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Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

aces, base's, bases, basic, basing, basses, boss's, bosses, bosses', brace's, buses, case's, chase's, pace's, paces, race's

baffies, baizes, bases, base his, base is, bashes, basis, basisch, basses, bath is, bavis, berceuse, beschiss, bessies, bevies, bevis, bevvies, birth is, boshes, bosheth, bossies, boss is, bothies, burrfish, bur fish, caches, cache is, case's, cases, casey's, case his, case is, cashes, cash is, cassis, cathy's, cause his, cause is, cave is, cavies, coffee's, coshes, cossies, cozzies, curses, cursive, curve is, daces, daises, daisies, daisy's, dashes, dassies, davies, davis, davys, days is, day this, dazes, death his, death is, dervis, dervish, devis, gacy's, gas's, gases, gasses, gas is, gave his, gazes, gaze is, guesses, guessive, guess is, guez's, kashif, kassis, kathy's, kazis, kctcs, keziz, pace's, paces, pace is, pacif, pases, pashes, passes, passif, passive, pass his, pass is, path is, pavis, pays his, pay fees, pay this, perceive, percy's, perses, persis, pervis, pesis, posses, purses, pursive, purvis, tacis, taffies, tases, tasis, tasses, tassies, tavis, tavish, terces, tesis, tethys, tevis, toffees, toffies

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