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Words and phrases whose definition contains out:   (1708 results)

., abandon, abstracted, accent, accentuate, accidental, accomplice, accumulation, acquiescent, act, action, actually, act out, addition, adhere, adust, advantage, adventuresome, adventurous, advised, aerially, aerosol, aerosol bomb, aerosol can, aerosol container, affiliate, agromania, air-tight, airtight, air current, air out, air pump, al-fatah, all-out, allocator, allot, alluvial cone, alluvial fan, alpha test, alto relievo, alto rilievo, american capital, american party, amphibious assault, amusingly, anagram, anagrammatise, anagrammatize, antique, apportion, apportioned, arborise, arborize, ariadne, arise, arrange, array, arrogant, ascertain, ascertainable, asdic, aside, assign, associate, assort, astirp, attack, attic fan, august friedrich leopold weismann, average, avoid, away, backstage, back out, badly, bad condition, bag, bagpipe, bail, baked, balance of payments, ball, ballpark, bang, banian, banian tree, bank clerk, banyan, banyan tree, bar, barbecue, barbecuing, barbeque, bartle frere, base, basso continuo, bastardly, bastardy proceeding, batting average, bay window, beat, beat out, bee, begin, behind-the-scenes, belly, belly out, bench, beta test, beyond control, be after, biddable, big, bikers, bilaterally, bilk, bizarreness, blacklist, blackwash, black book, black operation, blank out, blastocladiales, blaze, blind, blind alley, block, blockage, block out, bloomsbury, blow out, blurt, board, body, boldness, book of exodus, book of numbers, boom, boot out, botch, bouffant, bouncer, bounce out, bow window, boy, br, branch, branching, brave, brazen, break, break out, breathe, breathing, brigate rosse, bring about, bring forth, bring out, brodmann's area, broken, browned off, buckle, buffet, bulge, bulk, bully pulpit, bum, bump, burned-out, burnt-out, burst, burst forth, burst out, busted, butt, butterfly, butterfly stroke, cabal, cackle, cain, calculated, call, call attention, call in, call out, camper, camping bus, cancel out, capital of the united states, cardiac output, careen, carpentry, carpet beater, carrier electrophoresis, carry out, carry to term, cartridge extractor, cartridge remover, cashier, cast, casting, casual, catch up, cave, cavern, cavernous, cavern out, cell membrane, cell wall, centesis, chancea, charade, charades, charles l'enfant, check, check-out procedure, check out, cheerlessly, cheesed off, chesty, chimney breast, chip, chisel, chloroplast, choose, chooser, chorionic villus, chucker-out, chuck out, circle, clean out, clear out, clinker, closer, cloud, cloud-cuckoo-land, coaming, coinsure, cold, colorado plateau, comb-out, combined operation, come forth, come out, commence, common dolphin, compart, compel, compile, complacently, complaint, complete, completely, compliant, compose, concave lens, concoction, condense, condition, confederate, confession, conk, connect, conscientious, consort, conspiracy, constitutionally, construct, continental glacier, continuo, contort, contorted, contract killing, contrive, convexly, cop out, cough out, cough up, course, cover, cozen, crank out, crawfish, crawfish out, criticise, criticism, criticize, cross-check, crowd, crowd out, crush, cull out, cultural revolution, cul de sac, cumulative preferred, cumulative preferred stock, cunctator, curdling, cut, cutout, cutting room, cut away, cut out, cynoscion regalis, cytomembrane, cy pres, cy pres doctrine, dam, danger, daringly, daydream, day in and day out, dc, dead, dead-end street, deadhead, deal, dealt out, debar, debouch, debut, decant, declare, deep-six, defender, defenestrate, defenestration, deflation, deform, deformed, delete, deletion, deliberate, deliver, delphinus delphis, delusions of persecution, demode, demonstrative, demonstrative pronoun, denotation, denounce, depart, departinga, deracination, derange, descensus, desiccated, design, designing, despair, desperation, deterge, determine, develop, developed, deviate, dictate, die, die out, diffuse, diffuseness, digitally, dig out, dike, diligent, dip, direfully, disappearance, disappearing, disassociate, disbud, disburse, discard, discharge, discoverable, discovered check, discreetly, disentangled, disentangler, disfavor, disfavour, disgorge, disgustedly, dish, disjointedly, dislocate, dislodge, dismiss, disoriented, dispatch, dispatched, dispensation, dispensed, displace, dispossess, dispread, disproportional, disproportionate, disservice, dissolve, dissuasion, distort, distorted, distressed, distress call, distress signal, distribute, distributed, distributor, district