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Words and phrases whose definition contains take:   (769 results)

., abduct, absorb, accede, accept, access, acquire, active, activity, admonish, adopt, adventure, aggress, aircraft carrier, airfield, airwave, amphibian, amphibious aircraft, anabolic, annex, appeal, apprehend, appropriate, arena, arise, arrest, arrogate, assertively, assimilate, assume, attach, attack, attack aircraft carrier, attend, attend to, audacious, auditor, aum, aum shinrikyo, avail, avenge, backseat, bad, bag, ball, ballpark, bar exam, bar examination, baseball, baseball game, bask, baster, be, bear, begin, believe, bell the cat, bench, benjamin franklin, berk, beverage, bilge, binary arithmetic operation, binary operation, blackleg, blue wall, board, boolean operation, borrow, bother, bowelless, brail, break, break apart, break away, break out, break up, breathe, bring, bring home the bacon, bring out, bullring, bunk, bus stop, buy out, buy up, cab, call in, capture, caretaker, carjack, carpetbagger, carrier, carry, cart away, cart off, car pool, cash in on, catch, catch a wink, catch one's breath, catnap, cautious, cellular respiration, challenge, chance, cheekiness, chemisorb, choleric, chump, claim, classroom, clawback, clobber, closeup lens, clutch, co-opt, coal, coaling station, coerce, coinsure, collar, come forward, come in, come out, come to the fore, come upon, commandeer, commence, conduct, confine, confiscate, conjoin, conquer, consider, consideration, constitutionalize, construction, convey, cop, correspond, cotton, coulisse, count, course of action, cover, crib, cricket, cross section, crust, crystalise, crystalize, crystallise, crystallize, cut in, dare, daring, dawdle, deal, decompress, deducted, degauss, dehorn, delight, demagnetise, demagnetize, demonstrate, demur, deprive, despoil, detach, detain, detract, develop, devise, dial, differentiate, diplomatic, direct, disarm, disassemble, disburden, discourage, dishearten, dismantle, displace, dispute, distrain, disunite, divest, divide, doctor, dope, do away with, drag, draw, drink, drop back, dry-nurse, eas, easy, eat, eliminate, embrace, emergency alert system, eminent domain, energy, enjoy, ensnare, enter, entertain, enter upon, entrap, entrepreneurial, escape, espouse, euchre, evasive, eviscerate, exact, except, exceptionable, excerpt, exhortation, extract, faecal occult test, fall guy, fall in, fall out, fatwah, fecal occult test, feed, fence-sitter, fetch, field, fingerprint, fireman, five hundred, fix, flash, flashbulb, flashgun, flash bulb, flash lamp, flattop, flirt with, flying field, fly the coop, follow, fool, foray, foray into, force, foreclose, foreign exchange, for example, foul line, frame, franklin, frap, freshness, fuel, gainsay, gall, gallantly, gamble, gamekeeper, game warden, garnish, garnishee, gather up, get, get back, get down, get even, get hitched with, get hold of, get married, get out, get rid of, give, give-and-go, give and take, give or take, glance, glass, glass over, glaze, glaze over, glint, glom, go, go out, go with, grab, green light, groom, ground, grow, guard, guide, gull, habituate, hack, hairsplitting, hale, hanky panky, harbor, harbour, haul away, haul off, haven, hazard, head, head for the hills, help, highjack, highjacker, hightail it, hijack, hijacker, hocus-pocus, hog, hold, holiday, holiday season, holy day of obligation, honor system, hook, hook up with, hoop snake, horse-trade, hostile, hostler, hour, house, housekeep, hue, huffy, hunker down, hydroplane, hypertrophy, icily, idea, ill-conceived, imbibe, impelled, impertinence, impound, impoverish, impregnable, impress, impudence, incompetent, incompetent person, inconvenience oneself, inexpugnable, informality, ingest, initiate, inject, insolence, instrument of execution, insure, internal respiration, intransitive, intransitive verb, intransitive verb