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	[Enter SICINIUS, BRUTUS, and an AEdile]

SICINIUS: Bid them all home; he's gone, and we'll no further.
	The nobility are vex'd, whom we see have sided
	In his behalf.

BRUTUS:                   Now we have shown our power,
	Let us seem humbler after it is done
	Than when it was a-doing.

SICINIUS: Bid them home:
	Say their great enemy is gone, and they
	Stand in their ancient strength.

BRUTUS: Dismiss them home.

	[Exit AEdile]

	Here comes his mother.

SICINIUS: Let's not meet her.


SICINIUS: They say she's mad.

BRUTUS: They have ta'en note of us: keep on your way.


VOLUMNIA: O, ye're well met: the hoarded plague o' the gods
	Requite your love!

MENENIUS:                   Peace, peace; be not so loud.

VOLUMNIA: If that I could for weeping, you should hear,--
	Nay, and you shall hear some.


		        Will you be gone?

VIRGILIA: [To SICINIUS]  You shall stay too: I would I had the power
	To say so to my husband.

SICINIUS: Are you mankind?

VOLUMNIA: Ay, fool; is that a shame? Note but this fool.
	Was not a man my father? Hadst thou foxship
	To banish him that struck more blows for Rome
	Than thou hast spoken words?

SICINIUS: O blessed heavens!

VOLUMNIA: More noble blows than ever thou wise words;
	And for Rome's good. I'll tell thee what; yet go:
	Nay, but thou shalt stay too: I would my son
	Were in Arabia, and thy tribe before him,
	His good sword in his hand.

SICINIUS: What then?

VIRGILIA: What then!
	He'ld make an end of thy posterity.

VOLUMNIA: Bastards and all.
	Good man, the wounds that he does bear for Rome!

MENENIUS: Come, come, peace.

SICINIUS: I would he had continued to his country
	As he began, and not unknit himself
	The noble knot he made.

BRUTUS: I would he had.

VOLUMNIA: 'I would he had'! 'Twas you incensed the rabble:
	Cats, that can judge as fitly of his worth
	As I can of those mysteries which heaven
	Will not have earth to know.

BRUTUS: Pray, let us go.

VOLUMNIA: Now, pray, sir, get you gone:
	You have done a brave deed. Ere you go, hear this:--
	As far as doth the Capitol exceed
	The meanest house in Rome, so far my son--
	This lady's husband here, this, do you see--
	Whom you have banish'd, does exceed you all.

BRUTUS: Well, well, we'll leave you.

SICINIUS: Why stay we to be baited
	With one that wants her wits?

VOLUMNIA: Take my prayers with you.

	[Exeunt Tribunes]

	I would the gods had nothing else to do
	But to confirm my curses! Could I meet 'em
	But once a-day, it would unclog my heart
	Of what lies heavy to't.

MENENIUS: You have told them home;
	And, by my troth, you have cause. You'll sup with me?

VOLUMNIA: Anger's my meat; I sup upon myself,
	And so shall starve with feeding. Come, let's go:
	Leave this faint puling and lament as I do,
	In anger, Juno-like. Come, come, come.

MENENIUS: Fie, fie, fie!



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