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Words and phrases that rhyme with cabernets:   (703 results)

1 syllable:
-ways, a's, a.'s, a.s, baise, baize, bay's, bayes, bays, bayse, baze, bet's, bets, betts, betz, blaese, blaise, blaize, blase, blayze, blaze, braes, braies, braise, braize, brase, brays, braze, bretts, bretz, caids, caise, cayes, chais, chaise, chayes, chcss, che's, claes, claeys, clase, clayes, clays, crase, cray's, crays, craze, dais, daise, dase, day's, days, days', daze, debt's, debts, drays, dreys, fay's, faye's, faze, fe's, fettes, fetz, fgets, flays, fleys, fraes, frais, fraise, frase, frays, fraze, frets, fretz, frey's, gase, gays, gaze, gets, getts, getz, glaze, gleys, goetz, gray's, grays, graze, greitz, gretz, grey's, greys, hase, hayes, hays, hayse, haze, hetz, heys, j's, j.'s, jae's, jaids, jay's, jay-z, jays, jet's, jets, jets', jett's, jetts, k's, k.'s, kase, kay's, kayes, kays, ketz, klase, kretz, lais, lase, lay's, lays, leis, let's, lets, letts, letz, leys, lletz, lyase, mae's, maes, maise, maize, mase, may's, mayes, mays, mays', mayse, maze, met's, mets, mets', metts, metz, nase, nays, nets, netts, netz, nlets, nm ase, pais, paise, paiz, pays, payse, pccts, pei's, pet's, pets, petz, phase, phaze, phrase, plaise, plase, play's, plays, pletz, praise, prase, prays, preys, quays, raise, rase, ray's, rayes, rays, raze, re's, rea's, res, retz, reyse, rnase, sais, saiz, sets, setts, shays, shea's, shlaes, skase, slays, sleighs, smaze, spaes, spays, spets, splays, sprays, stays, stets, stetz, strays, sways, swayze, sweats, swetz, taizz, tays, threats, trais, trays, trets, treys, vets, vrais, waifs, wais, waise, way's, ways, weighs, wetz, whets, xrays, yeas

2 syllables:
abets, ablaze, abrase, acrase, acraze, adays, affrays, agaze, ageis, aguets, aigrettes, airway's, airways, airways', allays, always, amase, amaze, amvets, appraise, araise, archaise, arrays, ashtrays, assays, assets, aways, b-j's, baguettes, ballet's, ballets, barbettes, barnaise, barnett's, barrettes, bearnaise, begets, belays, bemaze, benet's, bepraise, berets, berlet's, besets, betrays, bidets, biphase, birthdays, bluejays, blue jets, bombay's, bouquets, brevets, briquettes, broadway's, brochettes, brockway's, brunets, brunettes, buffets, burettes, burnett's, byways, caches, cachets, cadets, cafes, cashways, cassettes, causeways, chalaze, chalets, chametz, cliches, conveys, coquets, coquettes, cornettes, corvettes, couchettes, crevettes, crochets, croquets, croquettes, curetes, curettes, curvets, cuvettes, da's, decays, defrays, deglaze, delays, delhaize, deshaies, deshayes, dinettes, diskettes, dismays, displays, dispraise, dog days, doorways, downplays, dragnets, driveways, duarte's, duets, dupleix, duvets, eastmet's, ebay's, edgeways, egrets, elway's, emblaze, entrees, essays, estrays, fadaise, fairways, falaise, filets, flint maize, folkways, foodways, forgets, fourchettes, fournaise, freeways, freightways, friday's, fridays, fuentes, fuentez, galettes, gateway's, gateways, gazettes, georgettes, gervaise, gesetz, gilets, gillette's, gourmets, grindlays, grisettes, hallways, handsets, harmetz, headsets, highway's, highways, hoevet's, hyundai's, hyundais, imblaze, in-phase, inaez, ingushes, inlets, inrets, inveighs, jaffray's, jenrette's, jose's, jouret's, judaise, kerseys, kmetz, kuznets, lachaise, ladettes, lamaze, leaseway's, lengthways, lescaze, liggett's, lorgnettes, louchettes, lunettes, madres, mainstays, malaise, malays, maltaise, maquettes, mauvaise, mcveigh's, midway's, milreis, mindsets, mislays, misplays, mispraise, misraise, mj's, mofettes, monday's, mondays, monet's, morays, mores, murrays, musettes, newsday's, nikkei's, noisettes, non-jets, nonjets, norway's, noun phrase, obeys, odets, ofays, offsets, okays, oles, omelettes, outlays, outlet's, outlets, outweighs, ovett's, padres, palettes, palmettes, parfaits, pathways, picquets, pipettes, pj's, plaquettes, portrays, post chaise, prepays, pronase, purveys, quartet's, quartets, quartettes, quintettes, railway's, railways, ranchettes, reglaze, regrets, relays, repays, rephrase, replays, reraise, resets, revets, rileys, rillettes, roadways, rockettes, roget's, roomettes, rosettes, roulette's, roulettes, runways, safeway's, sassnet's, sassnets, screenplays, seprase, septettes, set phrase, sevres, shoegaze, sideways, sieyes, soubrettes, stairways, steinway's, strangwayes, subnets, subways, sucrase, sundae's, sunday's, sundays, sunsets, survey's, surveys, swordplays, taipei's, thursday's, today's, todays, tokays, tourette's, tourettes, trailways, trailways', tuesday's, tuesdays, twinjets, ukase, uncase, unglaze, unpraise, unsays, untaes, upraise, upsets, vedettes, verb phrase, vignettes, walkways, wednesday's, wednesdays, weekdays, workdays, x-rays, zea mays

