 72 rhymes, 3 Shakespeare works, 6 Mother Goose rhymes, several books and articles.

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