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Words and phrases whose definition contains making:   (914 results)

., 2-hydroxybenzoic acid, absinthe, acacia farnesiana, accommodation, acetone, acheson process, acinar, acinus, activation, actor's line, actualisation, actualization, ader wax, adjunct, adjustment, adulterant, adulterating, advice and consent, advisory service, aeration, agate, agave atrovirens, agave cantala, agave tequilana, aggravating, aldehyde, aliyah, alizarin, alizarine, alleviative, alleviatory, alpha-beta brass, alteration, amazon ant, anagrammatic, anagrammatical, analysis, analysis of variance, angulation, animation, annihilating, anova, antimatter, application form, architect, aristotelia racemosa, aristotelia serrata, artemisia absinthium, arthroscopy, asbestos, ascertain, assertiveness, atomic number 25, attalea funifera, automobile horn, backroom boy, baffling, bahia coquilla, bahia piassava, bakelite, baking, ballistic missile defense organization, balsa, barm, barnstorm, basic iron, basic slag, basketry, basket maker, bassine, basswood, bayberry tallow, bayberry wax, beading plane, bearing false witness, beautification, bell metal, bentwood, benzoquinone, berry, besides, bessemer process, biography, blend in, blueprint, bmdo, bodywork, bonduc nut, bootlegging, bradawl, brain truster, breakthrough, brickkiln, broadening, broom grass, brownie mix, bullrush, bulrush, bulrush millet, buntal, butadiene, butcher's broom, butene, buttermilk, butylene, cabinetmaker, cabinetry, cabinetwork, cake mix, calcium carbide, camphor, cancellation, cantala, carboloy, carouse, carpentry, cartographic, cartographical, cartography, cartridge paper, car horn, cascarilla bark, casein, cassie, casting lots, cat's-tail, cattail millet, cave, cavern, cavern out, cd burner, cebu maguey, ceramics, chastening, chastisement, chattering, check, chisel steel, chloroprene, chord, cinematography, circumstance, clark, clean, cleaning, cleansing, cleanup, clear, clear up, cloakmaker, clockmaker, clocksmith, closure, cocoswood, cocuswood, cohune-nut oil, cohune fat, cohune oil, coin silver, common wormwood, commotion, compact-disk burner, compromising, computer hardware, conciliatory, conclusion, condition, confirmation, conjugation, consideration, constipation, construction paper, continuity, cooing, correction, cotton mill, counter check, crack, crisp, crunchy, cyanuramide, dado plane, dalbergia sissoo, dampening, dandelion green, deactivation, deadening, deathwatch, deathwatch beetle, deb, debutante, decipherment, decision, decision making, deckle, decoding, decoration, decryption, defusing, degaussing, democratisation, democratization, desensitising, desensitizing, design, designer, designing, destabilisation, destabilization, determination, determine, devastating, developing, development, diagnostic procedure, diagnostic technique, dimethyl ketone, din, direct loan, disclosing, disclosure, discoloration, discolouration, discretion, discriminative, discriminatory, disinherit, disorienting, disown, divot, doll up, domesticity, do up, drafting board, drafting instrument, draw, drawing board, drawing lots, drenching, dressing, dressmaking, drill, drip pot, drop-kick, drop forge, drop hammer, drop press, duplication, earth wax, eclecticism, eclectic method, edible fat, effacement, elating, electoral system, electric-arc furnace, electrical switch, electric switch, eleuthra bark, engraving, enlightening, enologist, enology, enrichment, enslavement, epidermal cell, epoch-making, equalisation, equalization, erring, error-prone, estranging, etching, ethyl alcohol, euchre, exacerbating, exacting, exaggeration, exasperating, exhilarating, explanation, explication, exploitation, extension, fabrication, facilitation, fallibility, fecundation, fermentologist, fertilisation, fertilization, fibrous, filibuster, filming, film director, find