of columbia, diverge, diverging lens, divot, divvy up, do, dock, dockage, docking facility, dockyard, dodo, doled out, dole out, door prize, doped, dormer, dormer window, double-date, double play, doubting thomas, douse, dowdy, down-and-out, downp, do away with, do justice, drafting, draw, drawback, drawer, drawl, drawn-out, draw out, dried-out, drilling fluid, drilling mud, drive, drive home, drive out, drop, drop out, drydock, dry dock, ductile, dugout, dugout canoe, dunkirk, duteous, dutiful, dutifully, dyke, early morel, east indian fig tree, ebbtide, echo sounder, eco-warfare, ecological terrorism, ecological warfare, ecoterrorism, edmund i, effective, effluence, efflux, effulgence, effuse, egress, egression, eject, ejection, elaborate, elaborately, elasticity of shear, elemental, elide, eliminate, elongated, elute, emanate, embark, embossment, emerge, emergence, eminent, emission, emphasise, emphasize, empty, enact, end, endlessly, engage, enter, en masse, equipped, equipt, eradicable, erase, error, eruct, eructation, erupt, eruption, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, esr, estranging, eupneic, eupnoeic, evacuate, evacuated, even, eventuate, even out, eversion, evert, everting, evict, evolve, ex, examine, exasperated, excerpt, excise, excision, exclude, exclusion, excogitation, excrescence, execute, execution, executive, executive branch, executive office of the president, executor, exercise, exfiltration operation, exhale, exhaled, exhaling, exhaust, exhaust fan, exit, exodus, expectorate, expectoration, expel, expelling, expend, expenditure, expiratory, expletive, expose, exposure, expression, expropriated, expropriation, expulsion, expunge, exsert, extend, extended, extensible, extensile, extension, exterminable, extinct, extinguish, extinguished, extirpable, extirpation, extract, extraction, extractor, extraneous, extravasate, extravasation, extrusion, extrusive, exudate, exudation, fabricate, face, failing, faineance, faint, fall, fall of man, fall out, family history, fan, fashion, fast buck, fatah, fear, federation, ferret, fervid, fete champetre, feud, ficus bengalensis, fielder's choice, field work, fifth, fight, figure, figured bass, file out, filiate, filler, fill out, filter, filter out, find out, fine-drawn, finish out, fire, fireman, fireside, fire alarm, firing party, firing squad, fistmele, flame-out, flare, flare out, flat, flatfoot, flat out, fleshed out, flick-knife, flies, floatinga, flouter, flow, fogey, fogy, fogyish, force out, foreland, forge, fork, forking, form, formal garden, format, forth, fossil, fossilisation, fossilization, foul out, fox terrier, freak, free, frighten, frugally, frumpish, frumpy, fuel filter, funnily enough, furrow, fusty, fuzzy, gag, game plan, garden party, gas-tight, gaspingly, gastric lavage, genus bartle-frere, germinate, get, get back, get down, get even, get off, get out, get rid of, get up, gibbosity, gibbousness, gigo, gin, gin rummy, girl, girlfriend, give forth, give it the deep six, give out, gloatingly, glow, go, going-out-of-business sale, gold-worker, goldbrick, goldsmith, goldworker, gouge, gouger, go forth, go out, grab, grass, graving dock, great, great proletarian cultural revolution, greening, green dinosaur, gresham's law, grieve, groan, groove, ground out, guarded, gulf war, gush, gym rat, haggardly, hall pass, hammer out, hand out, hard, harpy, harpy bat, head, headland, hearth, hearthrug, heave, hellion, help, help out, henry, hesitater, hesitator, hew, hew out, hide, hide out, high relief, hit, hold out, hole, hole-in-the-wall, holey, holler, holler out, hollow, hollow out, home study, hoop, hop out, humiliated, hump, hunt, hushed-up, hustle, ic, ice, ice shelf, icily, idleness, ill-conceived, ill-proportioned, ill-shapen, ill service, ill turn, imbalanced, impasse, imperforate hymen, importunate, impracticable, in-persona, incautious, include, incongruously, indian banyan, indication, indicative, indicatory, indirection, ineradicable, infeasible, inside out, installment rate, instruction execution, insure, intellectualisation, intellectualization, intelligence, intelligence community, intention, inversion, invert, investing, investment, in on, in personp, in return, in the fleshp, iran-iraq war, irately, iron lung, iron out, irrigation, ishmael, issue, jack-in-the-box, jackknife, jarringly, jeerer, jefferson, jerry-builder, jet, jonah, junk e-mail, just now, jut, jutting, jut out, keep out, keep up, kepler's second law, kernel, kick, kick out, kidney, kill, kilter, kindly, kip, klondike, knock, knock-down-and-drag-out, knock out, knock rummy, knot, knothole, know-nothing