form, invalidate, invitation, ironweed, irremovable, jiggery-pokery, just, kidnap, kind, kindly, kite, knock off, lam, landing field, landing net, lap, lap up, last word, lead, leak, leave behind, left, letter of intent, lick, lien, lift, lift out, lift up, linger, local, locate, long, look, look at, loosen up, loot, lose weight, luck into, lunch, magicicada septendecim, makeup, make bold, man, march, mark, marry, masquerade, measure, measure out, medicine, medusa, melt off, menses, mensurate, mikvah, milk, mind, move, mug, nab, nag, nail, nap, nibble, nice, nim, nitrobacterium, nobble, noncommital, notary, notary public, note, now and again, objectionable, obstructer, obstructionist, obstructor, offload, optimise, optimist, optimize, originate, orphan site, ostler, outrank, pac-man strategy, paparazzo, park, part, patsy, pay back, pay off, peek, peel off, pegged-down, periodical cicada, photoflash, pick, pickup, pick up, piece, pill, pillage, pioneer, pirate, pit stop, place, plagiarise, plagiarize, play, plunder, pocket, pod, polyp, pop, posit, postulate, potluck, powder-puff, precook, predetermination, prehend, premise, premiss, preoccupy, prepared, pressure, presume, presuppose, proceed, profess, promenade, proof, prove, provide, province, puff, pull, pull out, put off, qualifier, raid, raider, rake off, range, rank, ransack, rat, re-assume, reave, rebel, rebuke, recapture, reckon, reduce, refuel, region, relax, relieve, relish, replace, replacement, repletion, represent, reprove, requisition, rescue, resister, respiration, rest, restart, restiveness, resume, retake, retaliate, revel, revenge, rifle, right, right of election, right of entry, right of way, riot, rise, rise up, risk, roar, rob, roll, room, root, rule, run, runway, run away, run a risk, rustle, ruthlessly, sample, sandbagger, satiation, satiety, savor, savour, scab, scale, scalp, scarper, scene of action, schoolroom, scoop, scoop out, scoop up, seaplane, seaport, second reading, see, seize, separate, sequester, settle, set about, set out, set up, seventeen-year locust, shadiness, shake hands, shallowness, shanghai, shower, shufti, side, sit, sit down, skittishness, skulduggery, skullduggery, slenderize, slickness, slim, slim down, slip off, slow down, snatch, sneak, snitch, snooker, soak up, socialise, socialize, soft, soft touch, solar trap, sop up, sorb, sorbent, sorbent material, spoon, sporting, spring up, squeeze, stableboy, stableman, stalinization, stand for, start, start out, steal, step forward, step to the fore, step up, stoichiometry, stool test, storm, straightforwardness, strike, strip, substitute, suburbanise, suburbanize, suck, sucker, suck in, suck up, suntrap, sup, supersede, supervene, supervene upon, supplant, suppose, supreme truth, surprise, swallow, swear, sweep up, takeover attempt, takeover bid, take after, take apart, take away, take a breather, take a chance, take a joke, take back, take care, take chances, take down, take effect, take five, take for, take for granted, take hold of, take home, take in, take in water, take kindly to, take note, take notice, take off, take office, take on, take orders, take out, take over, take shape, take ten, take the air, take time off, take to, take to heart, take to the woods, take turns, take up, taste, taxi, taxicab, technical, then, there, thieve, thin, thin-skinned, think about, think of, thirsty, thrust bearing, thunderbird, thwarter, time, timetable, touchy, toy, toy with, trickery, trim, trouble, trouble oneself, try, try out, turn, turn down, turn tail, unarm, unbend, unburden, unclothe, undock, unhook, unload, unmask, unsatisfactory, unsay, unstaple, unwind, uprise, use, usurp, vacation, venturesome, venturous, vernonia, victual, vitiate, void, wake-up call, walk, walk off, webcam, wed, weigh, whisk away, whisk off, white man's burden, will, wise, withdraw, wive, worm, writing paper, wrong, x-ray

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