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Words and phrases whose definition contains true:   (403 results)

., abies, accept, acceptance, acceptation, accepted, accomplishable, accuracy, achievable, acknowledge, acrididae, adage, admit, affidavit, affirm, alga, algae, allegeable, american licorice, american liquorice, analytic, analytical, angora, angora goat, apodeictic, apodictic, appear, argument, assassin bug, assert, assume, assumed, assumption, assumptive, atilt, attest, aver, avow, bamboozle, beguiler, belief, believe, believer, betray, blind, blithe, bovidae, brachyura, bradypodidae, brazilian guava, brazilian potato tree, bryophyta, bryopsida, bufonidae, buy, byword, callithrix, camouflage, canted, cassandra, cedrus, cellular slime mold, cephalochordate, certification, cheat, cheater, cholera infantum, chordata, christian church, claim, class bryopsida, class musci, class myxomycetes, cloaked, color, come, conditional relation, conformable, conformal projection, contradictory, contrary, coreid, coreid bug, corroboration, cotton stainer, crawfish, crayfish, credence, crested swift, crocodylidae, curculionidae, deceiver, deceptive, delusory, demonstrable, denial, desmodontidae, details, diptera, disciples of christ, disguise, disguised, division bryophyta, division eumycota, doable, documentation, dogma, election fraud, endospore-forming bacteria, erinaceidae, eubacteriales, eumycota, exaggerated, existential operator, existential quantifier, false verdict, family acrididae, family bovidae, family bradypodidae, family bufonidae, family crocodylidae, family curculionidae, family desmodontidae, family erinaceidae, family locustidae, family morchellaceae, family muscicapidae, family passeridae, family pediculidae, family percidae, family phallaceae, family ranidae, family sciuridae, family sepiidae, family sylviidae, family triglidae, family turnicidae, fatal, felis, fern, filicales, firebug, form division, form family, form genus, fraud in the inducement, frighteningly, fungus, genus abies, genus callithrix, genus cedrus, genus erica, genus felis, genus gobio, genus jacksonia, genus lagenophera, genus pediculus, genus phthirius, genus phthirus, genus pinus, glottis, glottis vera, glycyrrhiza lepidota, gnathostome, gobio, guarantee, hacker, half-truth, heart, hemiptera, heteroptera, heteropterous insect, hold, hoodwink, hop clover, hypothesis, hysteron proteron, ictodosaur, implication, improbable, incompatibility, inconsistency, incontestable, incontrovertible, indian buffalo, indirectness, indisputable, inept, inside information, insist, jacksonia, jury, know, lacertilia, lagenophera, langouste, lawful, lead by the nose, leal, leaning, leg-pull, leg-pulling, lemma, lesser yellow trefoil, likely, lipotyphla, living, locustidae, logical implication, lygaeid, lygaeid bug, magnetic declination, magnetic variation, mannish, maraschino, maraschino cherry, masked, mentalism, metier, mole rat, morchellaceae, musci, muscicapidae, mutually exclusive, mutual exclusiveness, mycteria americana, myomorpha, myxomycetes, negation, obtain, order diptera, order eubacteriales, order filicales, order hemiptera, order perciformes, order percomorphi, order polypodiales, order pseudomonadales, order psilotales, order scandentia, order scorpionida, orthomorphic projection, out of true, overdone, overstated, paradox, paradoxical, passeridae, pediculidae, pediculus, percidae, perciformes, percomorphi, phallaceae, phthirius, phthirus, phylum chordata, pinus, plausible, play false, pleonastic, polypodiales, posit, possibility, possibleness, possibly, postulate, potato tree, premise, premiss, presume, presumeda, prevail, principle, probable, professing, profession, proof, proposition, proverb, pseudohermaphrodite, pseudomonadales, psidium guineense, psilotales, pull the wool over someone's eyes, purporteda, putativea, pythagoras, ranidae, rationalisation, rationalization, realizable, reasoning backward, receive, received, recognition, reduviid, reflect, regress, repugnance, reputeda, reverse, rima glottidis, rima vocalis, rock lobster, root, rubus fruticosus, rule, sandalwood, sandbagger, sauria, saw, scandentia, scientific fact, sciuridae, sclerotium, scorpionida, sea crawfish, seem, see through, self-contradictory, sepiidae, shamrock, silver fir, sleeper, slicker, snow, solanum crispum, solanum macranthum, solanum wrightii, solution, sophisticated, spiny lobster, stalking-horse, statement, strepsirhini, subfamily triglinae, suborder brachyura, suborder heteroptera, suborder lacertilia, suborder lipotyphla, suborder myomorpha, suborder sauria, suborder strepsirhini, subterfuge, supposeda, sure, surmise, suspect, swan, swear, sylviidae, taken for grantedp, take for granted, tautology, tenet, thallus, theory, therefore, tilted, tipped, tree-frog, tree frog, tree swift, trickster, trifolium dubium, triglidae, triglinae, true-blue, true-false, true blackberry, true glottis, true statement, true up, truster, trustful, truth, tulipwood tree, turnicidae, uncloak, underestimate, underestimation, underrating, underreckoning, undisputable, unfaithful, universal quantifier, unlikely, unmask, untrue, variation, verified, verify, verisimilar, verisimilitude, virus, water bug, way, wild licorice, wild liquorice, wishful thinking, wood ibis, wood stork

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