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Words and phrases whose definition contains down:   (855 results)

., abm, abradant, abrader, abrasion, abrasive, abrasive material, abseil, abseiler, accumbent, acinonyx jubatus, acrostic, agal, alight, alley, alluvial deposit, alluvial sediment, alluvion, alluvium, all but, alnus rugosa, alpine glacier, alpine type of glacier, amain, american creeper, amort, analyse, analyze, analyzed, anatomize, animal starch, antennaria dioica, antiballistic missile, aquiline, arteria radialis, assassin, attend to, attrition, aulostomus maculatus, avalanche, awhile, backhand, back down, bad, banian, banian tree, bank closing, banyan, banyan tree, barnburner, barrage, basics, batten, battering ram, battle of ypres, beach, beachlike, beachy, beach heather, beat, beat down, beetle, below, belt down, bend, bill, bioremediation, black-necked stilt, blow, bob, bob about, bob around, body suit, bog, bog down, bolt down, bond, bottleneck, bottomless, bottommost, bounce, bow, bowler, bowling alley, break, breaking point, break down, breaststroke, bring down, broken-down, broth of a boy, broth of a man, brown creeper, bullrush, bulrush, bum, burden, burnside, burthen, butterfly, butterfly stroke, button-down, buttoned-down, caftan, call down, canescent, car, career, carpet tack, carry, cascade, cascade down, cassareep, cassock, cat's-tail, cat's feet, cat's foot, catabatic, catch cold, cat suit, cave in, centaurea cineraria, centaurea gymnocarpa, certhia americana, certhia familiaris, chair, chairlift, chair lift, charge, charge account credit, chase, cheetah, chetah, chinook, chinook wind, choke, chop down, chrysanthemum ptarmiciflorum, chug, climb down, clipping, closed, coast, coat, codariocalyx motorius, coldcock, collapse, colobus guereza, command, confiscate, confiscated, conjugate, conquer, contemn, continental quilt, control rod, coonskin, coonskin cap, coprinus, copy, correct, cost analysis, cracking, crash, creaky, crouch, crush, crushing, curb, curl, curlew, cursive, cursive script, curvet, cut, cut back, cut down, dance, dandle, dandle board, dash down, dash off, dead-man's float, decent, deck, decline, declivitous, decompose, decomposed, decrepit, decumbent, decurved, defense, degressive, delay, deliver, demi-glaze, demiglace, demographic, demolished, demulsify, deposit, deposition, depress, depression, depressor, depressor muscle, descendant, descendent, descendinga, desmodium gyrans, desmodium motorium, despise, detain, detrition, dilatory, dip, disdain, dismantle, dismantled, dissect, dissociation, dissociative disorder, dive, divided highway, divining rod, doctor, dog-ear, dog-eared, dolphin kick, dominate, door, dorsal vertebra, double-hung window, down-and-out, down-to-earth, downbound, downhill, downlike, downward-sloping, downy, dowser, dowsing rod, drawl, dress, drilling fluid, drilling mud, drink down, drooping, droopy, drop, dropping, dual carriageway, duck down, dump, dusky, dust, duster, dusty miller, dust coat, duvet, dwindle, eared, early morel, east indian fig tree, eating away, eat at, edelweiss, eider, eiderdown, eider duck, elevator car, elusiveness, embarrassing, endotoxin, enter, epicanthic fold, epicanthus, eradicate, erode, eroding, erosion, european creeper, exterminate, extirpate, fabian, face, fall, falling, fall back, fall in, fall over, fat metabolism, fearfully, ferment, fermentation, fermenting, ficus bengalensis, fishtail, flag down, flamingo, flap, flapping, flare up, flea-bitten, flip, flip over, float, floor, flop, flossy, flow, fluffy, flump, flush, flushless toilet, flutter, fluttering, flutter kick, flyblown, foehn, fohn, follow-through, founder, four-lined leaf bug, four-lined plant bug, frogmarch, gabardine, gaberdine, gallop, gastric digestion, gauntlet, gauzy, gca, genetically, gentrification, genus coprinus, geomancy, get down, ghat, give, give way, glare, glycogen, glycolysis, gnaw, gnaw at, go-slow, goose down, go down, go over, grappling, grass, greenly, grinding, ground-controlled approach, guereza, gulp, gun down, gutter, hacker, halfway, hamper, hand-me-down, handle-bars, hands-down, handstand, hare, hatless, haughtily, headfirst, heavy, hem, heritage, hew, hewn, himantopus mexicanus, hoary, hobble, hold-down, hold down, hold up, hole card, hooked, hoopoe, hoopoo, hudsonia tomentosa, hunker, hunkered, hunkered down, hydrocracking, ibis, imprecation, incautious, indeed, indian banyan, indian mutiny, inferior rectus, inferior rectus muscle, inhibit, inopportunely, intangible, inversion, invert, inverted hang, islam, islamism, jam, john l. h. down, joplin, jounce, jumping up and down, kaftan, katabatic, katamorphism, kayak, keep down, khimar, kill, kip, knock-down-and-drag-out, knock-downa, knock