out, firm, fitting, five hundred, flame tree, flaxseed oil, flexible, flimsy, forgery, formalisation, formalization, formica sanguinea, formula, frame, fraud in fact, free will, fritter batter, fumaric acid, furfural, furfuraldehyde, furniture maker, furrier, gangsaw, gao, garment cutter, gemination, genus penicillium, gesticulating, glamorisation, glamorization, glamourisation, glamourization, glam up, glasswort, glove leather, glyceryl trinitrate, governing, government accounting office, granadilla wood, grassroots, gregorian calendar, groaning, groundnut oil, ground control, groupthink, grunting, guide, hairsplitting, hardening, hardware, harmonise, harmonize, harpoon line, haste, hell raising, hempen, hi-tech, high-tech, homogenisation, homogenization, honey plant, hooter, horn, horology, huisache, humanisation, humanization, hurry, hustings, icetray, ice maker, ilex paraguariensis, ilium, illation, illuminating, immobilisation, immobilization, immobilizing, immunisation, immunization, impairment, impoverishment, impressive, incurrence, indene, indirect, industry, infallibility, inference, inflexible, intro, introduction, inventory, inventorying, in any case, in a circle, in circles, isobutylene, isogonic, itemisation, itemization, jarring, jerez, jerez de la frontera, jirga, joiner, jointure, juniper berries, justification, jute, kauri, kauri copal, kauri gum, kauri resin, knotty, laboriously, lace making, lacrimal bone, lad's love, land development, lawmaking, laxation, layout, lead acetate, learn, legalisation, legalization, legislating, legislation, legitimation, lego, lego set, lemonade mix, lemonwood, lenitive, leveling, lexicalisation, lexicalization, liberalisation, liberalization, life, life history, life story, linden, linseed oil, listing, lithography, loosening, lubricant, lubricating substance, lubricator, lying under oath, lymphatic tissue, lymphoid tissue, magnetic recorder, magnification, maguey, makings, makomako, malacca, malachite, manganese, manila maguey, manufacture, map, mapmaking, marker, marking, masher, masquerade, mastering, matchstick, matchwood, mate, material, mathematical, maximising, maximizing, measure, measuring rod, measuring stick, meccano, meccano set, melamine, menu, metalwork, metalworking, milk whey, mimosa bush, mineral wax, miniaturisation, miniaturization, miter, miter box, mitigative, mitigatory, mitre box, mn, moaning, mobilisation, mobilization, modernisation, modernization, modifiable, modification, moistening, moneymaking, moralisation, moralization, motion-picture photography, motor horn, mummify, muntz metal, murmuring, nailrod, narrowing, neutral spirits, new style calendar, new zealand wine berry, nicker nut, nicker seed, nitrification, nitroglycerin, nitroglycerine, nitrospan, nitrostat, noiseless, noiselessness, nonjudgmental, nonparametric statistics, nonspecific, nouvelle cuisine, nullification, obliterating, obscurant, observation, observation station, ochroma lagopus, oenologist, oenology, officious, old man, oleic acid, oleo oil, onionskin, onyx, open-hearth process, oscillograph, over-correct, overcapitalise, overcapitalize, overcompensate, override, oversimplification, overstatement, ozocerite, ozokerite, palliative, pancake batter, paperboard, papermaking, paraguay tea, pate a choux, patronage, pattern, pauperisation, pauperization, peanut oil, pearl millet, pectin, pencil cedar, pencil cedar tree, penicillium, pennisetum americanum, pennisetum glaucum, peonage, percolation, perfection, perfumery, perjury, photocopier, photography, piassava palm, pinot blanc, pinot noir, pipeclay, pipturus argenteus, pissaba palm, place-kick, plaster, plaster of paris, plastic, poison pill, polishing, polyergus rufescens, polyester, popularisation, popularization, population shift, portraiture, positive fraud, posterboard, poster board, potassium dichromate, potassium iodide, potter's