3 syllables:
accuray's, activase, aerojets, afsane's, aiguillettes, alleyways, allumettes, alouettes, anal phase, antillais, antillaise, anyways, baronets, bayonets, bioassays, bolognaise, c. i. a.'s, cabarets, callaway's, carteret's, castaways, ceredase, chevrolet's, chevrolets, cigarette's, cigarettes, coronets, delosreyes, dijonnaise, dismutase, dnase, dossiers, early days, emigres, epaulettes, epithets, etiquettes, f. d. a.'s, falconets, faraday's, ferrarese, galloways, getaways, giveaways, guimaraes, hathaway's, hemingway's, holiday's, holidays, holliday's, i. r. a.'s, i. r. a.s, interfase, internet's, interplays, invirase, in two ways, ira's, iras, isohyets, kokate's, larroquette's, lazarettes, luncheonettes, lyonnais, lyonnaise, majorettes, marseillaise, massenet's, matinees, mayonaise, mayonnaise, midinettes, mignonettes, milo maize, minarets, motherese, n. r. a.'s, nepaulese, novelettes, nowadays, oral phase, overlays, overplays, paraphrase, photolyase, piaget's, piedmontese, pinochet's, pirouettes, polonaise, polyphase, protease, proteges, reappraise, replicase, resumes, reteplase, runaways, santa-fe's, set ablaze, silhouettes, soviet's, soviets, soviets', statuettes, stowaway's, stowaways, straightaways, suffragettes, superpraise, touvier's, traveldays, uruguay's, valujet's, vilayets, vinaigrettes, waterways, willamette's, yesterday's, yesterdays

4 syllables:
collagenase, communiques, compusa's, genital phase, glutaminase, green mayonnaise, indosuez, latency phase, marionettes, massachusettes, melodic phrase, menstrual phase, month of sundays, musical phrase, one of these days, speculators', streptokinase, superhighways, telomerase, the good old days, urokinase, usairways, velagrande's

5 syllables:
audiocassettes, commerciale's, russian mayonnaise, rutherford b. hayes, videocassettes

6 syllables:
rutherford birchard hayes

7 syllables:

Words and phrases that almost rhyme :   (102 results)

1 syllable:
-less, bess, bless, ches, chess, cress, dress, es, ess, fess, fesse, fress, guess, hess, hesse, jess, les, less, mess, nes, ness, press, s, stress, tress, wes, yes

2 syllables:
address, aggress, assess, bench press, caress, compress, confess, depress, digress, distress, egress, excess, express, finesse, fluoresce, full dress, impress, ingress, largesse, ls, noblesse, obsess, oppress, possess, profess, progress, punch press, recess, redress, regress, repress, success, suppress, transgress, ts, undress, unless

3 syllables:
abs, acquiesce, bayonet, ccs, coalesce, convalesce, cps, deliquesce, dispossess, dss, evening dress, fancy dress, garden cress, gps, intumesce, irs, lcs, more or less, morning dress, nonetheless, oas, printing press, reassess, recrudesce, repossess, sms, sos, unkindness, uss, winter cress

4 syllables:
cmos, hydraulic press, nevertheless, permanent press, pony express, rotary press, ws

5 syllables:
freedom of the press

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