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Boxcar Blockade

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Boxcar Blockade is based on a game designed by Binary Arts called Railroad Rush Hour. If you like the game, consider buying the hard copy. It'll entertain your guests a lot better than that coffee table book of 1001 Pennsylvania Dutch barn hexes.


The point of the game is to get the red railroad car out of the door on the right. Ok, the cars look more like rectangles than railroad cars, but think of them as minimalist railroad cars.

The square cars can move in any direction. The rectangular cars can only move along their long axis.

To move a car, click on it and drag with the mouse. Due to the advanced "power assisted" technology, the car will move faster than your mouse pointer. This is normal, do not panic.

Every time you move a car it counts as one move, regardless of how far it went. If you move a car and then move it again, it will only count as one move. If you move it and then put it back where it started, it won't count as any moves. You can also take back your moves with the Backspace key.

Choosing Puzzles

The puzzles beginning with "BA-" are the ones designed by Binary Arts that are included in the original game. The other puzzles were generated with proprietary AI technology. If you want to use these puzzles for anything other than your own personal enjoyment or for tormenting friends, pets, or loved ones, please contact Doug Rohde.

To choose a new puzzle, you can either click directly on it in one of the list boxes at the bottom or press Next Puzzle. If you have selected "Choose the next puzzle in the sequence", then Next Puzzle will do just that. If you have selected "Choose randomly from the current skill level", then Next Puzzle will choose a random puzzle that is the same skill level as the current one.

Viewing Solutions

The Minimum: field tells you the minimum number of moves to solve the puzzle. If you are stumped, you can see a minimal solution by clicking on View Solution.

Use the Next Move and Undo Move buttons to walk through the solution. When you are done wimping out, press Stop Cheating.

Known Bugs

This game does not work under Netscape on a Macintosh. It seems to run into some sort of security problems. If you know how to make it work, please let me know. If you want to play on a Mac, use Internet Explorer.

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