party, kook, kupffer's cell, l'enfant, ladle, laid lowp, landscaping, largess, largesse, lavage, lawn party, law of areas, law of equal areas, layout, lay out, lead, leak, leap out, learn, lease, leave, leave out, lengthened, letting, let out, levee, libation, lift, lift out, lights-out, line, liner, linesman, line drive, lister, list system, liver, live out, lm, lobipes lobatus, loft, lofty, log line, longhand, long haul, long run, look, lookout, look out, loosened, loose cannon, lopsided, lose, loving cup, low-rise, lubber's hole, lucky dip, lumen, luxate, luxuriously, mailing, make, makeweight, make out, make way, malformed, malleable, manichaeanism, manichaeism, manufacture, march out, marked, mark out, maroon, marshal, marshall, mash, matrix, mature, measured, mercy, metalwork, metalworking, meted out, microchip, micro chip, mill, mime, mindlessly, misbegot, misbegotten, misdirect, misguided, misplay, miss, misshapen, mithridates, mithridates the great, mithridates vi, mitrula elegans, mitsvah, mitzvah, mocker, moderate, money dealer, money handler, mop, moral obligation, moro reflex, moss-grown, mossy, motor home, moustache cup, move, move out, mow, mummify, mustache cup, mutatis mutandis, muzzle, myrmidon, mystery, nab, narrow-mindedly, national intelligence community, neglect, net sales, newsreader, news reader, nickel-and-dime, nohow, nonbearing, noncommittal, nonevent, nonextant, noninterference, nonintervention, nonprogressive, nonreversible, northern phalarope, northern snakehead, nose, nouvelle cuisine, nowhere, numbers, numerate, nuzzle, object-oriented database, obsolescence, obsoleteness, obstruct, obstructively, obtrusive, odd fellow, odd fish, odd man out, offstage, old-fashioned, old-hatp, omission, omit, one-sided, one by one, only, on the contrary, oozing, oozy, open, optimise, optimism, optimize, opt out, orbit, order, orderly, order blastocladiales, order solenichthyes, ordinary, oriel, oriel window, ornate, ostensive definition, ouija, ouija board, ouster, ousting, out-of-date, out-of-pocket, out-of-school, out-of-the-way, out-of-town, outa, outbound, outfitting, outflow, outgo, outgoing, outlandishness, outlay, outlook, outmoded, outp, output, output signal, outreach, outsource, outward, outward-bound, out front, out loud, out of focus, out of hand, out of print, out of service, out of sight, out of the blue, out of thin air, out of true, out of wedlock, out of whack, out of work, overbalance, overleap, overlook, page, paging, pan, pandora's box, pant, pantingly, pantomime, pants presser, pan off, pan out, paper electrophoresis, parcel, parceled out, parched, park, pass, passe, passee, pass away, pass out, paternity suit, patrick henry, patrol, payment rate, payslip, pay out, peeved, perched, perform, periphrastic, perked, perked up, pessimism, pes planus, petcock, phrasal verb, pick, picker, pickup, pick apart, pick off, pick out, pick up, pier, pierre charles l'enfant, pilot, pipes, pirogue, plaintively, plan, planchette, planned, plasma membrane, platoon, play, playbook, played out, playfully, pliable, pliant, pluck, pluckily, plum, plumb, plump, plump out, pod, point, pointer, point of departure, point out, police, poor shape, pop, pop out, porous, porte-cochere, portion, portion out, post-obit bond, postponer, pour, pour forth, pour out, pout, pouter, pouter pigeon, practice, practise, prank, precession, precinct, president jefferson, pretermit, preventive attack, preventive strike, probably, probationary, procrastinator, produce, production, program, programme, project, projected, projecting, projection, prolapse, prolapsus, prolonged, prominence, promontory, prosecute, prostrate, protrude, protruding, protrusion, protuberance, protuberate, provisional, provisionary, prune, pruner, psilosis, puff, puffbird, puffing, puffy, pull, pull off, pull out, pull up, pulverize, punchboard, punctuate, purposefully, purse, pursue, push-down queue, push aside, push away, putout, put on, put out, quasar, quasi-stellar radio source, queer bird, queer duck, quench, quick buck, radiance, radiancy, radiate, ragged, rail, rainy, rain stick, ramadan, rambunctious, ramification, ramify, range, rate of payment, rationalise, rationalize, reach, reaching, reach out, read, ream, rearview mirror, rearward, rear window, red brigades, reenact, refine, refit, refulgence, refulgency, relief, relievo, remains, remain down, removed, render, rental, rent out, repayment rate, represent, repress, requisition, research, resentfully, reserve, reserve account, reserve fund, respect, respiration, respire, retire, return, revelatory, reverse, reversed, reversible, riddance, ride