down, ladder, lag, lahar, laid, land, landau, landing, landslide, landslip, lap, laureate, leaden, lean back, leapfrog, left-slanting, leontopodium alpinum, leotard, lessen, letter, level, lie, lie down, lightsomely, like blue murder, liver, load, loaded down, locknut, logging, longhand, louis xi, low-down, lowermost, lumbar vertebra, lurch, macroglossia, madrasa, malaysian, malediction, mallet, melt down, menu, micrometeor, micrometeorite, micrometeoroid, mince, moderator, mohammedanism, mohican, mohican haircut, molasses, molder, moldered, mongoloid, moulder, mouldered, moustachio, mown, muhammadanism, multiple personality, murderously, musculospiral nerve, musculus pectoralis minor, muslimism, mustachio, mutton chop, nail, nailrod, narrow, narrow-mindedly, narrow down, nervus ischiadicus, nervus phrenicus, nervus radialis, nethermost, ninepins, ninepin ball, nose dive, nostalgically, oblique bandage, on all fours, on paper, open-end credit, oppress, oppression, overarm, overhand, overhanded, overlook, overtop, pace, pack, pancreatic juice, paperweight, parade, paraplegic, pare, pascal, pectoralis minor, pegged-down, percolator, perpendicularly, petard, phrenic nerve, phylloporus boletinoides, piece, pin, pin down, pisha paysha, pit-a-pat, pitch, pitching, plank, plant closing, plonk, plop, plotz, plump, plump down, plumule, plunk, plunk down, poecilocapsus lineatus, ponytail, pop, population, pop music, positive, post, pounce, pound, pour down, poverty grass, powerful, precipitation, precocial, prescribed, press, press-up, press down, procumbent, prone float, prop, prostrate, protestingly, puberulent, pubescent, pull, pull down, pump, pushup, push down, pussytoes, putdownable, putt, putting, put down, quash, quelling, quicksand, race, radial artery, radial nerve, raft, rallentando, rase, rassling, rattrap, raze, razed, reciprocating engine, recline, reclining, record, recorded, rectus inferior, recumbent, recurve, reduce, red carpet, reedmace, reed mace, relearn, remain down, render, renegociate, repress, repression, resolution, restively, retardation, return, reverse, revolving credit, ribosome, right-down, riss glaciation, roar, rocker arm, roll, roller coaster, roost, rot, rubberneck, rubdown, run-down, running hand, rush, saale glaciation, safety nut, sag, sagging, scale, sciatic nerve, scorn, scott joplin, scrabble, scribble, scroll, seat, second, seesaw, semaphore plant, separate, sepoy mutiny, sericeous, set, settle, settle down, set back, set down, sewer, shackle, shaking, sheer, sheet, shift, shipway, shirtdress, shirtwaist, shirtwaister, shoot-down, shoot down, show-stopper, shower, showstopper, side-whiskers, sideburn, silver-lace, silver lace, sisyphus, skillet cake, skittles, skittle alley, skittle ball, skulk, slide, slipway, slope, slow, slowdown, sluice, slump, smaller pectoral muscle, smock, snakes and ladders, snorkel, snow eater, so, soft-pedal, softened, sordid, soutane, spare, spark, spat, spatchcock, speckled alder, split personality, sprag, squalid, squinch, stamp down, stand, stand-up, standing, stand up, steam engine, step, stickily, stiff, stifling, stoop, stopper, stovepiping, straight poker, strangler, strangler tree, stream, stretch, stretch out, strike, strike down, stripped-down, strongman, subdue, subjugate, submarine, subside, suffrutescent, suppress, suppression, swan's down, swoop, tackle, take apart, take down, take the count, take to heart, tamp, tamp down, tanacetum ptarmiciflorum, taxi, tear down, teeter-totter, teeterboard, telegraph plant, ten-strike, tenpins, tenpin bowling, tensely, thermal reactor, third, third battle of ypres, thoracic vertebra, thunder, tie down, tilting board, time-ball, tone down, tongue depressor, tool, top-down, topple, toss off, trackball, tracker, trail, trammel, trammels, tramp down, transcribed, tread, tremble, trim, trimming, trim back, trim down, trumpetfish, trundle, tube, tuileries, tuileries palace, tumble, tumble-down, turn down, turn over, twisty, typha latifolia, unanalyzed, unappealable, unbound, unbowed, unclog, uncoupled, uncut, under, underneath, undulation, unfelled, unhelpfully, unitard, universal, universal joint, unmodulated, unmown, unputdownable, untraceable, upending, uppity, uproot, upside-down, upside-down cake, upside down, upstart, up and down, use, valve rocker, vaulting, verpa bohemica, vibrating, vibratory, wagtail, wall, waterfinder, water chute, water down, water finder, water waggon, water wagon, wave, ways, wearing, wearing away, wear away, weighed down, weight, weighted, weight down, woebegone, wolf, wolstonian glaciation, woodcutter, word square, wrangle, wrestling, write down, written, yo-yo, ypres, zymolysis, zymosis

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