clay, potter's earth, pottery, pot metal, pouf paste, power drill, predictive, preferment, presentation, pretentious, pretty up, pricker, pride, priming, problematic, problematical, producer, profit-maximising, profit-maximizing, prognostic, prognosticative, propanone, proposal, proposition, protective coloration, protest, protestant, protestinga, puff batter, pump-and-dump scheme, punch, puncher, punster, puppetry, pyrocellulose, pyrotechnic, pyrotechnical, pyrotechnics, pyrotechny, pyroxylin, pyroxyline, queensland grass-cloth plant, quester, quiet, quietness, quilting, quinone, radiography, raffia, rail, railing, rails, raise, raising hell, ratification, rationalisation, rationalization, realisation, realization, ream, recipe, reciprocation, recorder, recording, recording equipment, recording machine, reedmace, reed mace, regularisation, regularization, regulation, relaxation, rennet, replication, reproduction, reproductive cloning, resolution, revealing, revelation, ribbon, riot, road metal, rock, rock crystal, roister, roulette, ruckus, ruction, ruggedisation, ruggedization, rumpus, rupture, ruscus aculeatus, saccharomyces ellipsoides, sailcloth, salicornia europaea, salicylic acid, salmon oil, sal soda, samphire, sandalwood tree, sanguinary ant, sanitation, sanitisation, sanitization, santalum album, sartor, scented wattle, sclaff, screaky, screechy, seal oil, seamster, searcher, see, seeker, self-assertiveness, self-effacement, send in, sensitising, sensitizing, serendipitous, serendipity, serigraphy, settlement, shame, shining, shooting script, shot metal, silver bromide, silver nitrate, sisal, sisal hemp, sisham, sissoo, sissu, skiagraphy, skin cell, skirt chaser, soaking, soda, soda ash, sodium carbonate, solomonic, sortition, sounder, sounding, soundlessness, sourdough, souse, sousing, soya milk, soybean milk, soymilk, spar, sparring, specialisation, specialization, specific, speech, spiegel, spiegeleisen, spiegel iron, spin, spin-dry, spiritualisation, spiritualization, spluttering, sputtering, squeaking, squeaky, squealing, stabilisation, stabiliser, stabilization, stabilizer, starter, startled, star drill, stassano furnace, steelmaker, steelman, steelworker, steel production, sterilisation, sterilization, stern, still, stimulating, stock-still, stocktaking, stone, straw, strict, stultification, stumping, stupefaction, stupefying, subvocalise, subvocalize, sugar of lead, susurrant, sweetwood bark, sweet acacia, sweet wattle, switch, synaeresis, syneresis, tailor, tallow, tall oil, tanning, tape deck, tatting, tattoo, tax evasion, tea ball, technicolor, tempering, template, templet, tenderisation, tenderization, terra alba, tessera, tetrafluoroethylene, textile, textile machine, textile mill, thatcher, tightening, timidity, timidness, timorousness, titivation, tittivation, toiletries, toiletry, toilet article, tool-and-die work, toolmaker, tool steel, toothed wheel, top, topiary, track, transcription, transparent quartz, tribalisation, tribalization, tricyclic, tricyclic antidepressant, tricyclic antidepressant drug, trimmer, trimming capacitor, trinitroglycerin, triode, true sandalwood, tumult, typewriter ribbon, typha latifolia, uncompromising, underemployed, undermine, unerringly, unification, union, united states government accounting office, uniting, unmodifiable, urn, vacation, value judgement, value judgment, viniculture, vintager, visiting, volition, voting system, vulgarisation, vulgarization, v sign, washing soda, watch, waterproofing, water development, water program, water project, weakening, weasel word, weatherly, wetting, whey, whispering, widening, william clark, willing, wine-maker's yeast, wineberry, winemaking, withering, wolf, woman chaser, woodwork, woodworking, wood pulp, word-splitting, words, work, xestobium rufovillosum, yeast, yellow metal, zymurgy

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