out, ride the bench, rifle range, rilievo, rip out, rise, risky, roar, rock, rock'n'roll, rockers, rocket scientist, roll, rolled outp, roller blind, rolling pin, roll call, roll out, rope-a-dope, rope yarn, rotate, round out, round up, rouse, rout, rout out, rug beater, rule of cy pres, run, runaway, running stitch, run out, rush out, rut, sacrifice, safely, safep, sally forth, sally out, sandblaster, sand wedge, savagely, scald, scandalously, scoffer, scoop, scoop out, scoop up, scorched, score, scratch out, screen, scrutin de liste, scrutin de liste system, sculpt, sculptural relief, secrete, secure, sedimentation rate, sed rate, see, seeping, select, selector, self-important, selfish, set about, set out, shade, shadow cabinet, shakeup, shape, share, shed, shelf ice, shell, shell out, shine, shoeful, short covering, short division, shower curtain, shuffle, shufti, shut, shut out, sidebar, sidelong, sieve, sift, sight, signal, signalise, signalize, significative, silicon chip, sinuate, sinuous, sit tight, skimmer, slack, slice bar, slip, slippage, slip one's mind, slug, slum, smell out, smoke out, snuffer, snuff out, soaring, sold-out, solenichthyes, sonar, sorrow, sound out, spaciously, spam, spanish pointer, spark, sparkler, spell out, spend, spew, spew out, spill, spin, spin out, spiral galaxy, spiral nebula, spit, spit out, spit up, splay, splayfoot, spot-check, sprawl, sprawled, sprawling, sprawly, spray can, spread, spread-eagle, spreadsheet, spread out, spud, spurious, squash, squeeze, squeeze out, squelch, squirt, staff, stage, stake, stamp, stamper, stamp out, standpata, start, startle reflex, start out, stem, stick, stick-in-the-mudp, stickingp, sticking outp, stick out, stigmatize, stodgy, stop, stovepiping, strafe, straggling, straggly, straight, straighten, strain, strange, stress, stressed, stretch, stretched, stretched out, stretch forth, stretch out, stricken, strike, strikeout, strike out, strikingness, string, string out, stroke, stub out, stuffed cabbage, stump spud, sub-rosa, subartesian, subservience, substitute, suggestive, suicide bombing, sumo, sunbaked, sunblock, sunscreen, sun blocker, superannuation, supernatural virtue, supinate, supporter, suppress, sure-handed, surf casting, surf fishing, surrealism, suspire, swindle, swollen, swoon, system, table, tabular matter, tabulation, take, take away, take a breath, take a dive, take out, take the count, take up, tamely, tampion, tantaliser, tantalising, tantalizer, tantalizing, tapped, tapper, taps, tap dance, tap dancer, tap dancing, tap out, task force, tear sheet, teasingly, telegraphic, teller, temporise, temporize, tensile, tentative, term, terminal figure, terminus, test, theological virtue, theoretically, thin out, thomas jefferson, thorough bass, thoughtfully, thrash, thresh, threshing floor, throw, throw out, thrust stage, thump out, ticket book, time out, tip-up, tongue, tooth fairy, towering, to advantage, tractile, tram, tramcar, tramontana, tramontane, transcribe, transfuse, treadle, trench, trial, trial-and-error, trial run, trichotillomania, tricked-out, trimmer, triple play, trojan horse, trot out, trounce, trouser press, truckle, true, try, tryout, tube-nosed bat, tube-nosed fruit bat, tucker, tucker out, tug, turf out, turn, turned out, turnoff, turn in, turn out, tweak, twig, twisted, two-sided, ultimate frisbee, unaccommodating, unattended, unbalance, unbalanced, unbend, unbloodied, unconcernedly, uncontrolled, uncurl, uncut, under-the-table, undermine, undock, unextended, unfavorable judgment, unfeasible, unfit, unfitness, unfold, unfolded, unfurl, unhollowed, unilaterally, united states intelligence community, unjustly, unknown, unlearn, unobtrusiveness, unprogressive, unraveler, unraveller, unrevealing, unroll, unrolled, unsentimentally, unsnarled, untune, unusual, unwieldy, unwonted, unworkable, upp, uprise, upstart, used, vacate, vacillator, vacuum pump, vanished, vanishing, vanquish, vary, verpa bohemica, vet, view, voluntarily, walkout, warm the bench, warp, warped, war of the spanish succession, wash, washed-out, washington, wash out, wash up, watch, watch out, watertight, waverer, way, way out, weakfish, weed, weirdness, weismann, well-advised, whacked, wharf, wharfage, wherewith, wherewithal, whiff, whiffer, whistle, whistling, white-out, whoosh, wiggly, wind, window, window blind, wing, wipe out, witch-hunt, withdrawal, withstander, woodman, woodsman, woodwork, woodworker, woodworking, work, working papers, work out, worn-out, wrangle, wrap, wring, wring out, wrinkle, write out, writ of execution, wrong

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