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	[Enter three Murderers]

First Murderer: But who did bid thee join with us?

Third Murderer: Macbeth.

Second Murderer: He needs not our mistrust, since he delivers
	Our offices and what we have to do
	To the direction just.

First Murderer: Then stand with us.
	The west yet glimmers with some streaks of day:
	Now spurs the lated traveller apace
	To gain the timely inn; and near approaches
	The subject of our watch.

Third Murderer: Hark! I hear horses.

BANQUO: [Within]  Give us a light there, ho!

Second Murderer: Then 'tis he: the rest
	That are within the note of expectation
	Already are i' the court.

First Murderer: His horses go about.

Third Murderer: Almost a mile: but he does usually,
	So all men do, from hence to the palace gate
	Make it their walk.

Second Murderer: A light, a light!

	[Enter BANQUO, and FLEANCE with a torch]

Third Murderer: 'Tis he.

First Murderer: Stand to't.

BANQUO: It will be rain to-night.

First Murderer: Let it come down.

	[They set upon BANQUO]

BANQUO: O, treachery! Fly, good Fleance, fly, fly, fly!
	Thou mayst revenge. O slave!

	[Dies. FLEANCE escapes]

Third Murderer: Who did strike out the light?

First Murderer: Wast not the way?

Third Murderer: There's but one down; the son is fled.

Second Murderer: We have lost
	Best half of our affair.

First Murderer: Well, let's away, and say how much is done.



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